Sky: Milan’s three reasons for pursuing Morata after Zirkzee disappointment

By Euan Burns -

AC Milan are now intent on signing Alvaro Morata from Atletico Madrid to be the main striker at the club after missing out on Joshua Zirkzee to Manchester United. 

As reported by Sky Sport Italia’s Peppe Di Stefano (via Radio Rossonera), Milan are serious about signing Morata as they know a quality striker is needed to replace the goals of Olivier Giroud.

With Zirkzee now destined for Man Utd, Morata has seen his name surge up the list. One of the major selling points for Morata is that he would perfectly suit the system that new coach Paulo Fonseca wants to implement.

He would also bring some Serie A and Champions League experience to the squad. It has lost a lot of that with Giroud and Kjaer leaving. Alessandro Florenzi could also leave, which would see even more experience drained from the squad.

Finally, Milan think it is a deal they can do easily from af inancial standpoint. The Spaniard has a release clause that can be activated for just €13m. He is also in superb form, having scored 21 times last season.

Morata is still at Euro 2024 with Spain so the deal is unlikely to progress until he has returned.

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  1. bullshit. Just because he is cheap and available.
    Our management do not have the vision and ambition. We will never win any title anymore.

  2. Yeah previously they wanted Zirkzee because he was less static and more mobile, but now Morata is perfect as a static striker?

    I’m all in for Morata instead of Zirkzee (because of his agent), but these news are just rubbish sometimes.

    1. Zirkzee is a rubbish striker with barely 12 goals and people think he will magically make Leao/Pulisic score more because he can dribble

      thats not how it works.

      1. A rubbish striker with 12 goals and potential for more meanwhile a proven striker like lukaku managed 14 goals. What a difference. Wow. Exceptional.

          1. Everyone wants a 25 goal striker for a bag of peanuts and who will play for tips. Find me one under 80M who will ask for around 5-6M in wages. It doesn’t exist. I’m not thrilled by Morata, but the market for a good striker at reasonable prices is very complicated right now.

      2. Think you might have misunderstood my comment – I wasn’t calling neither Morata nor Zirkzee rubbish, I mentioned they are different type of striker. Zirkzee is more mobile, can dribble and put some assists here and there. Morata on the other hand can run but he was never really type of front playmaker. And while Morata as planB for Zirkzee makes sense because of lack of good strikers, it sounds rubbish that suddenly he is the “player that would fit Fonseca ideas”, as we heard dozen times that Zirkzee-like player would fit them.

        1. I got you. Keep in mind that these “articles” are what’s rubbish. “Journalists” writing their opinions. That said, keep in mind that most of the Zirkzee material was written before the last season even ended, and we had another coach. IMHO, we don’t need some kind of dribbler, as our attack is full of dribblers. We literally need to replace Ibra/Giroud with the same type of player, that is someone who is good in the air, and can hold up play so that other offensive like Leao, Puli, RLC and Reijnders can be put through on goal. So heading and chance creation, plus finishing. I think Morata can play this role, as well as Lukaku.

          1. “that is someone who is good in the air, and can hold up play so that other offensive like Leao, Puli, RLC and Reijnders can be put through on goal. So heading and chance creation, plus finishing.” You’ve just described Zirkzee moreso than the other two

  3. Couldn’t agree more with the article.

    He would totally suit the system of mediocrity that is on place now.

    He brings a ton of experience in serie a and champions League albeit a questionable goal scoring record.

    And he would be cheap. At least in the short term as missing on a champions League spot and not going through the group stage of CL because you don’t have a proper striker would ultimately be very expensive.

    1. ‘He would totally suit the system of mediocrity.’

      LOL. Truth hurts sometimes. I always consider Morata as a decent player for depth. Not as our main man. From 40mil + striker with exponential growth potential to 13mil striker who’ll only decrease with time is a big gap.

      And if it’s true he’s the Mr. X Ibra talked so highly about, let’s just hope that ‘surplus’ budget from Zirkzee will be invested in other area properly.

  4. Milan are cheap. Milan are not a serious club. You can never win a Scudetti with Morata as your lead striker. The likes of Matinez, Vlahovic, Osimhen are there. Milan are not serious. Fonseca get ready to be sacked in a lone season. Rubbish!

    1. Morata is very close in price to Zirkzee, although he has less potential value to grow in value.

      Remember, the transfer fee is irrelevant to the accounts – the annual cost of the player is (transfer fee and signing costs) divided by years in the contract, plus the gross annual salary.

      So Morata on a 3yr deal for 13m (once all fees are in) is approx 5m per year plus a salary probably nearly double Zirkzee’s (I’m not sure if Zirkzee would still benefit from growth decree) isn’t going to make a huge difference, maybe will save a couple of million per season.

  5. Regardless of what I think of Morata, but the way we’re pursuing players is worrying me.
    How can we target Zirkzee, Lukaku and Morata ? Aside from them being strikers what are the factors that can make the 3 of them suitable for our system ? What is this system ? Does this system work with a mobile striker like Zirkzee but also a more static one like Morata ?
    Given how the rumors pop up, Morata seems more like an opportunity rather than a target. What I mean by that is, knowing that Zirkzee was unlikely to come (how didn’t they know that 6 months prior), they had to search for a new striker regardless of his characteristics.

    1. Already said this for several times too. When they clearly said this window would be more of targeted transfers, now we know it’s all just a BS. And now they have a ‘perfect’ coach in Fonseca. A chameleon kind of coach who really doesn’t have a particular system.

  6. Very simple. A club that is healthy and profitable and that wants to win titles – could have easily signed BOTH players….that would have been the perfect scenario

    BUT instead we will try for Morata and likely get that free Turkish striker that played for Fonseca at Lille – because you know, he’s free lol

    Good times.

    1. I wish they can decently sign free transfer players. We all know what happened to Thuram. We spent all summer chasing Taremi and when he could be sign for free we’re no where to be found.

  7. Milan’s haters forum at it again 🤣

    Since all you inter fans love talking about it. If UEFA wasn’t the most corrupt institution on earth Inter would be buried under crippling financial penalties like Milan was/and technically still is. I believe Inter will get theirs as they are in an increasingly precarious position. As for the striker Morata and Zirkzee are on opposite ends of the same career arch. Personally I think it’s a huge red flag Zirkzee chose Man U and Milan dodged a bullet . Milan need players who want to build something. Who want to be rossonerri. I also like Morata if the idea is to make room for Columbo.
    As for you bandwagon fans who showed up over the last few years just to s*** talk Milan 🖕go find a club that’s better matches your fickle character.

    1. People just don’t understand how much players value money over everything these days. Wieffer preferred mid-table Brighton to a 7 time CL champ that is playing in the CL next season so he can go make a couple more million at Brighton and showcase his skills so that perhaps in another couple of seasons a bigger EPL fish comes around and snaps him up. Part of the problem with Milan is being in Serie A, and there is not much we can do about that, except support the club in it’s quest for a stadium. If Italy makes it easier for Serie A clubs to build stadiums, not only will they be better able to compete, but it would also provide better chances for improved TV deals, and no broadcaster wants to showcase a league where the average stadium is 30 years old and half empty (for most teams).

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