Sky: Pioli expects ‘one last signing’ in attack as Okafor could switch position

By Isak Möller -

Stefano Pioli is expecting AC Milan to bring in one last signing for the attack this summer, a report claims. Several strikers have been linked with the Rossoneri lately and this appears to be the final task for the management. 

Lorenzo Colombo is currently the third-choice striker behind Olivier Giroud and Noah Okafor. The youngster wants a loan move and an agreement has already been found with Monza, but Milan need to find a replacement in order to sanction the move.

According to Peppe Di Stefano of Sky Italia, as cited by Francesco Nasato, Pioli expects ‘one last signing in attack’ amid Colombo’s loan move. Furthermore, this would allow the manager to play Okafor more on the left, which is his comfort zone.

Okafor has been used mainly as a striker lately, even in training, but it’s clear that he hasn’t played much as a lone striker in his career. The now famous goal he scored against Milan came from the left, for example.

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  1. Giving up on him already. That was not money well spent. Seems if you were going to give Leao a rest that putting Pulisic on the left and Chuku on the right would be the better option. I have a feeling he’s not going to play much.

    1. You quick to judge Okafor is Leao successor so pulisic and chukwueze on the RW and Leao And Okafor on LW Chaka Traore going on loan Romero provide cover if pulisic gets injured then it leave us in striker position now I believe it’s either going to be oldie or young player so he can easier to rotate like the links Taremi Ekitike Jovic. I personally really want Gift Emmanuel Orban from KAA Gent

      1. Orban is just another wing/st. Its pretty clear Pioli wants/needs a190cm target man for st. They should nick Beto and be done with it

        1. No he’s not just another wing/st he’s a player that’s got a killer instinct for scoring that not even Leão has. While beto has the first touch of prime Lukaku and isn’t great

          1. Sounds like just another winger/st even more know…
            I don’t really care if beto is great or not. It was just an example of what kind of a striker pioli wants/needs. A big boi. Not a midget. Not a winger/st.
            I think it’s ridiculous people think a player like orban could come to Milan and under pioli start producing the same numbers as Giroud. Or better numbers. Never happening. This is real life not fifa manager

          2. Orban definitely could. Everything you don’t believe in doesn’t mean it’s ‘fifa manager’. Orban has nearly all the aspects that Milan needs in a striker, but he does miss the aerial capabilities and he’s a bit weaker at linking up with his teammates than Giroud. Besides that he’s a very explosive striker who’s good at dribbling and got a hell of a shot. He’s also quite strong. An assistant coach was saying how they didn’t expect him to adapt this quickly and score goals the way he has.

          3. I’m sure he’s a quality player he just wouldn’t fit in piolis Milan. And probably be more expensive than cdk was.
            Also the Belgium league is a joke

        2. I’d be happy with Beto Terehmi or Mr X if Moncada can pull one of those off. Okafor is Pioli’s favorite type of player – another human pocketknife like Krunic, except in attack – so I think he’s going to get plenty of playing time.

      2. Romero also play as LW at U20 World Cup. We are well stacked at LW even without Okafor as LW. Okafor played last season as lone striker, not LW.

    2. I thought Pulisic was going to be back up to Leao but he seems fine on the right. But Okafor can play false 9. Behind Leao and Pulisic/Samuel. They’ll get plenty of chances
      It would make sense if he’s looking for a goal poacher.

    3. 100%. At this point it looks like we perhaps have a winger too many, as Pulisic is a natural LW and would easily be deployed there in case Rafa needed a rest or got hurt, with Chuk at RW (and Romero would still be around as backup). If Okafor is considered Rafa’s backup, then we’re going to find ourselves in a situation where one of Pulisic or Chuk will not be getting enough minutes and they will become unhappy. Even Okafor might become unhappy if Leao is never rested/hurt. The Okafor money should have been allocated to the striker budget.

    4. Pioli is very poor in building young tarlents.
      Thanks to cdk who escaped for his carrier.
      Hop noah will not suffer same fate

  2. Pioli will use him like Rebic.

    If new striker arrives, we have 3 CF that can be used, if not than only 2 without Colombo.

    Question is Origi ?

    Is he going to be withdrawn the squad even if he stays at team ?

  3. Leao/Noah and Puli/Chuk on the wings are DEPTH we haven’t had before. Last season, No Leao – No Party. This season looks different as we have options everywhere.

      1. Yeah. Some people here seem to think that there should be no good players on the bench as they would get unhappy immediately and it’s not wise to pay good salary for a player who occasionally sits on the bench.

        I wonder how unhappy players in ManCity, PSG, Real, Barca etc really are…. 😀 😀 😀

        1. 👌 players should be happy to play for Milan imo whether they’re the first name on the team sheet or not. Back in the day we had world class players coming off the bench – now players with half the talent want to p*ss off right away to Monza.

  4. “ Furthermore, this would allow the manager to play Okafor more on the left, which is his comfort zone.”

    So Pioli, Furlani, Moncada and even Okafor himself prefer him as a LW – all except @Giancarlo LOL. Hmmmmmm…..this is a tough one. Go with the recommendation of the player, coach, chief scout and our sporting director and purchase another #9 or listen to @Giancarlo and use Okafor there….tough decision😂😂😂

    @Giancarlo – where u at kid?????


    1. In his interview, when asked about why he joined Milan, Okafor talk about playing as forward and his friend Leao, so I doubt he want to compete for LW position, it is highly likely he want to play alongside Leao and at the position he played last season which is forward.

      1. Also, it was Okafor, not Colombo who replaced Giroud vs Bologna, so Okafor is higher than Colombo in the CF pecking order.

      2. He’s not a true number 9 just as your favorite player CDK wasn’t a ACM and you advocated endlessly to play him as a RW (and you were correct). Yes he wants to play with his friend Leao and I’m sure of Pioli says play as a number 9 he won’t say no lol – but Okafor has never played as a number 9 throughout his career exclusively and isn’t exactly a prolific goal scorer. That is a FACT. Now Perhaps they turn him into a pure striker. We will see – but the early reports from training camp are he and Pioli prefer him as a winger which is why they continue to look for a true #9. If they were comfortable with him as the sole backup to Giroud we would not be looking at Taremi and others…..we would have said our market is closed. Those are Facts. Something our friend @Giancarlo likes to conveniently ignore lol.

    2. Look up my posts where I said he could play either wing or as a striker. I said that… oh I don’t know… like 30 times. Juro is a useless little troll. COME ON LITTLE JURO, reply to me or run away as you always do. Hit and run troll.

    3. @Juro. He’s talking to himself again and no one’s paying attention, poor guy…better go check in on him 😂😂😂😂😂

      1. LMAO!!. This kid has serious issues 😂😂.

        Well @Giancarlo, here it is son:

        “LOL And here we go again. Okafor can play as a CF, and is a proven more effective one. You’re just like Maldini’s Heir. Totally wrong as always.

        Origi is simply a bad player.”

        There is is my boy LOLOLOLO. Okafor is a PROVEN CF??? Hahahahaha

        Like I said in my previous post: IF we thought Okafor could be that #9 then we wouldn’t be looking for a #9 would we?? Our market would be closed. But Okafor is not a true #9 and never has been his whole career. That’s fine. Yes he Can he play as a false 9 or in some games as a #9 but has never done so consistently. So as a regular starting #9 – he is not – and which is why Moncada, Pioli, Furlani and Ottavio are still looking for a deputy to a true #9 – Giroud. The experts, the leaders of our club think that, not just me lol. That is a FACT. Whether we actually spend the $$ to get one remains to be seen. But facts are facts.

        @Giancarlo unfortunately is just a poor little boy who when he doesn’t get his way throws a temper tantrum and cannot argue FACTS, so instead he argues with emotion and insults. What a gem! God bless you kid I’m sure you will go far in life!! 😂😂😂😂

        1. I said he can play as a CF. He did so at Salzburg and had a fair number of goals there.

          Now run along. I also simply I wanted Origi to exit. It’s not up to me to play tactics. I am not the manager.

          Now bring up the posts where I called for another CF.

          1. But you won’t bring up those posts where I’ve called for another CF to be signed because I also stated that Giroud is 37 and can’t possibly start every game.

            You know because it makes you look like a stupid fool for attacking me.

  5. @flyingturtle look at jonathan david same height and has in the last 3 seasons 20+goals every season him (orban ) he played 2 qualifying games with kaa gent and he scored 4 goals in 2 games and last yr had 20+ goals too he is hidden gem that milan need to snatch kinda like enzo fernandez moises caicedo alejo veliz sven botman folarin balogun lois openda were (for caicedo and enzo milan had a chance to get them before benfica and brighton )

    1. David doesn’t play for Milan.
      What part of pioli needs/wants a target man type striker you don’t understand?

      Just look at the strikes Milan singed since he’s the coach. Ibra, mandukic, giroud, pellegri, lazetic, lord origi.
      It’s pretty straightforward.

  6. “Last task…. “, So i guess a more decent dm wouldnt come to replace a mediocre krunic, a spot in our team that have the biggest weakness… I hope this will open your way out door pioli

  7. Pretty sure I said Okafor could play both wings and as a striker… oh I don’t know… like 50 times on here. You can look at my posts.

    So where is that little Juro now? Always taking dumps on our new signings. Nasty little person.

    Also, I have a life that goes beyond the internet. Maybe you should get a life?

    1. Juro is what we call a little keyboard warrior that hits and runs. I don’t expect a reply because that little punk is too much of a coward.

  8. Oh and I am also pretty sure I’ve called for a CF signing for quite some time now. Multiple times. Where is Juro now? Oh wait cat got his tongue. He can’t write anymore incoherent stupidity right now.

  9. I think the best would be a tall striker because Pioli likes to play with a target man
    I believe Taremi would be good enough for us.

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