Sky: Pioli left alone as continued absence of directors at Milanello causes discussion

By Oliver Fisher -

Stefano Pioli is virtually on his own when it comes to managing the team in this decision moment of the season, a report has claimed.

According to a report from Sky, the continued absence of directors at Milanello continues to cause discussion. Even today, nobody was present and in the crucial moment of the season it is rare that they have been seen.

Last season the team were used to the daily presence of Paolo Maldini or Ricky Massara, who were very often together and watched training sessions from the sidelines. Maldini also spoke to players as well.

This year Zlatan Ibrahimovic is seen at most once a week, while the trio of Geoffrey Moncada, Antonio D’Ottavio and Giorgio Furlani have been seen ‘very rarely’.

The feeling is that head coach Stefano Pioli has been left alone when it comes to managing the squad in the business end of the season. Some would say that is only correct given he is the head coach, but as mentioned it is a change from the previous reality.

In the meantime, the team began the week of preparations for the second leg of their Europa League quarter-final tie against Roma, with a comeback needed after the 1-0 loss at San Siro.

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  1. 😂😂😂
    So what’s the point of this SKY?
    They mentioned Maldini and Massara being constant presence at Milanello last season like that had a positive effect. Milan finished 5th or we have forgotten?
    If Pioli needs to be constantly handheld and babysit at Milanello during training by the directors, owners or whoever else, that’s another proof that he isn’t fit to be Milan coach.
    Never seen a mediocre coach getting so much support by the media where they come up with new excuses every day to defend him.
    He is left virtually alone!?
    He has his coaching team with him, and the whole personnel at Milanello. Who else does he need?
    If Zlatan has to be there to motivate, train or whip players into shape, have authority over the group, then what’s the point of having a coach? Those are all coaches responsibilities.
    Should Zlatan also come up with strategies for games?
    Get rid of this fraud and at this point get Conte in.

    1. Maybe because they used to see our directors really involved in the team (something we don’t see in other teams). And I believe that’s the primary thing that improved the harmony and won us the Scudetto in the end (+ Ibra factor of course).

      That’s why in a different environment, the only constant factor (the coach in this case) simply wouldn’t perform the same.

  2. OMG!!! A professional in his respective field was was left to do his job without constant supervision. The horror!!!

    What a pointless article by Sky.

  3. Don’t worry guys!

    In our upcoming 3-1 loss to Roma on Thurs – we will have played great for 75 mins and only lost because of defensive errors. Otherwise, we would have won! That’s it! At this point, this “fib” is called “the Pioli special”

    Let’s be honest, Pioli isn’t the entire problem here. He did a bad job with what he was given, but Moncada left him naked & exposed. Look at this midfield.

    If you start with a midfield of:
    Bennie, Reijners, Adli and Musah – & expect to win Serie A & push CL, the joke is on you

    (Serie A #’s only)
    Bennie – 14g – 0 g 1a
    Reijnders – 30g – 2g 3a
    Adli – 20g – 1g 2a
    Musah – 26g – 0g 2a

    Serie A Totals: 90 games – 3 goals 8 (EIGHT) assists

    You’d really have to scrape the bottom of the Serie A table to find teams that have less than 8 assists for their entire midfield.

    Now class, repeat after me, thank you moneyball moncada

    1. Last season’s midfield not constructed by Moncada,
      but by Maldini.
      in serie a:
      Tonali: 34 games, 2g, 7a
      Bennacer 28 games, 2g, 2a
      Krunic 23 games, 0g, 1a
      Pobega 19 games, 2g, 0a
      Adli 6 games 0g, 0a
      Yranckx 9 games, 0g, 1a.
      11 assists from the whole midfield for the entire
      Also, Maldini in 2019 inherit a midfield that had Hakan,
      Kessie, Paquetta, Jack Bonaventura.
      In 2023 he left Milan with midfield of Tonali, injured
      Bennacer, Krunic and Pobega.
      What a downgrade!
      Not to mention that Maldini lost 3 of those 4 midfielders for free and sold the 4th for 20 mil, 15 mil less than for what he was bought.
      Paqueta is about to move to Man City, best club in the world, for 85 mil, while Maldini sold him for 20. Great work Paolo.
      Milan is still trying to recover from the damage
      caused by Maldini’s directorial incompetence.
      It will take more than one Mercato under MONEYBALL Moncada to fix that damage.

      1. “Last season’s midfield not constructed by Moncada”
        Lol.yes because Moncada had zero input until last summer and I could certainly picture Maldini looking at French and Belgian clubs for potential players /s

        1. 😆
          Make sure you remember Moncada’s input when you wanna talk how Maldini signed Theo, Leao ,Maignan and build a scudetto winning team.
          Maldinisti like to give Maldini all the credit for the good signings but want to pass or share the blame for the poor signings.
          Also, Moncada didn’t have input in losing Kessie, Hakan, Bonaventura for free and selling Paqueta for a loss. He was just the chief scout at the time.

          1. And u just did the same exact thing. The Irony. Where have I given Maldini all the credit, I only respond when people love to do exactly as u say….give one person credit when things suits their agenda, downplay the other party’s involvement and vice versa kinda… …”Not constructed by Moncada”.

        2. Plus the most used players from the last seasons midfield, Tonali, Bennacer, Krunic and Pobega were all bought from serie A, not from French or Belgian clubs.
          Milan best players over the last few years were mostly players bought from outside of serie A, especially from French and even Belgium clubs. Doesn’t that mean that Moncada is the man responsible for Milan succes and not Maldini?
          So , to recap, Maldini lost for free Milan’s top players, that directors before him signed, and Milan’s current top players were signed thanks to Moncada scouting the French league.

        3. I was responding to Meez who goes around talking about Maldini’s midfield vs Moncada’s midfield. You jumped in because Maldini was mentioned, as you always do.
          Every young player, with the exclusion of Tonali (According to Maldini himself) since 2019 was signed thanks to Moncada’s scouting. As you said yourself, you can’t picture Maldini scouting the French and Belgium leagues. Guess where Milan best player came from? What about according to many the best GK in the world came from?
          Guess who scouted Theo for 5 years before Milan signed him, 6 months after Moncada was hired.
          Maldini was getting glorified for Moncada’s work. That’s why one of them is at Milan and the other along with Massara at home.
          And I don’t hate Maldini. He is one of my favorite players, but as a director he was awful.

          1. I’m not sure if you get the sarcasm or not . You said Maldini midfield last year not in any way constructed by Moncada and that’s where the fallacy lies. As if Moncada had nothing to do with it. That’s my point. You’re so quick to label the good=Moncada, bad =Maldini. Look at how u just attributed all the good ones, once more, to Moncada….Theo, Mike etc.
            Who’s our best player? Leao=Moncada . Not even Boban /s if u know the backstory. Yes. Well who was our worst last year? Not CDK, Vranckx, Origi??? Lemme guess those were Maldini’s/ not ever recommended by Moncada right? Again you’re quick to point out the good=Moncada. Bad=Maldini.

            Ive said this before, him, Pioli, Moncada and Furlani are all responsible for last year but Maldini was the only one that faced the chopping block. He got glorified for Moncada’s work? You’ve got to be kidding. He got crucified after shielding them from their recommendations which had led to disaster…see CDK, Vranckx & Origi and you’ll know why. That’s Moncada written all over it. Who spoke up for them? “After three months of work, Boban, Massara, and I were called to London by the ownership and CEO and practically undermined: they didn’t even like Leao, Bennacer, and Theo “

      2. When Milan won Serie A their midfield was:
        Tonali, Kessie, Bennie, Krunic

        After Moncada “revolucion”, our midfield is:
        Bennie, Reijnders, Musah, Adli

        Nuff said. Not only has the midfield VALUE decreased significantly, but the players have lower ratings, far lower assists and far lower goals.

        Maldini’s last season, he was only given 56m. Year before that 100m. Year before that 32m. With that money, he guided us to CL spot and Serie A title.

        Moneyball Moncada was allowed to spend 121m last year. That includes profit from sale of Tonali.

        He spent so much money in midfield and in every single measurable way, we are worse in midfield today than when we won Serie A w/ Maldini.

        Despite all that midfield spending, he still failed to find a physical holding midfielder which Milan has needed since Kessie left.

        I call him moneyball man because his sole job is to find players that are CHEAP and can go up in value to make a large PROFIT. Finding the right player? Doesn’t matter. Finding a good player? Doesn’t matter. Only profit matters.

        You are literally seeing it in action with your own eyes and your response is to rationalize it all away.

        1. What?
          Moncada was given the same budget but he was capable of creating more money by selling. Every club does that.
          Kessie was signed by Mirabelli, Maldini lost him for free. How is that Moncada’s fault?
          Kessie wasn’t there last season when Maldini was still in charge at Milan, how come you are not mentioning that Maldini weakened Milan?
          As I told you above, Maldini Inherited Kessie, Hakan, Paquetta and Bonaventura. They are way better group than Kessie, Bennacer, Tonali and Krunic that you keep going around hyping up. That’s a downgrade thanks to Maldini.
          The only difference between during Maldini and after Maldini in the midfield is Tonali, who I don’t know if you have been told but isn’t allowed to play football because he was betting on games.
          So how has “Moneyball” Moncada failed?
          Where was Maldini to find someone to replace Kessie whom he lost?
          As I told you, Milan is still paying for Maldini’s mistakes.

  4. Now back to the article at hand. Is it good to leave Pioli to his own devices. I think it is empowering not to have your bosses check up on you all the time. Let them pop in once in week or before big games, but otherwise what’s the point of giving them a pep talk when they play Lecce, Salernitana, and who knows who else…

  5. RLC is playing an AM, I consider him part of attack, not midfield.

    He’s not acting as a link from defense to attack which is what I’m highlighting as the problem here.

    and I don’t believe that RLC has ever played significant minutes in the doubt pivot in a 4231 at Milan.

  6. Different styles of management and experiences smh 🤦‍♂️
    Maldini could have done what he could have done because had specific experiences not many others have.
    But we shouldn’t expect the same for everyone even former footballers like Ibra even. He has his own style too

    1. Maldini and I ran had the same management experience when started at Milan, Zero.
      What was Maldini specific experience not many other have?
      Losing the teams best players for free?
      You are right ✅️. Not many others have that specific managerial style.

      1. I was talking about footballing experience and him talking to players during training sessions as per article. Good to read it sometimes so you can make logical comments relating to it. I’m referring to the article making the comparison with last year’s directors being more present than this years’ which imo is a fallacy. Plus maybe it’s not Furlani, Moncada, Ibra and co styles so we shouldn’t expect the same. Again, everyone’s different. It doesn’t mean one way is better than the other.

        Maldini for instance has a wealth of knowledge that say Furlani and co doesn’t have, even Ibra to an extent (UCL), so he can transmit certain things to the players (players have said this, not me). I don’t think the idea that the directors are not there means necessarily it’s a bad thing.
        Btw, Everyone who started in management by logic has zero experience. I fail to see what that has anything to do with it. Even the roles and power level of Maldini and Ibra are different in many ways.

        But hey lemme guess, you concluded I’m “pro-Maldini” above you just automatically assume I’m saying either something positive about Maldini (which you hate) or I’m saying something negative about current management (which you obviously prefer) when it’s neither lol 😂

    2. True. Everyone have different style. Beside pioli are professional coach , he know he cannot depend forever to director watching him training player every day, or director motivating player each match. He is headcoach and experience coach , why he need to babysit by director ? . Maldini & Massara i admit close to player and treat them like family also can atract young player to ACM while Furlani & Moncada ( later ibra join too ) more focused to outfield work like scouting young player,increase brand ACM, find fund for new stadium, increase sponsor . All of them doing good for ACM .

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