Sky: Milan summer another blow after Botman – Renato Sanches set for PSG

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan now seem resigned to missing out on Renato Sanches too as he looks more likely to join Paris Saint-Germain, a report claims.

Luca Marchetti told Sky (via MilanNews) that the report launched by Le Parisien regarding the negotiation between Renato Sanches and PSG is in fact true, because the Portuguese midfielder at this point prefers to go to Paris rather than Milan.

For Milan this means having to reshape what were the priorities for the role of midfielder, but they ‘will not lose heart’. Just as they did when they missed out on Sven Botman they will now have to react accordingly in pursuit of a midfielder too.

The return of Tommaso Pobega and the arrival of Yacine Adli leave mean that on a numerical level there is perhaps not the same urgency like there is to sign a centre-back, but clearly the Rossoneri will want to increase the quality even more in the middle of the field.

Meanwhile, Gianluca Di Marzio (via MilanEye) confirms that Sanches is getting closer to PSG. Luis Campos’ presence as their new sporting director is decisive as he knows Sanches from their time at Lille.

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  1. Two players (Botman & Sanches) had agreed when Elliott had the management. As soon as Redbird took over,the whole transfer market plan went to the bin. Origi was saved only because he is a free agent.
    Guys, it’s not a coincidence that Maldini hasn’t signed yet….
    Maldini requested a transfer market budget to put Milan on Champions League path again,who knows what Brokebird offered him.

  2. From Maxwell, what exactly is the problem in and with AC milan board under the leadership of the new owners,is it lack of vision or ambition for themselves and for the club or what for crying out loud this is a team that just won the serie and hoping to archive other greater heights like the champions league by fortifying the team in all departments to enable them compete on all fronts but what do you have, total show of shame and disgusting display

  3. So what, is he not injury prone? Sure he has technique and grit, a better passer of the ball compared to Kessie, but that is when he is fit. He is asking for wages beyond reason, so he could leave for PSG who can pay him much more.
    However the midfield in PSG is more congested and a starting spot is not guaranteed, no hard feelings on my side. Best of luck to him, he will need it. Donnaruma should have taught them all a good lesson, but seems they aren’t taking notes.

  4. In form and injury free he is a great player, but 39 games out in three seasons, is too much. There are a lot of other good and exciting midfielders out there.

  5. Probably his decision is not only inspired by the higher salary that PSG probably offer him, but also by the milan management being completely decapitated and spinning in place for the last three weeks ! They don’t know how much money they have for transfers or which player they want ! They don’t know who should talk to potential reinforcements because they also have contracts expiring ! All they know is that they have to spend money for the players, and they don’t seem to like it in the slightest ! This is the result.

  6. There can be three reasons for this: luis campos and salary. His change of will because of problem in adaptability, this happened with him at bayern, he might have thought of being in his comfort zone. Salary demands being met. This might be a blessing for adli who I’m excited to see, guys’ pirlo-esque in style might be a better option. Can build around tonali (like gattuso-pirlo partnership).

  7. Oh look another target runway from Redbird nice job 👌 now it’s the fourth target that you guys lost keep it up

  8. Very expected: similar to every overdiscussed case, it ends up not happening. The list is just growing.
    The most worrying (for me) is the renewal of Leao. It’s also a saga and so far all sagas end up badly.

  9. Marotta says ” is much easier to replace a defender in todays market than a attacker”
    He’s goddamn true, idc if we losing Botman there so many good defender outhere, even rb leipzig produce a good defender 2 season in row from unknown name konate and gvardiol.
    If we talk about sanchez nahh he’s overated, bring asensio,ziyech or cdk we are gtg

  10. Let him go to mbappe FC. He already fail on big club like bayern muenchen and absence too many on last 3 season ( 39 match) . We can get another DMF better than him as double pivot such as fofana,svanberg or we can buy that pessina again 15m euro from atalanta ( only pay 7,5m euro because discount 50 percent)

  11. Redbird is even worse than elliot.. wow. Elliot without Maldini would have had us out of the CL for sure. Redbird without Maldini…. relegation perhaps?

  12. LOL. Another one bites the dust after 6 plus months of negotiation. Why? Because we waited too long and allowed another team to come in and offer him more salary. Not surprising. But wait we have “Plan B” in Fernandez right? Oh wait he’s gone too – to Benfica? Maybe we can see who Plan Z is? I’m sure we have a chance at getting him you know for a “discount” and if we wait long enough in the transfer window that player will have to accept our low ball offer for lack of other opportunities – like our plan w Dybala lol. Maldini and Massara just spent months identifying the essential players we needed and convinced those players to join but because Red$hit I mean Bird, is taking their sweet old time we lost them – AND M&M still not signed. Love this Redbird era. I mean like Who needs Bremer or Botman when you have Acerbi waiting in the wings AND you are willing to PAY for him lol. Fantastic! But hey us fans who are skeptical of Redbird are just crazy and not real fans according to some ppl on here and we have no real basis to be weary of Redbird currently because, well we won last year and we should give them credit for that despite them not owning the club nor contributing in any way to it lol. Sound reasoning. Oh ya and they slashed our transfer budget from 100m to 40m despite qualifying for CL and winning the league. Yep things are trending upwards! Forza Acerbi!!!!!!!!

    1. Im not redbird fans . To be honest they complete take over in september/october. Control for transfer market this summer in elliot hand via gazidiz. So elliot are the real culprit in this transfer market, thats why red bird want to get rid gazidiz since gery want paolo maldini take gazidiz place as CEO so maldini dont need another person aproval to sign player

  13. wth, every year same story.

    only giving hope to the fans. and guess what, when the league started, no one would come to buy ticket and jersey anymore.

    and guess what, management blame the sales werent enough to cover the cost.

    we dont want a simple target, Milan is a huge club and must have a great target and star players too!!!

    1. Pretty sure last season Milan had plenty of fans bought tickets and jersey. Total more than 1 million fans watched Milan at San Siro. Even the last few away matches was dominated by Milan fans. So what the hell are you talking about here???

  14. i am very happy about, good luck in Paris. Never worth 6mio salary. Just wait for next year, then you can have this guy for 15mio

    1. We weren’t giving him 6m in salary lol. We had him signed for 4.5m total. Don’t make up stories to help justify us not getting him. Truth is we had him for a reasonable fee but because we waited yet again PSG swooped in offered him more and he left. Had we signed him weeks ago this would have never happened.

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