Sky: Pioli not at risk but Milan directors approached dressing room with ‘gloomy faces’

By Isak Möller -

AC Milan lost the derby against Inter this evening after what was a disastrous first half, followed by a slightly better second half. In spite of the tactical failure, Stefano Pioli is currently not at risk, a report claims. 

Pioli spoke about his tactical solutions prior to the game and stated that they had been worked on during the full week at Milanello. However, as the derby kicked off, it became clear quickly that the tactical masterplan was more of a disasterplan.

After full-time, Paolo Maldini, Ricky Massara and CEO Giorgio Furlani walked down to Milan’s dressing room. According to Sky Italia’s Peppe Di Stefano (via Francesco Nasato), Pioli’s position is not at risk for now but the directors entered the dressing room with ‘gloomy faces’.

It remains to be seen what will happen in the next few days, but the management will probably stick with Pioli. In any case, the crisis is now deep and Milan need to find their way out somehow.

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  1. Well to be fair, Maldini missed Enzo Fernández and sticked with Renato Sanchez. Enzo would be excellent replacement for Kessie.
    Than De Keteleare might have become the blunder and there you go – you don’t have rotation anymore.

    Maldini accepted the job and only he knows under which circumstances. And Vranckx, Dest, De Keteleare are unusable with Thiaw who get less chance.

    Milan still have luck, only 2 points away from 4th position. But if they lose that luck and same results continues….

    1. Same Renato Sanches, who on Thursday was complaining that he doesn’t play enough. He starts on Saturday and 10 minutes into the game had to be subbed because of , surprise surprise, injury. Maldini should be fired just for trying to sign that injury prone player, but when you add that he turned down signing Enzo to chase Renato and got no one, the situation is even worse

      1. You need to risk with injuries. You can’t put all young player, because result would be worst.
        Maldini made bad decision not listening to Moncada.

        When Milan bring Vranckx nothing special happens. But if they choose Kvaratskheila who knows what would happen.

        It is risky job. You never know.

        But owner always must invest the money. Because each season is different. Some players will be injured, some will stop to play good, some will have poor form.

        That’s why you always must invest in fresh blode even if you have best team in the league. It is just rule of the numbers.

        Like now, many players are injured, some of them stop to play good and many of them are overhauled.
        Milan must bring new players, some of them from primavera, and coach must rotate them regularly and find many other solution not just one.
        And to realise: Milan can’t win any trophy without best possible squad with best rotation. But to go there you need to create all of them.

        1. If we had signed Kvaratskheila pioli would have made him the next messias making him run up and down the wing like a headless chicken.

        2. How can result be worts how we freaking lost 8 out of 10 matches since the world cup we are we not the worst team in the europe…

      2. M&M buy players not with their own money.
        transfer budget & salary cap is not from them.
        Maldini spend time with bunch of transfer guru & play with superstar players in his playing time, he know how to do & what players want,
        last season he already say that he want bigger budget. he never get opportunity to spend just like Lonardo at PSG / Galliani at Milan.

        1. Renato Sanches is tho most injury prone player in football.
          Maldini chose to chase him instead of signing Enzo, who was cheaper BTW, and who just got sold for 121 mil. While Maldini’s pick Renato is nursing his newest injury.
          How are people still defending this.
          Maldini received more money this summer than any other sporting director in the league. He wasted that money and Milan is much much much worse than last season.

          1. You keep insisting Maldini wanted to sign him? Source? Corriere dello Sport? Calciomercato? To me nothing is real until I see an official communication from the club. Secondly, we didn’t sign him, so what’s the point in discussing this player? Thirdly, for the same reasons of rumor and fact, what’s the point in discuss Fernandez? Were we REALLY that close to signing him? Also, what if he had bombed? Hindsight is 20/20. IF ONLY WE HAD SIGNED MESSI WHEN HE WAS 12 INSTEAD OF BARCELONA. It’s a stupid exercise.

          2. @20&8 The fact that you still think Maldini went after Renato means you gobble up what media tells you. Maldini literally gave an interview in which he was asked about Botman and Sanches. He literally said that they had pursued Botman but when Newcastle came with more money they weren’t able to compete and for Sanches they weren’t looking at him but other profiles. All the rest of what u got from media was pure speculation both then and now. And it’s so bad that they spun a narrative that ppl to this day still incorrectly point out.

          1. Yes , because clubs usually post provide official statements on players they have missed on in the transfer window.
            We had an intermediary for the Enzo transfer come out and say that Moncada, went to Argentina, talked to Enzo and got the YES from the player, but Maldini wanted Renato.
            Even if Enzo didn’t pan out at least we could say Maldini did something to replace Kessie, ht he didn’t, and Enzo has been awesome for both Benfica and Argentina.

  2. The only one to point this out is redbird for not open or expending the budget to buy players. The squad is not fit after this wc and again not giving tools to buy in the winter transfer

    1. agreed, they didn’t make funds to at least keep the squad together in the summer. even if we purchased replacements of equal talent and skillsets, it would be unrealistic to expect them to gel with the team because those players who left were together for years. Letting players walk over 5 million euros between their demands and our “financial parameters” is ridiculous. If they didn’t want to spend the amount it would cost to purchase their replacement they should have spent less to keep them. If they wanted to play it safe and not spend a lot on transfers they had to increase our salary budget. The costs to keep our players was not astronomical, far beyond our financial capabilities and it was far from unmanageable salary increases. Only Kessie wanted a bit more, Romagnoli was willing to take a cut. So the ownership failed massively.

    1. Don’t give this bull crap, yes ok maybe we are not a team to be in first place but sure ass hell should be easy top 4 even with this team we lost 8 out of 10 since the world cup we are the worst team in europe in 2023 come on this team is not that bad.. Yes owners and specially Maldini are ultimately to blame by ignoring obvious problems for 3 years now. But come on we should still be in top 4 no problem…

  3. If Maldini isn’t firing Pioli, after the most cowardly performance I have ever seen from Milan, then Scaroni needs to step in and fire Maldini and Pioli.
    Enough of this.
    I felt worse during and after today’s 1-0 loss than the Atalanta 5-0 thumping.
    It’s time for a clean slate.
    Fire everyone, or we will miss top 4

    1. Hey dude you can not fire everyone, but Pioli has done all he can with this side.

      I do agree that mistakes have been made by many Executives at this club and time will tell wot REBIRD’s balls are like at this level and if they have any

      They still don’t have Number 10 that can spear head the attack into CL, silverware is a millennium away for them

  4. Milan main problem is Pioli because loosing Kessie is not a justification of horrible play
    1. He played more defenders with immobile strikers who can’t go past anybody
    2. The midfield was full of uncreative players
    3. 2 points out 15 is enough to see that Pioli is not capable of turning things around

    4th place is now at risk because of two Roma teams and Atalanta whose rhythm is very fine compared to Milan

    Sorry to all Milan fans

  5. Some of you need to let the Enzo thing go. You really think Milan were going to to sign off on a 25% sell on clause to River.

    If we did and then signed Enzo then sold him you guys would complain about the sell on clause.

  6. I think redbird should invest more money to buy players. Today look at Brighton in England. They are getting good and cheap players all over the place. But also poli is to blame he has adili, de ketelaere who he can use as right wingers but he just stick to can some explain why messias played the position he played yesterday and adili was not deployed to play that position.also why not play pobega instead of krunic who basically failed to play anything.

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