Sky: Morata holds the keys to Milan move – parties willing to meet on salary

By Euan Burns -

Alvaro Morata holds the power when it comes to a potential move to AC Milan as the Atletico Madrid striker must now decide whether to pursue a move to the Rossoneri or stay in Spain. 

As reported by Sky Sport Italia, Milan have reignited their interest in Morata in a concrete way and the economic side of the deal will not be hard to complete.

There is a €13m release clause in his Atletico Madrid contract which means Milan can sign him without thinking twice about the fee, and a deal is said to already exist between the player and Milan on salary.

The catalyst for the move will be the player himself deciding that his time at Atleti has come to a close, but he could still stay with Diego Simeone’s side.

The move is thought to be very tempting for the former Juventus striker and he has already turned down a lucrative offer in Saudi Arabia to continue playing in Europe.

The fact that Spain are still in the 2024 European Championship means that a move is not going to happen until that tournament is over or Spain have been eliminated.

Signing Morata would provide more attacking depth whilst the pursuit for Olivier Giroud’s long-term replacement continues.

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  1. If we have a huge budget of almost 170m (cause we will sell bennacer and prob thiaw) what the hell are we gonna spend all that money on if we buy a st for 15m and a dm for 20-30m and a rb for 20m instead of trying to save money on nothing and but bad a cheap players buy some expensive and good players (and young)

    1. Yeah Zirkzee who scored and assisted less would be a better buy because he is more ‘expensive’ and kids like you can brag about that on twitter


    2. The problem is Bennacer and Thiaw isn’t certain to be sold yet. So the budget is not 170m YET. Don’t count the chicken before they hatch.

    3. I’m sure a portion of that will go to extensions for Theo and Mike. But I agree, it still seems like they should be able to do more with all that.

    4. Osimhen ?

      But no seriously the club just wants to make profits (which is good) but not actually win things. It’s a business first, sporting project second. Unfortunately big name signings even if we generate a lot of €€ won’t be in route.

  2. Another short term, cheap solution to a position we have needed to solve for years.

    If Morata and Emerson Royale are the level of signings we intend to make we are going backwards, especially if they are planning on selling Bennacer and Thiaw etc

    1. Morata is an improvement over Giroud and Royal at worst is at the same level as Calabria.
      Bennacer and Thiaw, between injuries and poor form gave the team nothing last season.
      So I don’t see how WE are going backwards.

      1. Because Bennacer is a world class player who missed most of the year through injury and we should be delighted to have him back to start fresh witha full pre-season.

        Thiaw was exceptional for such a young player year before last, he also struggled with injury, plus it’s normal for a young player to have ups and downs.

        So we are considering getting rid of 2 players with the ability to be world class and bring in 2 players who are mid level

        1. Bennacer will be 27 in few months, he is I jury prone and there is nothing world class about him.
          Thiaw played few good months in 22/23, when Milan for a couple months was playing with 3 at the back. Outside of that he has been very very poor.
          You are massively overrating Thiaw and Bennacer while underrating Morata and Royal.

        2. If Bennacer was world class how come there is no European club wanting to buy him even though his release clause is 50 mil and Milan will be selling him to the Saudi league for much less than that? He is mid

        3. Bennacer is not world class. Take a look at how many games he has missed through injury in his time with us. If there is a good amount of money on the table for him, it is time to realise that asset. Morata is a top striker and can do a great job for us, but Emerson is certainly nothing to get excited about.
          As for Thiaw I would rather keep him..

        4. I don’t think you know what being world class entails. Bennacer is a poor man’s Hojberg.

          Thiaw was not exceptional, he was promising. Let’s not pretend he was Scalvini. He has no tactical awareness, that rarely improves with age. People are duped by his athleticism.

          1. Bennacer is nothing like Hojbjerg, he is not a DM and never has been.

            When he won player of the tournament at AFCON ahead of Mane, Salah etc etc he was playing AM.

            Because he can do both he is a mezzala, always has been and would be superb in a 433

  3. I do not mind Morata he played in the Italian league, is a starter for Spain and his release clause isn’t that much. In 2 years Camarda can step up. So in some way he is a good option. All other strikers are too overpriced other than Zirkzee what are the options? Dobvryk and Gimenez can be a gamble. Lukaku is too expensive for his age and has seen a drop in form.

  4. The only way I can see it as positive, Morata will be solid as main striker for 2-3 years while we wait for Camarda to mature.

    And this will also give possibility that we can buy some one that is not quite ready as main striker yet, like Sesko and Broja… and Morata will be the main striker while the other one will be deputy. And Jovic as back up.

    1. Milan are not going to waste €60-70 million on Sesko. His finishing is atrocious. Broja can’t stay fit. Morata is a good short-term fix. Players like Piamonti could be picked up cheaply and should do a good job. A lot of money is being invested in the youth teams. That may be one of the reasons there has been a lack of movement. If it means we don’t sign randos and some of the players from the Primavera are given a chance, I’m all for it.

      1. That’s why I theorize that with Morata as main striker, Milan can afford to get less experienced striker (like Sesko and Broja) – ones that is young, unfinished article, still need to polish striker but with loads of potential, to develop without pressure to produce loads of goals instantly. The pressure will be on Morata for 1-2 years, and when they are ready, they can be main striker with Camarda as deputy.

        As for Milan Futuro, I don’t think the management invested that much money – the figure being talked was about 12m per year, and with acquisition of bit players, maybe it will rise to around 15m. That’s not too much for current Milan.

        I still hold belief that we will buy some players this window. Maybe for around 80-100m total.

  5. At this point, i prefer Morata over Zirkzee. Yes, Zirkzee has potential to grow bcos he is young. But what does that development can do good for Milan, if after several years, he can go for free due to his greedy agent, like the case of Donnarumma or Kessie? By the end, Milan will become like an academy for other clubs to gain advantage after players develop. It is like Milan “loan” the player, but paying for transfer fee to get them in.
    Still hope Zirkzee changes his agent tho.

  6. Morata is an old experienced fox who is not yet in his late years and I believe he would be more effective than Giroud last season. The man has great experience playing at the highest levels, and I believe that’s exactly what we need right now. I don’t think there would be any problem with his motivation to play in Serie A again, this time with Milan! The transfer price would not be too high unlike Lukaku. If they don’t already have (or can’t find) a more specific attacker for this season, then this could be a solid solution.

    1. Morata,already knows Serie A ( Front & Back) he’s typically Filippo Inzaghi. Who can draw out any defender out of Positions. Use him with Jovic or Camarda,nor Okafor.we are good in attack.

  7. He’s a solid, consistent veteran for the price and is an upgrade to Giroud. I’m not mad. We still have Okafor behind him. Now, let’s spend that $40m+ we had for Zirkzee on a class midfielder.

  8. What have i just seen?? Morata??

    Oh c’mon guysss….
    With inter getting Zielinski and Taremi for free, and we are about to sign this guy?? Another deadwood upfront.
    Look how far we are behind inter.
    We need creativity and i dont see anyone in the team is capable to do that.
    Even old Mikhtaryan, Papu Gomez and Josip Illcic did better than any of our mids.
    Keep on dreaming you Leao fanboy who thinks he can lift us to where we belong.
    Get Zirkzee, he will do what Ibra did back in his first spell for us. Rabiot, anyone? Are we not interesting enough for him?
    I dont care we win scudetto or not, as long as we sit above inter in the end!

    Still wonder how this management can regress so much in just a couple of years, in terms of ambiton.

    1. uh huh Zirkzee barely scored 12 goals last season but for Milan he will magically score 28 goals because you said so

      10/10 logic

      Morata is a far better player, wtf metric do people here use? you think this is a popularity contest?

      1. If we want to break Nordahl’s goal scoring record then i suggest we go all in for Haaland.

        I think you are just trying to be little bit sarcastic, but i get the idea.

        Even if we bring Haaland in this mercato, no one is able to grant him the capocannonieri trophy.

        My point is:
        Zirkzee offers “fluidity” as he will make his teammates play better. Just like Ibra did to Nocerino and Boateng.

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