Sky: Newcastle to pay much lower than reported €80m fee for Tonali

By Oliver Fisher -

The battle between the English and Italian sources continues with the former now claiming the fee for Sandro Tonali will not be as high as reported.

According to the latest from Sky, Tonali will travel to Newcastle to make his move to Newcastle official after Italy’s participation in the Under 21 European Championships, and they will land him for an initial £55m which is roughly €64m.

The report in Italy stating the deal would cost Newcastle as much as €80m (£69m) are incorrect as per Sky, and that is significant because it would have constituted a club-record deal for the Magpies.

A verbal agreement with Milan was reached last week and then a delegation flew to meet Tonali in Romania, agreeing a six-year deal with the 23-year-old.

Given the player’s age, his importance to Milan and the potential for him to improve further, Newcastle think that they have got a real coup while the Rossoneri must now set about replacing him.

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    1. Indeed, not the one we used to and cheering for. They can still pull off the plug and leave Tonali in place! Just get rid of the deadwood and buy smart, promote youngsters! We are backing in that! We are not a feeder club, full of missionaries, with no soul!

      1. 100%, I couldn’t have put it better myself.
        But I’m afraid this will fall on deaf ears…
        I just hope Cardinale sells the club as soon as possible. RedBird have nothing to do with football.

  1. I seriously doubt Sky has the right number as Romano himself says the following :

    “Sandro Tonali to Newcastle, here we go! Agreement for €70m fee with add-ons. Milan will also have sell-on clause. 🚨⚪️⚫️”

    I trust that the numbers, while not 80m is much more than 64M€ as Milan would have rejected such an offer

    1. Which numbers? Can you read? 70 million including bonuses. 64M paid now + 6M potential bonuses. What exactly is wrong in the article? 😀

        1. That is the amount. 70M including bonuses, nobody reported over that. What is wrong with you? You are angry with everyone and you can’t write a smart comment if your life depended on it. Grow up.

          1. “That is the amount. 70M including bonuses, nobody reported over that.”

            80m including bonus:

            70m + 5m bonus:

          1. Lol what an idi⁰t Boulden. If i say grass is green, you’d probably have a fit too.

            On the scale of reliable to unreliable 1 to 5. 1 is probably BBC and Guardian but they only do confirmations so obvi they’re most reliable but slow to get the news. But gossip-wise the next tier of reliable is Athletic, Di Marzio, Romano, Sky
            3-4 are the GDs, Calciomercato, Footmercato etc
            5 is like goal, Sun, Daily Mail

            Di Marzio got the news on Tonali quite late when Athletic picked it up first hence I said he was slipping (he even said that he didn’t think it was true) . Later on he changed his tune

            Btw grass is green…go nuts

    2. Or let me rewrite it for you. Including add-ons means that is the total possible fee. They aren’t paying that right now, maybe they will one day.

  2. It’s always the same thing , even when the owner changes. We don’t know to sell players and we pay full price when we have to buy.

  3. If the directors really sold Tonali for this low fee giving his quality & most importantly his value to the fans who sees him as a future club legend when clubs are paying 105m for (Declan) Rice even without stew or tomato sauce😂 then we have a serious problem as a club & Italy is truly becoming feeders to Epl

  4. I have this conspiracy theory that this just might what the club leaked to the media in purpose but the truth is that NU pay way more than what they leaked to media. Because with that the fans won’t put pressure on the club if they were not to spend much this summer mercato because all of the fans deemed that it’s absolutely a must that the club spend every bit of penny they make from selling Sandro.

  5. That is what I have been writing all the time. The fee is not 70 or 80M but 60M + potentially 10M, and a resale fee. I was off by a bit but still…

  6. Of which about €6-10m goes to Brescia?

    Obviously the end deal here comes down to the bonus structure. If it’s €70m but Newcastle only have to pay €5m when they win the UCL that’s very different to if they have to pay it upon their next UCL qualification or reaching the second round.

    1. Yes, but Milan can only use the 100% secure income in their financial projections. So, 64M is what they got now. Will it be more in the future we’ll see. I mean even CL qualification is not really a safe bet in Premier League. Liverpool won’t be sleeping after a bad season, Chelsea – duh.

          1. You just wanna think every negative Milan news is true but all the positive ones are fake cuz it doesnt suit your dumb agenda

            coming online everyday to a Milan blog to hate on Milan, are you dumb?????

          2. Dude, are you an idio(t) or yes? You are literally here being negative towards anyone and stupid along the way. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

          3. Now I am coming here to laugh at you. I’ll be following you. Can’t wait for more of those bright thoughts. Please share.

    2. Yeah the deal that we already negated with Brescia by giving them some youngsters? Stop typing this crap in every page

      1. I dont get how you get corrected and still go on to other articles with the same nonsense. It’s like either u don’t care for what ppl trying to tell u and/or stuck in ur version of events,.like a new Poli

        1. I dont get how you get corrected on this every post and still deny it because it doesnt suit your dumb agenda

          Milan fans my ass, you guys care more about laughing at Milan after Maldini leaving than supporting the club.

  7. This transfer makes less and less sense for Milan to make it.
    The truth will come out one day, but don’t be surprised if this is not all organized by Tonali’s agent ala Raiola-Donnarumma.
    Tonali and his agent profit way more from this transfer than Milan does.
    Tonali went from 5 years and 2.5 mil a season to 6 years up to 9 or 10 mil a season. From 12.5 mil for the entirety of the Milan contract to up to 60 mil of the entirety of his Newcastle transfer.
    Remember when Donnarumma said “I’ll do whatever Raiola tells me”.
    Why would Milan sell Tonali and not another big name player especially when the midfield was the biggest weakness?
    Something doesn’t add up. They could have easily sold Maignan for the 80 mil Chelsea offered.
    A lot easier to replace a GK

    1. “A lot easier to replace a GK”

      Not when the GK is amongst the TOP3 in the whole wide world. Tonali? Eh… Maybe amongst the top30 of his position.

      1. It doesn’t matter if he is the strongest, he is still just a GK.
        Also, he is the strongest and the most injury prone GK.
        Plus out of all our big names he is the oldest.
        Why would Milan sell the youngest, the player on the lowest salary, with the lowest value on the market, the player with a resale clause in his contract, the player that by far sells the most jerseys and the player with the closest ties to what it means being a Milanista 10 days after they fired Maldini.
        They are not that crazy.
        As I said before. You sell Maignan for 80 mil, you buy Vicario for 19 and you still have 60 to address other needs.
        If they wanted to sell a big name, Tonali was the least profitable.
        I think this transfer was initiated by his agent

        1. “Why would Milan sell the youngest, the player on the lowest salary, with the lowest value on the market, the player with a resale clause in his contract, the player that by far sells the most jerseys and the player with the closest ties to what it means being a Milanista 10 days after they fired Maldini.”

          I think we covered this already earlier. Because out the four “untouchables” Tonali was the easiest to replace. Million miles easier than the rest. Skills wise. Maybe not in the locker room but for performances on the pitch.

          1. Maignan is injury prone.
            Missed about 2 months in year 1, and more than 5 months in year 2. That’s why it makes more sense to sell him than Tonali who plays almost every game.
            It would never be easier to replace an outfield player than replacing a GK.

          2. Not even close. Gk is easier. Could have landed vicario and sold MM. Wouldn’t want to do it but would be a mild drop off in quality.

            If we were getting a guy like amrabat I’d understand but reijnders and rlc?… musah?… no thanks .

      2. I agree, as much as Tonali meant for us, on paper him/Bennacer sales made more sense, because Theo, Leao and Mike are basically Top 3-4 in their positions in the world. PR disaster, for sure, especially after Paolo, but feelings aside, made a lot of sense.

      3. Sorry man but it would have been a lot less of a blow to sell MM16 and get vicario for 20m and make good profit rather than tonali and then scramble to replace him with average players like rlc and musah… and mm16 is my 3rd favorite milan player behind tonali and theo

    1. if Milan don’t sell, you sure Milan can compete against 3 tournament and survive?3 years with same starting eleven..i doubt it..

      1. Hahahaha you think this sale will help us compete? Ok lay out the masterclass plan then… Wow. This may be the most ridiculous comment on here.

        1. There’s other players to sell. Kalulu while he’s great wouldn’t hurt the team much if he left. Then offload our trash slowly, rebic, origi, messias, etc.

  8. On we have to give certain amount to Brescia on top of that. Such a pure genius. And all of that to get RLC (and perhaps Kamada) on whom we can still get without the need to dismiss Maldini and sell Tonali.

    This what happens when you club is run by a bunch of noobs. Imagine, just imagine, if Maldini the one who does this kind of transfer. All Poli-Hell breaks loose.

  9. It’s funny when people bite each others and calling names about their theories that drifted by the media, when they all support the same team.

    1. You think most of these people here actually support Milan? They come back for the good and ignore the bad.

      They are also 10 year old kids who want Milan to spend like its FIFA so they can brag on twitter or something about x player being bought

  10. This is just a British news story meant to make Newcastle fans happy, and thus is being picked up by Milan media to make Milanisti mad.

    There was never a reported €80m fee agreed to. That was Milan’s initial response to the bid of €50m. The framing of the report is thus inherently to push a narrative, and obviously so.

    The fee was reported as €70m with add ons plus 10% of any future sale. That means it’s possible that €64m is, in fact, the initial fee that is being paid when the deal gets signed.

    However, in the end Newcastle will almost certainly be paying more than €70m to AC Milan — possibly quite a bit more than €70m — over the course of this transaction. There’s no reason for Milan fans to feel any differently about this than they did 12 hours ago before reading this report.

  11. With whom ? With players that assists 6 and goals 1-4 👍 and washed up players wow that’s the future of the club

  12. Like Ruben Loftus. Milan will pay 16 mill. If some conditions are going to be met than 5 more will Milan pay to Chelsea.

    So Milan get 64 million for Tonali.

    Now we need to know what are the conditions for Tonali and when Newcastle needs to pay 6 more or 16 to 80 million.

  13. Well we didn’t “need” to sell him to spend on transfers (we haven’t touched that 120M UCL $$$ yet) and as we can all see it has had ZERO impact on on transfer policy or targets. So far we are signing the SAME players Maldini already negotiated for lol – and going after free agents, players on expiring deals, with injury history or cheaper young talent. Beautiful lol

    Now considering Declan Rice who is 28 (and is the player he is) – will be sold to Arsenal for 134M – Tonali’s (23 yrs of age with room to grow) sale for 64 or 70M is NOT a good deal – especially when you factor in he is a boy hood fan, Italian, future captain, young, etc… and the timing of having just sacked a club legend – we should NOT have sold period. BUT if we sell (which is BS cause we haven’t spent a dime of that 120M UCL $$$) – the SMART thing would have been to WAIT until the MARKET SET with the Declan Rice transfer – then sell for maximum profit – close to 100M. But nah poor little Gerry and Georgio thought it would wise to sell him quick without letting the market set the price. Foolish.

    But hey this is Redbird. Quick profit is the way

    Where is @Piloi??? Hahahahaha??? Why so silent? Let me guess he’s at moms house praying Redbird complete a few non-Maldini signings so he can come back on the chat and scream there praise lol. Pu$$y

    1. Man this guy is waiting for Milan to be relegated so he can throw a party, these Inter fans in disguise are disgusting

      1. So anyone who points out the errors in the ongoing transfer brouhaha is a fake fan or an interista is disguise.
        OMASHE OOO.

    2. Dude thinks that if you are a Milan fan you have to think like him, and you can’t be that stupid if you try. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

      1. and you think being a Milan fan is celebrating Milan losses and complaining every transfer window like a 10 year old child

        thats probably your age anyway, I expect morons like you to move on and support City soon lmao


  14. It’s like reporter’s nowadays just trying to trigger Milan fans as much as they can, and then there’s naive childish pseudo fans that believe all of this BS

      1. No @Boulden – your just an imbecile so everything seems wrong to you LOL. Think for yourself. Don’t be a sheep and follow the heard or drink the kool aid pal. Smart men question authority, when things are not logical – feeble men just accept it. I think we know which category you fall under.

        1. so smart that you are jn your basement jobless typing crap everyday

          I can assure you literally no one wants to be like you, so pathetic

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