Sky: Pioli plotting at least two changes to the line-up for Lecce-Milan

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan are back in action against Lecce on Saturday after their win against Paris Saint-Germain and there aren’t expected to be mass changes, but there will reportedly be at least a couple.

According to Sky (via MilanNews), head coach Stefano Pioli will largely keep the same line-up that started the Champions League match against PSG on Tuesday, given that the international break follows.

One definite change is on the right wing where Samuel Chukweueze will replace the injured Christian Pulisic, who is not expected to partake in the game but could still make the bench.

There is also expected to be an alteration in the midfield where Rade Krunic could play in place of one of either Tijjani Reijnders or Yunus Musah, who have each been playing a lot in recent weeks and could perhaps do with some rest.

Tomorrow’s training session on the eve of the game will likely offer some clearer indications about how the XI will look at the Stadio Via del Mare.

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      1. You’re busy here wishing injury on another human being! PAt this time last season Rade Krunic was arguably our best player and made a convincing push to start ahead of both Isma and Sandro. Players dip in form all the time, doesn’t mean we wish our own such bad luck!

        1. I know right

          The disgusting behaviour (wishing a player injured or a manager got fired) from the fans around here are normal for them. I even found someone who said the Curva Sud wasn’t wrong to stabbed PSG fans.

          Most of these motherfkers doesn’t have morale compass to the point i feel ashame to call myself a Milan fans.

  1. Yep, it has to be Krunic who gives rest to players 😂😂. Management should offload the Bosnia come January, enough of this rubbish.

  2. Musah has been in top form, but Reijnders seems to have lost a little in the last couple of games. I think it should be the latter to get a break. It would also be interesting to see Musah and Krunic as the two defensive midfielders in the 4-2-3-1 if Pioli is pivoting back to that as it would benefit Musah to continue to develop in the position.

      1. I’d like to see 4231 with Krunic and RLC in pivot and Adli a bit higher up against Lecce. RLC and Adli can also alternate in attack like Reijnders and RLC did against PSG.

        Musah and Reijnders need some rest.

        1. 4231 with Krunic and RLC in pivot and Adli a bit higher up in a hole as ‘false 10’ should work.
          Krunic and RLC provide physicality
          RLC can ‘burst’ forward while Adli can play pinpoint passes forward and also dropback to spread play from deep; providing 1v1 situations for chukwueze.

  3. Oh come on guys, Reijnders is exhausted and Musah been playing a lot as well. It’s only natural they need some rest. Krunic-Adli-RLC in 4231 for Lecce is good enough.

  4. Poor Adli. Do we really need to play defensively with Krunic against Lecce? More likely they are going to play defensively, and we could really use Adli’s passing ability to open things up. Pioli can’t get out of his own way. Does he not notice that the team plays much better when Krunic is not in there? The only way to stop this madness is for management to sell Krunic immediately.

  5. Adli/Krunic/RLC should start in midfield. Reijnders and Musah need a break. Okafor and Chuk on the wings… Hopes & Dreams as our 9. Or Broken hopes & Dreams if Jovic starts.

  6. Krunic is not needed at all in that midfield thanks to Musah and Adli so we need to sign a more powerful midfielder to add to our midfield like somebody like sarmadzic from Udinese that guy is solid he can give us a hand in the midfield like partner Loftus cheek and musah then get Guler as leao deputy so our 4-3-3 we have shape I know as Acmilan we can qualify but we need a powerful midfielder and a winger with a striker and a defender
    Calabria, Kjaer, chalobao, Hernandez
    Loftus cheek,musah, sarmadzic
    Chukwueze, Divid, leao

    1. chalobah and tomori should be partnered at the back and as long as pulisic keeps playing like he does i do not see chuk claiming that rw spot. Even if cchuk scores against lecce he will still not start the next match, which is fair, pulisic has been solid, scored some important goals, has broken multiple deadlocks. I want chuk to do good as well, but to ignore what pulisic has contributed and that he has earned that rw position just to leave him out of some fantasy lineup you have created is very strange. choosing chuk over puli right now as part of your best lineup with transfers makes me ask . Do you even watch the games?

  7. i hope chuk does well, but even if he scores he will not start next match. pulisic has that position on lock atm. To see some of yall have already forgot what pulisic has contributed already is shocking. So far he has been one of milans best players. im sorry if the postion he plays happens to be putting chuk on the bench.

  8. Pulisic also has a very good work rate. He didn’t have his best attacking game against PSG but he worked really hard for the team coming back to help on defense, especially in support of Calabria’s side against Mbappe. He’s a reliable player in this sense.

  9. Adli’s play is rather too slow to play further up and his defensive awareness is preventing him to be a permanent cdm.

    Chukwueze has not performed so far. He needs more time and perhaps a goal might help, but so far there is little end product from him.

  10. Some people wants Adli to keeps starting despite he is slow af and have worst defense than Krunic, where Adli already made two fatal blunder against Cagliari and Udinese. That’s why Pioli keeps using Krunic because between him and Adli, Krunic have better defense and more chemisty with other players.

    For now, Adli should play as a sub in the second half replace Musah / Reijnders / Krunic until he improved his defense skill.

    1. @Ernest—-there were no difference between 4-3-3 and 4-2-3-1 against PSG.Sometimes there wer 2 x Nr.6 with 8 in front of them,sometimes 1 x Nr.6,close with 2 x Nr 8’s.Both wings were very active in defence,so it was not a classic 4-3-3,nor 4-2-3-1.Practicaly,there were 3 players constantly close standing in midfield,making triangle towards forward(1 x 6 plus 2 x 8),or backwards(1 x 6 plus 2 x 8),so there was constantly changings of tactic(((Good midfield work rate(plus wingers) was the reason for a win against PSG)))All in all,in praxis there is no difference between 433 and 4231(slightly diff to 451,depends on wingers average postion)

  11. IS THIS A JOKE OR WHAT????????After grandious game against PSG,with 0% technik ,back pass king of nowhere,dead wood KRUNIĆ,Pioli is AGAIN thinking of ruining ACM play style …AGAIN????Is this real news,or is somebody making very very bad joke?Send that troll away finaly,make him go,sell him,gift him,just exclude him from momentaly,great ACM squad!!!!PIOLI…are you destroying ACM playing with purpose???????

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