Sky: Okafor facing weeks out while Pobega risks surgery – the latest

By Oliver Fisher -

Tommaso Pobega and Noah Okafor both risk an extended period on the sidelines after their injuries were diagnosed today, according to a report.

Manuele Baiocchini (via Radio Rossonera) gave an update on the pair for Sky, describing them as ‘serious, heavy injuries’. Pobega is even at risk of having to undergo an operation because of the fact he has sustained tendon damage.

The recovery times, when it comes to injuries of this type, are estimated at at least one month for both players. We must wait for more information a week or 10 days when the midfielder and forward will be checked again and then they will khow long they will have to sit out.

Milan have no peace when hit comes to muscle injuries which have continued since the beginning of the season and seem to have become more and more damaging. Now Pioli will have to do without two other players who were playing with more and more consistency.

They weren’t two starters but they were alternatives who would have been very useful to have, especially if the team are to compete on three fronts, i.e. the league, Europa League and the Coppa Italia which begins in the new year.


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  1. Something is wrong with Okafor. He gets hurt all the time, so you can’t count on him. It was not by chance that it was cheap to acquire. Have the doctors seen his teeth yet???

    1. He got hurt twice. Not all the time. And in case you haven’t noticed so has the rest of our team…

      It’s a Milan problem, not an Okafor problem.

  2. Those saying the docs have no responsibility in this crisis? Who signed off and on Okafor being ready, clearly he was not. Training staff and doctors are clearly not working well together and it’s costing Milan…

    1. I’m pretty sure it was stated yesterday that Okafors previous injury was in the opposite leg but regardless of that if I was part of the management I would nevertheless take a serious look and scrutinize the training and medical staffs. Maybe also make some soil tests of Milanellos ground as our injuries has been going on for years and well over a decade but recently much intensified.

  3. Real Madrid immediately fired their head medical staff because of Arda Guler’s back to back injury. Meanwhile Milan board couldn’t care less with 30 injuries already in last 4 month lol. It just shows where we are and where are top elegant clubs.

    We need to steal Bayern physiotherapeuts. They players are extremely fit and never get muscle issues.


  4. Ok, so how much time do we have to wait, or what catastrophy do we need for someone to be held accountable for this ? Or for clarifications to be made ?
    Seems like all the management and staff are doing are saying :”oh! this is bad” and yet nothing is done about it.
    It’s been 4 seasons that we had a record injury toll, and yet those in power are still in bystander mode.

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