Sky: Probable XIs for Juventus vs. Milan – Thiaw and Messias tipped to start

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan will face off against Juventus at the Allianz Stadium knowing that they need just one more win in order to seal a top four spot, with Stefano Pioli reflecting on some selection decisions.

According to what is being reported by Sky, Mike Maignan will be in goal for the Rossoneri with Davide Calabria, Malick Thiaw, Fikayo Tomori and Theo Hernandez making up the back four.

Rade Krunic and Sandro Tonali should be the midfield pairing, with Brahim Diaz ahead of them as the playmaker. Junior Messias is expected to get the nod over Alexis Saelemaekers, with Rafael Leao on the opposite flank and Olivier Giroud up front.

Probable Milan XI (4-2-3-1): Maignan; Calabria, Thiaw, Tomori, Theo Hernandez, Tonali, Krunic; Messias, Brahim Diaz, Leao; Giroud.

Juventus boss Max Allegri meanwhile should field Szczesny in goal with Gatti, Danilo and Bremer as the three-man defence. The midfield trio is down as Miretti, Locatelli and Rabiot, with Cuadrado and Kostic the wing-backs and Di Maria behind Milik.

Probable Juventus XI (3-5-2): Szczesny; Gatti, Bremer, Danilo; Cuadrado, Miretti, Locatelli, Rabiot, Kostic; Di Maria, Milik.

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  1. Well seems like Pioli does not like some players to start playing well Salemakers was starting to play well again after he got back from injury but now Pioli just plays messias wich has been super bad over the last 5/6 games!But if someone says that pioli just has one game formation or that he has some pets in the team that he plays no matter how bad they are playing!

    1. Yeah it’s crazy. And then people will say should stay and all he needs is better players. What’s he going to do with better players if he can’t even choose the better of two right wingers?

    2. Every coach, human being and species has favourites.

      I’ve both benefited and suffered from it in football and my career. It’s often one of the biggest determining factors in a person’s success or failure which is why arbitrarily rating players as “hot” or “not” isn’t particularly insightful.

      However according to some stats below Messias actually has more goals and assists. He’s also more attacking. And we don’t know what he does in training.

      The ratings recently have also been harsh. If his name was Tonali he’d have been given MofM!

  2. Can any noble and enlightened soul explain to me why Pioli keeps playing Messias despite his performances having been lackluster at best?

  3. Messias is one of pioli pets so hes gonna start over Salemakers wich has been way better then messias but pioli has always gonna play is pets!

  4. I hope maldini and massara get rid of this messias guy thats the only way to give our eyes a rest from his horrendous play bcoz pioli will keep playing him for reasons beyond human comprehention !

  5. But saelermakers is too Good infact I like saelermakers than messias but let’s see what messias will offer tomorrow but I need Pioli to make use of Kjaer and kalulu in the back at least kalulu sometimes should start ahead of Calabria Kjaer and thiaw Ahead of tomori

    1. Tomori’ pace is very needed. Reasons why he can’t be benched when he is fit.

      Kalulu has been a shadow of himself and has cost us points in the recent matches he has featured in.

      The only problem I have with Calabria is, he is not offensive as he used to.

  6. I don’t know for you guys, but both Messias and Saelemaekers are not what we want, both of them have been poor this season but Messias Serie A stats is better than that of Saelemaekers and that’s the fact.

    2 goals 2 assists.

    5 goals 2 assists.

    Both have been poor this season.

    1. even though i like saelemaekers ithe most and would choose him to start i can agree with you as they basically played the same amount of minutes in serie a, and as you mentioned messias has contributed with three more goals/assists than saelemaekers.
      Its a more of an attacking approach to the match if Pioli actually chooses him which isnt bad either as we mightg be able to twart their hopes early on as this could be the perfect time to hit them early on while they are a vulnerable as they are on the brink of getting eliminated from cl qualification , whether thats a smart move only time wil tell but it can easily make sense to me if that is the intended approach.

    1. You don’t know what you are saying, you comment has no meaning because Tomori still remains our best CB this season and that’s the fact.

      Some comments here looks like hate on black players honestly 😒

  7. For all the hype and accolades, Pioli is a limited coach, without courage, bravery, innovation and vision, Messias keeps playing rubbish, is limited, and most of the time any movement on that side is dead the moment it reaches Messias, he only wants to cut in and shoot, Alexis on the other had brings vision, creativity and movement, Pioli lacks ambition, most of the players he has discarded when he arrived and recently are good players, even the management should be blamed, the lack of strong defensive midfielders cost us going further in the UCL, and creative options going forward, why is Dest not playing, why is Bakayoko not playing, the management need to be tough and insist on him giving all the fringe players a chance, Adil played better than anyone against Spezia, instead he is no where to be found, the way Pioli treats players always affects them psychologically, why do u think Kalulu lost concentration and form, the coach brought back Kjaer who is clearly a liability to the team, and we should have stuck with the back 3, it gave us defensive solidity, all he had to do was go back and work on the attack.
    Look at last week, Milan was winning , couldn’t he have brought on Gabbia instead of Kjaer, and given Adil a chance to play, we need a coach who will come and shake the system, Pioli cannot take this team to the next level, we need a someone that will be courageous enough to use the young players, even most of the players on loan should be brought back and tried, but with a different coach

    1. After all you stated, and yet you clamored for Bakayoko. Bakayoko of all players 😂😂😂.

      Even if Milan is winning 5-0 at 60 mins and Bakayoko is subbed in, I will be scared the other team not equalizing or even winning the match

    2. seriously you want him to use dest more ? he has propably been the worst player all season. Bakayoko really ? if he had played 15 x 45 minutes this season inserie a in what roughly equates to 7.5 serie a matches ac milan would have to buy him from chelsea for around 20 mil euros, would you like us having our hands tied further up than they are already in the next transfer mercato ?
      Kalulu has had a bad season and thats more down to himself than pioli as the frenchman has been making costly mistakes in 2023. Kjær a liability, ? seriously he is propably our best defender considering the deffensive attributes even if he also has made some msitakes milan has actually won the majority of the matches he has been fielded.

  8. If u guess can remember, when Bakayoko came to Milan, once he had settled, our midfield was amazing, defensively we had no issues, and his contribution propelled us to almost qualifying for the UCL, but Gattuso made some mistakes in the run in, with Dest he brings out imagination and movement, remember he is a Barcelona player, even if he has lost form he is till better than Messias, if Pioli had vision he should have tried him on the right wing, with time he would have been better, but as always he has been discarded, look at Lucas Paqueta…

    1. so you think just because he is a barca player he is great ? they doesnt even want him themselves so even if that argument had some substance wouldnt they want to keep him then ? in fact they want him out of the door as fast as possible and its not like i consider barca a greater club than ac milan by any means to begin with.
      The only reason why dest was brought in on loan was because florenzi was long term injured and didnt come back until february/march. The management propably also hoped that he could slot in on the left back to give theo some rest when needed but unfortunately it hasnt worked out well in that regard.
      Better than messias well he is a right back and the other is a right wing and attacking midfielder. Dest on the other hand has played 10 games in his career as a right wing so no i dont necessarily think it would be that wise playing him there instead of messias or saelemaekers,

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