Sky: Pioli has spoken with Reijnders about playing in a more defensive role

By Isak Möller -

Tijjani Reijnders could be used in a more defensive role than what we have seen so far. Stefano Pioli has talked with the midfielder about playing in the deep-lying role in his 4-3-3, according to a report. 

Reijnders has made three appearances for Milan so far and he has played in the same position every time: left centre-midfield. However, the Dutchman could also be used in a more defensive role by Pioli this season.

According to Peppe Di Stefano of Sky Italia, as cited by Francesco Nasato, Pioli has spoken with Reijnders about playing in the deep-lying role in the 4-3-3 formation. This is the role that Rade Krunic has been deployed in this pre-season.

Reijnders is not considered a classic ‘play’, as the position is called in Italy, but he could perhaps do a good job. Nevertheless, the Rossoneri will need a new defensive midfielder in case of Krunic’s departure (Fenerbahce are keen on his services).

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  1. Pioli is going to get fired within the first half of the season. He isn’t he master tactician he thinks he is. This is why CDK can’t live up to his potential, and this may also impede what Reijnders could become. If anyone has seen Reijnders play, he is fantastic pivoting forward. You can’t just recruit talents and make them do something you think sounds good.

    1. Pioli is going to stay and win and once he does you will 100% disappear from this comment section like the coward you are

        1. you can suck my D too since thats all you are good for

          Cant wait for cowards like you to disappear once the season starts, once you cant hate on Milan your life loses all meaning lmao

    2. True, we Need Reijnders More offensive… i dont know if these Reports are often true. Like Florenzi or Kalulu for the game against monza. Maybe Pioli know, that he wanted to play Kalulu. And the Fans are hating him, because some reporter write, that there is a decision to make where no decision ever has been…

    3. “You can’t just recruit talents and make them do something you think sounds good.”

      LOL. Million flies can’t be wrong, they say.

    4. I agree with the first two and a half sentence, but Reijnders actually played in this role a number of times at AZ. As a regista, he will be just fine, but his defensive skills are not very convincing, except that he covers a lot of space.

  2. That dumb coach Pioli must fired immediately. kick him out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!
    Noooo, we don’t need him, Krunich’s level doesn’t satisfy Milan’s requirements.
    Reijnders will be new star of Milan

  3. He could ‘perhaps’ do a good job… Yeah that’s how you ‘perhaps’ win titles

    I really hope this is complete fiction and it’s only a click bait article

  4. All 3 midfielders must play more defensive role.
    We can’t find ourselves in situation like in year 2023 when we lost so many games.
    Selling Krunic could be good job for 12 million, because he is almost 30 years old and he was bought for only 8 million. Time is now or never for him to be sold.

  5. In as much as I’m against Pioli using as a deep-lying….. I think he might succeed as PIRLO. Pirlo played the same, spreading insane passes from that position. I think he might do a good job there, but if allowed play freely, he might be regarded as a playmaker similar to my favourite, KAKÀ ❤️❤️ Let’s hope the gamble would make sense. But I will definitely blame PIOLI if he doesn’t play well, then I’ll believe he killed CDK’s game too❤️🖤

    1. Pirlo’s tackling skills were underrated. Plus he had a roaming destroyer around him at all times in Gattuso. That’s how he bought time to pass plus his ability to get out of press situations.
      We don’t have these things in our current setup though

  6. Some delusional fans act like Pioli is this master tactician and only the likes of a Rade Krunic can understand his intricate scheme haha maybe he should sell his boyfriend so we can get a proper DM like Dominguez

    1. Lol 😂
      I don’t think they(I guess me too) are saying ONLY Krunic can understand his system but he is currently the only one left that does understand it. Selling him now means a completely different midfield which is highly risky but to each us own 🙂

  7. What do you people expect from a coach who never has a track records of achievement or trophy all through his coaching career before coming to Milan! This man was never an elite coach or a genius coach! He is and will always remain an average coach even his grandma lambasted him for being such a failure prior to the scudetto upset which was actually won by Ibrahimovic led guys! I have been saying it and will keep saying it – the only thing Milan need to step up is to fire this Average coach who has florentina, Lazio and average team experiences mentality.

    1. Coaching an average team to scudetto party doesn’t seem something that an average coach would achieve. Otherwise there’d be 10-12 scudetto champions each year.

      1. Anyone can coach bro! The guyz gave the credit to Ibrahimovic and he attested and affirm it! Inspiration is more powerful than coaching! He may be a good coach with a good humane values and sense! But nothing for players to take as an inspiration from him! But seeing Ibrahimovic, his winning mentality spreading like wildfire in the team, his constant criticism when you make bad decision always considered by the guys, his ability to play through pain… brother pioli has nothing near to inspire anyone

        1. “Anyone can coach bro” . Wow this comment already show your knowledge. If anyone dont need FIFA license to coach maybe you can become ACM coach and you sit quietly in bench and say : lets depend on ibra effect,we dont need tactic ,analyze opponent ,forming training schedule .Lets just use ibra effect and auto pilot for scudetto . Where is ibra effect last season ? He is still on squad right ? De zerbi in sassoulo & brighton already win league ? Simone inzaghi in lazio & IM already win league ? Both of them in their career never winning league even just one time . Whats wrong asking your player doing infield, every profesional player need to adapt with coach tactic

      2. Point granted, but a year later after clubs figured out the “pass it to Leao” strategy we finished “5th”, failing to beat a number of relegation teams. Pioli can get a pass for being forced to be one-dimensional given available personnel, but if we’re not near first place come December I think the club will be asking serious questions.

        1. Sure. Pioli got no ideas how to turn the ship once it derailed.

          But let’s not forget that from scudetto to 5th was also due to:
          1) Origi replacing Zlatan
          2) No Kessie
          3) Napoli getting their final piece in the puzzle (Kvara)
          4) MM16’s & Bennacer’s injury issues

          Those two things had the biggest influence though. Look at the number of goals and assists Zlatan made per played minutes. Compare that to CDK, Origi & CDK combined. Those goals alone would have lifted Milan to 2nd place.

    1. I am not saying to fire Pioli, but if he keeps insisting on tactics that may impede to drive the potential of talents Milan brings in he WILL be fired.

      1. Look maybe this tactic will make it in the end.
        We really don’t have a deep-lying midfielder. I thought that’s why they want RLC, but pre-season matches showed that he’ll be more offensive that I thought.
        Maybe later on, Musah will take this role (especially if Tij won’t succeed)

  8. Okay can pioli make Brighton play and win convincingly as they do, can pioli even make Intermilan win that much as they do with inzaghi, Lazio must be happy for getting rid of him and smiling on us now, so will florentina and even Intermilan! There are several good and innovative coaches daring and not as timid as the one way traffic man! We are in for a long season lord have mercy.. give pioli the liecester city of Ranieri and you get yourself relegated!

  9. Man, when did this forum become so toxic on the comment section. Sometimes it’ feels like we support an entirely different club every time I go to this section.

    1. My thoughts exactly.
      A few months ago there were like 4-5 comments top with all proper messages, now it’s full of people calling one another “Idiot” and with less football content

    2. Bro I came back after two weeks vacay and was wondering wtf is going on. People bashing ppl for having an opinion moreso a reasoned one. Calling ppl cowards and fools and stupid. I hv no clue what happened. I disagreed with ppl all the time but it was never like this. It was an actual discussion 🤷‍♂️

      1. Exactly. I can tell you it’s getting worse each day. My guess is that all the hate come from just handful of individuals acting like many individuals, as you can freely enter any kind of new names here. Just to get their pov seems like resonated by many.

        Maybe it’s time to get more moderation on this section. Obligation to register is one way to start.

    3. This ! Thanks for pointing it out. I have been appalled by it lately. Why attack me when all the space is there for you to give your opinion. And then we can have a good discussion.

  10. Let’s be grateful for 10points deduction of Juventus, we will be talking about Europa league now and all these transfers wouldn’t have occur all thanks to Mr pioli incompetence! A team that won a scudetto almost ended up in 5th place! I’m sure he must have been fired as well

  11. He doesn’t need to play dm, we got that cover already, pioli son krunic can play anywhere in the midfield, or even attack

  12. My thoughts exactly.
    A few months ago there were like 4-5 comments top with all proper messages, now it’s full of people calling one another “Idiot” and with less football content

      1. Hahaha
        Well there is another reason why Pioli doesn’t want Krunic go – who we’ll blame in all the bad things in the World if he leaves?))))

  13. Well in a double pivot you sort of have to play some defense but it’s up to the coach’s instructions as to how much and his position on the field. If one of the pivot is strong enough defensively, then the other can roam forward with less risk, but we don’t currently have that. Deers is not going to give u crazy defensive work just enough to function in the role properly

  14. Pioli hates offense. Reijnders clearly has offensive talent and likes to get forward, so let’s make him a defensive midfielder. Makes sense. 🤦‍♂️. I think Pioli May run into a problem this season with the new players that he brought in by promising them one thing and then doing another.

  15. Looking at Reinjders playing style, he should remain offensive, looking at his playing style he has an eye for progressive passing and key through balls, something we lacked badly last season. If he wants a midfielder to be more defensive it should be Musah, he has the pace and strength to mark and win duels in midfield

    1. Agreed here. He has a really good eye for the pass long and short and is definitely more adept to the attacking game.

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