Sky: Porto stall on Milan’s Taremi offer due to payment methods and bonuses

By Euan Burns -

A hitch has arisen in AC Milan’s attempts to sign Mehdi Taremi from Porto which centres on payment methods and bonuses, a report claims.

According to Sky Italia (via Milan News), the new offer from Milan which was expected to be decisive has proved not to be, and the deal is now in jeopardy.

There has been a change in attitude from Porto and a stalemate has begun. The stalling is due to the way in which Milan will pay the €15m, presumably the timeframe, and the bonuses that make up part of the transfer fee.

The report does state that the issues can be resolved in the next few hours given how advanced the negotiations are between the two clubs.

This is bad news for Milan, Taremi, and Monza. They are waiting for Milan to sign Taremi so that they can secure a deal for Lorenzo Colombo to join them.

Any delay also creates bureaucratic issues for Milan given Taremi is a non-EU player and there is more paperwork to complete before the transfer deadline on Friday at 20:00 CEST.

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  1. It’s really sad that while other teams can easily pay over 100 million, Italian teams can’t afford even this amounts. This highlights a tough time for soccer in Italy.

    1. Have you been under a rock this summer? Have you seen how much Milan has shelled out so far?

      Its a matter of valuation. Stop it with the nonsense.

    2. Milan have spent plenty this summer. I agree that the dominance of English teams financially is terrible to football, as is the emergence of four Saudi clubs breaking market values and bailing out bad transfers from the last few years, but there are plenty of leagues with famous teams that have it worse that Italy.

      1. Look at the orignal German giants like Hamburg, Numberg and Schalke. Even those well managed Bundesliga clubs have fallen so much that they play in the second division now but still their stadiums are never empty. At least we are still in position to play European Football.

    3. If you really think, does any of the recent 100m players really worth that amount?

      Declan Rice? NO. Caicedo? NO. Enzo? NO.
      The only one that worth that amount, maybe is Bellingham.

      But should we buy players like that? I don’t think so… I have far more happiness seeing our team than like, Chelsea, who was spending close to £1B to buy players just because they can.

      1. Not just recently, none of the 100+ mil players ever were worth it on the field. Including Mbappe and Neymar.
        Commercially yes they were worth it , but results wise, nope.
        They even lost the title to a money ball Lille with 400 mil spent on those 2 combined.
        They could have won the French league without them, and won nothing in Europe

      2. Very good thinking .
        Majority of players are overpaid due to massive income in Premier league and this sh*thole situation in Saudi Arabia.

      3. We’ve spent something similar over the past 20 years just work far less success.

        We could have saved a load of cash if we hadn’t kept chopping and changing so much but hey who doesn’t love a good a transfer market?

      1. Because we sold a player (Tonali) to fund the transfer budget. I think what he meant was 100M in addition to keeping everyone.

  2. Those Players would not come even we have the Money, for 15 mio you can buy talented Teenager Karim konate f.e. And yes, guys like openda are not affordable what is a big Problem

  3. I can’t see this as a big loss even if we don’t get him.
    I am not that impressed..the Italian league is very tough in which to score goals ,but hey I have got some good news we have a proven goal scorer ..
    Yes his name is the technical wizard none other than the great Olivier Giroud..This season this man is going to rack up a load of goals .
    Just one other thing ..We can win the scuddeto this season .
    Yes we know he is 37 years of age ,but he still has got what it takes ..Yes we need a back up for him this season ,just as we do with all other positions.
    We have already got the squad for any rotations that will be needed as the season is long .
    So it’s AC MILAN FOR ME

    1. This article came second, so it has the most recent news.
      Look at the timestamps after the byline at the tops of the articles.

    2. Two for the price of one!

      It’s almost as if the media can just produce endless articles on football transfers without fear of being sued for defamation if they completely make stuff up!

  4. Dudes complaining about Milan’s careful spending are probably broke… Give any of them a 100-million winning lottery ticket and they would go broke after 2 years…

    1. Careful spending?

      Replacing 50% of the squad is “careful”???

      Newcastle signed 4 players and they’ve only just qualified for the champions league. We sacked most of our back room staff, signed 10 and replaced 50% of a squad that had qualified for back to back champions leagues, won a Scudetto and just made the semi-finals of the champions league.

      And you call that “careful”?

    1. Oh god I’ve just remembered Romero!

      How the hell is he supposed to get a game now with all of these transfers???

      Honestly I’d happily take some of the money they’re randomly handing out. Or give it to charity. We don’t need 3 players for every position!!

      1. Romero is just 18, he still got a lot of years behind him. Some 1000 minutes along the year is plenty for him.

        And that won’t take long either, imagine one or two of Chukwu/Leao/Pulisic injured, then Okafor and Romero will be playing as the substitution, and starter here and there.

        Also he will play in the Coppa and against bottom five team.


    According to @FabrizioRomano “states that what’s stalling the Taremi to Milan deal from being completed is a problem between Milan and the player’s side, not Milan and Porto.”

    He posted a video on his Twitter….says it’s Taremi NOT Porto. Porto accepted the 15M.

    Taremi asking (or his agents) for more $$ last min??


    1. Yup it’s weird. Because almost all the sources stated he already had an agreement for the contract. Looks like Samardzic 2.0. Hopefully we can sort this out.

    2. Probably that clause 15% that taremi owned. Porto accept that 15m euro for 85% taremi rights but ACM refuse to pay that 15% to taremi ( about 2-3m euro) . Well tomorrow transfer market close , low chance taremi will come unless ACM pay that 15% to taremi

      1. The clause shouldn’t be a problem, if the fee is 15m then 85%, 12.75m goes to Porto and the rest to Taremi.

        I imagine the problem is agent fee.

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