Sky: Pobega to start in Milan-Newcastle as Pioli plans three changes

By Isak Möller -

Tommaso Pobega is expected to play from start in AC Milan’s Champions League opener against Newcastle tomorrow evening. It will be the midfielder’s first start of the season, with a total of three XI changes planned.

Milan need to bounce back following the derby defeat against Inter and Stefano Pioli is expected to make three changes to the starting XI. According to Sky Italia, Pobega will be one of the changes, set to replace Tijjani Reijnders.

Fikayo Tomori is back from his suspension and will also play from the first minute, replacing Simon Kjaer who played the entire derby at the weekend. Furthermore, Samuel Chukwueze is set to replace Christian Pulisic on the right flank.

Probable Milan XI (4-3-3): Maignan; Calabria, Tomori, Thiaw, Theo; Loftus-Cheek, Krunic, Pobega; Chukwueze, Giroud, Leao.

The game is scheduled for 18:45 CEST and it should be a great atmosphere underneath the floodlights at San Siro. As said, Pioli’s men really need to bounce back from the disaster against Inter with a win against the English side.

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  1. Finally chuku from start. Pulisic dont perform well against great teams.

    Chuku performance agains Real Madrid omg. Hope he can repeat that tomorrow.

    1. Yeah, that Real Madrid team is just one really low quality cheesy team that somehow managed to sneak into the 2021 Champions League semifinal series against Chelsea where Pulisic scored a goal and got an assist.

      Let’s hope that when Chuk inevitably gets stripped of the ball for the 20th time that he at a minimum continues to chase after the guy who mugged him, instead of just quitting and letting him drive into the goal for a score.

      1. 1st of all it was a clear foul !!! 2nd of all Chuk was eyed by Real Madrid and Barcelona for 2 years because he is a TALENED player. unlike the american dude who never played in chelsea, never was desired by anybody !!!! the american dude can’t even dribble one player by himself. Chuk can dribble mulible players by himself. we call that TALENT. somethig u clearly never had. be quite!

        1. Man you sound really stupid. Pulisic has been one of our best players this season, while Chuku has shown absolutely nothing every time he has been played. But I guess Chuku is better in whatever video game you are playing…

          1. u say that, little k, because u clearly sound like another dumbass, zero-talent, Melanin-less, paled little bum. u a fan, dude! u never played this sport on any level, never had talent of any kind to recognize talent lol let’s be real, sitting in your grandma basement with your little keyboard typing on it is what u are here for lol thats what u are here for in this life) Another dumbass little runt employee!

  2. Stupid coach makes stupid changes! WOW! Tijjani Reijnders replaced by Pobega! We need a new coach ASAP. Pioli is under pressure and he loses his mind when that happens – he is not cut out for big club like Milan.

    1. You said t8ght. Stupid coach.
      What reason behind putting 2 players to start an opening crucial game in CL. That only shows us how a joker pioli is.

  3. Pobega and Krunic vs Tonali and Guimares. Oh no! Don’t know what, is Pioli smoking? Does he think, Pobega and Krunic, will turn into prime Iniesta and Busquets against Newcastle?

      1. Who was a standout performer against Inter? What’s about changing entire starting eleven, And field a new starting eleven? That sounds good.

  4. Reijnders is our best midfielder, he cannot be replaced. Krunic on the other hand can be.

    And to start Thiaw ever again is idiotic. Pellegrino should be starting, regardless whether Pioli thinks he is ready or not.

    1. After one week you will come and say, Pellegrino shouldn’t start again, instead he should train with Primavera or he should be sold. Fans said the same about Romagnoli, next it was Tomori and Kalulu turn to get scapegoat, now Thiaw, tomorrow Pellegrino, next save it for the x defender we will sign in future!

      1. Buddy. Results speak for itself. No body in right mind doing changes every game. Milan has no depth, nor enough quality players to keep shuffling them around.
        Cardinali is going to pay for keeping Pioli. Mark my words

        1. Dude Milan has depth. Jovic, Okafor, Chuk, Musah are an upgrade over Origi, Rebic, Messias and CDK. It is upto coach, how to utilise them!

      2. If he performs like Thiaw I definitely I will say that. However, we won’t be able to rate his play unless we see it first.

        Don’t forget that Thiaw is still a nobody that came from Bundesliga 2. He is as proven as Pellegrino in my eyes.

        1. Thiaw had Bundesliga experience, prior to joining Milan. We signed him, the year they were relegated, get your facts right. “Performs like Thiaw” The guy have had one bad evening and people are already writing him off.. Why specifically point Thiaw? The team were shambolic perhaps we should change entire starting eleven?

    2. If One game is enough for you to make that assestment about Thiaw I do wonder why the rest of our defence should start with that logic. Do you remember Calabria and Tomoris horrible performances in the past??

      1. I never rated Calabria in the first place. He is surplus requirements from my perspective. Fiorentina level player at best.

        Tomori is reckless at times, however he is our best defender. He should always start.

    3. U can judge thiaw because of one bad game…besides u can’t compare thiaw with pellegrino. The fault is basically Pioli’s. The tactics exposed the back line the thiaw needs to over work to cover many gaps. See him cover for Theo on the first goal and cover for sluggish kjaer on the second. He tried just that he not focused and tends to over worked.

      1. Agreed, it is just tactical disaster. Inverted full back against fast counter team will exposed the flanks. Thiaw and Kjaer is classic type defender, both could not cover the ground especially flank due to lack of pace. If either Kjaer or Thiaw drifted to the flank, that leaves Krunic in the center and that even worse because Krunic is not ball winning midfielder. It is just tactical failure to me.

        1. Totally agreed but people failed to see this…they are concerned about thiaw flaws. Don’t know what Pioli might be thinking about the tactics against inter the uses flanks

          1. Midfield exposed them. If they actually ran like Inter they wouldn’t lose that much. I would stop playing football if I was outran by a 34 year old Mikhitaryan as a 25 year old or a 27 year old. Embarrassing.

    4. Best in what? He is horrible defending, he can maybe be an AMC. That is it. I said it 3 months ago and you will see it whenever there are top mids across. He is putting Pobega there so we don’t have holes in the defence like we did a few days ago.

  5. I read the header and thought. Ohh my god, it’s finally happening Krunic out of the starting eleven, maybe the 5-1 was a blessing in disguise. Man, the love Pioli (and for that matter some people here) has for Krunic is just impossible to understand and it’s gonna cost us dearly, just wait and see.

    1. It’s mind-blowing what is going through this salam Pioli’s head. So, we’ll have Pobega and Krunic as our midfielders in Champions League. How can anyone defend this nonsense?

  6. This cannot be a serious article. There is no way Pobega can be played over Reijnders. Even if Reijnders needs a rest for some reason, Musah is a better option than Pobega. That’s really what we need against a Premier League side, less speed and athleticism?? I refuse to believe Pioli is this dumb.

  7. I think starting chuks is a good idea…. we need him to hit form to also Okafor but that doesn’t make pulisic bad like… I think he was tired from the international break but nevertheless he could still come on as a sub and do damage.. please Mr pioli pobega is very slow, English teams play a very fast football don’t say you were not warned… just tell the attackers and midfielders to press more when we loss the ball…. watch the mancity press when they loss the ball, it’s always quick and immediate that’s because they know that they play with a high line defence and wouldn’t want you to create a proper counter attack and catch them short at the back. Milan players need to have that sense of urgency immediately they loss possession … inter destroyed us on the counter. I still believe if our boys get this possession active game right ,we would destroy teams . We all need to be patient with this project… it took Guardiola a while to implement this…. when this structure of play is rooted in the team, new players would easily adapt with time. But right now, you have the whole team trying something new , therefore you would expect from offs sometimes…. forza Milan forever

  8. Lol we called for change and got Slowbega 😂😂😂. Why not Musah? Or Okafor, u know…the guy that destroyed your defence din the UCL 🤷‍♂️
    Great time to rotate again Newcastle side that hasn’t been great recently

  9. I like Pobega but starting him in the Champions League over Reijnders seems like a knee-jerk reaction. The sort of thing a panicky coach does. Not good….

  10. POBEGA !!!!!!! WHY !!!!!!! what da hell is wrong with that coach !!!!! another allegri is coaching us !!!!!!! Pobega and Krunic TOGETHER ? that coach gotta go !!!!!

  11. Pioli stop fulling it wrong change is pattern of 4-3-3 were too humiliated by inter which is wrong doesn’t supposed for we to win inter our team must be offensive like using leao,musah or Pulisic and chukwueze on the wing. which must be a 4-2-3-1 be fast Pioli so you won’t regret lossing your job

  12. I don’t understand the Pobega move. He’s more defensive and not very contributing up front. Is Pioli wanting to play more cautiously against NUFC?

  13. It’s always funny to see angry comments from these video games managers as if they have REAL experiences of handling a football team 🤣🤣🤣

  14. How i wish pioli would play 4-2-1-3, back 4 Theo, Tom, Thiaw, Kalulu; Pobega/TR, RLC; Pulisic plays as a CAM; Leao, Okafor/Jovic, Chuku

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