Sky journalist implies Milan have reneged in manager pursuit: “Climate of total distrust”

By Oliver Fisher -

Sky journalist Manuele Baiocchini has provided an update on AC Milan’s search for a new head coach, confirming that the management have taken note of the Julen Loptegui ‘uprising’.

Over the weekend a number of reliable sources stated that Milan had unanimously agreed internally that Lopetegui is the right man to take over from Stefano Pioli at the end of the season, after a long period of evaluations and some meetings between the parties.

The Basque coach is absolutely ready to start a new challenge at Milan and has rejected West Ham United because he wishes to join the Rossoneri, but once the news emerged a petition against his hiring has reached 8,000 signatures.

That has since led to suggestions that Milan have had to pull back on their plans and assess things once again, knowing that making a largely unpopular appointment after a negative season could be a PR disaster.

Baiocchini spoke live on Sky and was asked for the latest updates on Milan and their quest to find the right replacement for Pioli, with his comments coming via MilanNews.

“The Pioli era is over, or in any case it will end at the end of the season because the club wants to propose something different. I believe that if there hadn’t been all this popular uprising against Lopetegui then Lopetegui would already be in charge, even if nothing has been signed,” he said.

“Instead, now the management will think about the mood, there is a climate of total distrust on Lopetegui despite there having been meetings with the agent, despite Milan having found an agreement for a three-year contract, therefore a medium-term cycle, at significant figures: around 4 million euros per year.

“Despite all this, we cannot ignore what is happening: the fans don’t want Lopetegui. They want an international profile, a winning and established coach, there would be De Zerbi and Thiago Motta.

“Milan had tried and are trying to make a different choice. It will be necessary to understand how much they will be affected by the criticisms that are arriving in recent days and how much they will want to move forward with determination on their own path, with Cardinale who will have the last word on this choice.

“We cannot fail to note everything that is being said around the figure of Lopetegui, although he is a well-known coach in Europe, he has had some great experiences with the Spanish national teams, the victory with Sevilla in the Europa League.

“Things went less well when he coached Porto and Real Madrid. However, he did better with Wolverhampton. The elements are there for a discussion, we will see if Milan will sign Lopetegui or continue in the search for Pioli’s heir.”

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  1. I’m not opposed to either De Zerbi or Motta, in fact given most of the names mentioned they’d be a God send..

    I’m the supposition that Zidane and Klopp are no starters, there are still Tuchel, Hansi Flick, Conte….all proven winners

  2. I feel like the notion that Milan bras is influenced by fan reactions to make their decisions is ridiculous. Gerry is gonna do what Gerry is gonna do.

    Unless it’s Ibra and Furlani that are being influenced by fan reactions. Which also seems improbable.

    So I think its just media story lines created.

    I hope common sense prevails when it comes to coaches and favorable candidacy is selected. To me that would first and foremost be Motta.

  3. How many foreign coaches have succeeded at Milan? Im seriously asking. Milan is a very ‘Italian” club – the coach needs to be in lock step with the culture around this club and I feel Conte wants it more than anyone of the other coaches – I think he can become our Mister Milan for a long time ………

    1. How abotu the number of Italian coaches who have fialed with Milan after Ancelotti? This thinking is why Serie A is lacking behind right now. All this romanticism of things that shouldn’t matter. Things need to change faster than they are right now and it begins with the top clubs.
      The first ones to start thinking outside the box will gain an immediate advantage to the competition. Part of this would be to find a foreign coach. With the youth project Milan are trying to build and such a promising academy right now, we need someone who is brave and forward thinking. Germany has a ton of these coaches and I think they’d be a good fit for Milan and Italy. Hansi Flick, Oliver Glasner, Klopp etc. Ideally, it should be Milan who went for Rangnick right now but he is going to Bayern, sadly.

  4. If a club/staff can be influenced by fans who to hire or not they already failed.. if they think lope is the right profile hire his a**.. fúck fans, they’ll calm down if/when we start winning

  5. Then again if petitions work let’s make one for them to get maldini and masa boi back. Or at least hire tare. Id be more comfortable with someone experienced calling shots

    1. Don’t you think it’s a sign of panic…they realise they fu@ked up and know they can’t afford another one

      You’re also right they should hire who they think….they’re the experts…or are they 🤣

  6. As much as I’m against Lopetegui, this idea that the management somehow changed their mind because of the pressure from fans is not reassuring.
    If they choose Lopetegui that means they “supposedly” had good reasons to pick him. If fans can make the management to change their mind then what was the criteria exactly to pick him ? Why not let fans decide our future staff and mercato then ? Are fans managing the club now ?
    This is not a popularity contest, management owes to the fans results and titles not a “dream” coach or some “names” in the squad.
    I hope this turns out to be media and rumors.

  7. Unless they knew they were picking Lopetegui for the wrong reasons…..

    Surely Cardinale has to come out and back
    His man, say why he’s chosen him

  8. See this is pretty clearly a piece from inside the club.

    For a start it’s not fan distrust of Lopetegui, it is distrust of management which doesn’t appear to know whether it is coming or going. Lopetegui is a symptom of the total lack of coherence.

    It’s interesting how Lopetegui is seen as the different choice? Different to what? It’s like when corporations celebrate diversity by producing a bunch of different coloured colleague graduates who think the same way.

    Lopetegui is the nonsensical status quo, that’s why he’s unpopular.

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