Sky: One of Rebic or Leao could leave Milan this summer – the club will listen to offers

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan are willing to listen to offers for left wing duo Rafael Leao or Ante Rebic and could invest in a young striker, according to a report.

Manuele Baiocchini spoke to Sky Italia (via MilanNews) and gave an update on the market, starting with an assessment of the striker situation. He remarked that there arenโ€™t many free transfers around Olivier Giroud and Milan would have to pay a transfer fee for an alternative target, but if the Rossoneri do make an investment, they will do it for a younger player, setting up a negotiation like the one done for Sandro Tonali (loan with option to buy.

He adds that he is not sure that both Rafael Leao and Ante Rebic will both remain at the club and if important offers arrive, Milan will think about it. With an important sale, Milan would have more leeway to move more freely, especially considering that part of the Champions League revenue will be used to redeem Tonali and Tomori.

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  1. Leao Anyday. Rebic is in his prime. It’ll be foolish to let him go. Hauge could be the backup and later take the mantle from him.

    1. Leao is average rn. He may be profitable now. so it’s better to get a profit and maybe get someone like Belloti or Vlahovic

  2. Better sell Rebic. Leao can be a superstar if someone ( not Pioli) can polish him. I know he is lazy and selfish but he is way more gifted than rebic, more technical, more phisical and the speed is incredible. If the coach plays him next to another strong striker who can create spaces for him, i promise you he will explode big time. Rebic on the other hand workes more and gives more effort in the game but when i see him how he stops the ball … Omg!! His first touch is incredibly low.. he and krunic have wooden legs.. we don’t need players like that in the first team

    1. What you propose is a big gamble that we sell Rebic and keep Leao as a first choice LW. yes he may become a big star but he certainly isn’t a Haaland or Mbappe. We sell Rebic and then Leao becomes the first choice LW. I am pretty sure we won’t achieve UCL qualification then. and then just because of Leao all our other stars like Kessie Bennacer Theo and probably Tomori will also leave. It’s a huge gamble.

      We aren’t someone like Bayern Munich that we have a lot of time and we are already at the top. We have to return to normalcy as fast as we can and challenge for CL. We can’t wait for Leao to explode after 2-3 seasons. He maybe more technically gifted but so was Balotelli and he couldn’t achieve shit.

      And you blame Pioli for not polishing Leao correctly the fact that Mbappe at Monaco and Haaland at Salzburg had similar average or above average coaches but still Mbappe and Haaland worked themselves to prove their worth and earn a promotion to a big club. Similarly Leao has to work on his own. Pioli can do nothing about his laziness. He can change his style but do absolutely nothing about his laziness.

      Your comparision of Rebic and Krunic is really awful considering that Rebic is in his prime and is delivering 11-12 goals per season which is about average for a good LW. Rebic may not be Milan quality something like the earlier Milan forwards but he certainly works. hard to prove himself and get the goals which is working good enough for us. If rebic is compared to someone in the team for his work is Zlatan and not Krunic who is just an ordinary player.

      Pathetic comment.

      1. Maybe i was to harsh assesing rebic but you have to agree that we cannot be satisfied with a player who ‘just works’ as LW. If you ask me, the best LW in the team is Hauge ( potential, work rate, phisical qualities, courage) Rebic on the other hand already has a good market value and i don’t see him raise the bar in spectacular level.. so he can be sold for good money. Leao- agree, it can play the other way.. i’ ve mentioned krunic because of a previous comment about him…

        1. That’s just silly. Why would anybody in their right mind weakens the team for a gamble. Rebic is the best player there RIGHT NOW so he should remain.

  3. Would sell Leao and reinvest every cent from the sale into a proper RW. The club’s issue is balance. Full stop.

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