Sky: RedBird will sign Milan takeover agreement next week – Elliott to keep 30%

By Isak Möller -

RedBird Capital are on the verge of taking over AC Milan, having offered €1.3bn to buy the club from Elliott Management. In fact, the owner Gerry Cardinale will be in Milan next week to complete the matter. 

After Investcorp’s period of exclusivity with Elliott Management came to an end, RedBird Capital swooped in and are now close to buying the club. As per Sky Italia, the deal is worth €1.3bn and it’s for 70% of the club.

Cardinale will be in Milan next week to sign the preliminary agreements and the total completion of the deal will be in one month’s time. Elliott Management will keep a 30% share in the club and they will thus still have influence.

It remains to be seen what kind of budget Paolo Maldini and Ricky Massara will have for the upcoming transfer window. After this season’s success, it’s only natural that the Rossoneri want to improve the team further.

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  1. Elliott keeping a decent stake is good news IMO, means they’re very incentivised to make sure they give it to a trustworthy owner.

    1. No, it means they expect the club to be valued even more so they can sell that 30% for much more than they could now. It is an investment fund, they do not care about what you all keep repeating. They didn’t know rules of football 5 years ago.

      1. Most important thing is that they understand the role of growing the sporting side of Milan as a brand aside the financial aspect of it.

        Lang and
        De Katelaere

        and they can keep 💯 percentage if they want, I don’t care

        1. Deluded milan fan, these type of transfer will not happen for anytime soon. Not even juve can afford these transfer. Get off fifa and pes because it is making you lose perception of life.

      2. Exactly @crorossonero. This only means they sold to highest bidder for greatest profit – which is their right. But don’t kid yourself @R and believe Elliot care about winning lol. They cared about making us an attractive “investment” to SELL – and they accomplished that. Building a club that consistently competes for titles is another matter as Maldini outlined himself in his interview a few days ago. Will we be a team that builds on this success and invests/spends money to compete with the Liverpools, RM, etc… of the world or do we become a club that challenges for top 6 spots in Italy only. Maldini sees this. We as fans should as well and trust in his judgement and assessment of the club.

        1. So an investment fund has feelings for you or some other fan but money means nothing to them? I don’t have anything to add. 😀

  2. Can’t they just get this done and be over with? We’ve got contract renewals with management and key players waiting in limbo because this deal isn’t closed yet. Even Maldini, who I’ve always known as a very humble and composed gentleman has been left irritated by the lack of dialogue from the owners and CEO and understandably so. I get the owners reluctance to discuss contractual issues because of the pending sale but the individuals with whom the contract renewals revolve around are some of the most critical and influential components of our recent success. Not only that but the market also isn’t going to wait for us either. The team needs at least three established, quality players and four young talents with massive potential to continue to improve the overall quality of the team.

    1. Have you ever spent 1.3 bn? Maybe it’s logic that these matters take some time. Everybody is always complaining but fails to see that Elliott took the team from nearly bankrupcy to being stable and almost healthy again. On top of that they brought us sportive success so I would grant them the time to make the next step. Maybe they only care about their investment, but the club won’t be worth a lot if it’s not competitive. So they benefit from sportive success as well. Our best guarantee.

      1. No, I’ve never spent 1.3 bn but how is that relevant? I also know it’s logical for these matters to take time because of due diligence or whatever and besides,I doubt that they’re some dumb schmucks pretending to be business men, so I expected them to weigh everything out carefully.

        I’m also not knocking Elliott for the way how they ran their ‘own’ business (emphasis on own). In my humble opinion, I think they did what was right for the club, to allow it to be seen as viable to potential buyers and investors and I commend them because they did a good job. However, do you know who did a better job? Well think Maldini, Massara, Moncada, Pioli and the boys who gave their all on the pitch. They are the ones vital to the continued success of the team if that’s what we’re aiming for. The contract renewals and extensions of these key components is no small matter and should be addressed promptly. I’m an optimistic person but the possibility of Maldini no longer being director next season is real until we get those contracts prioritize. That’s the only point I was trying to make.

      2. “Maybe they only care about their investment, but the club won’t be worth a lot if it’s not competitive. So they benefit from sportive success as well. Our best guarantee.”

        That’s exactly the point… I’ll repeat: It’s of the utmost interest for both RedBird and Elliott to invest in strengthening the team, in making it competitive in CL, as this generates income… and A LOT.

        1. No it isn’t. Manchester United is bringing big profit to Glazer family, they didn’t win anything for a long time. AND THEY DON’T HAVE TO, OWNERS WILL MAKE MONEY.

      3. That is why they buy clubs that have big history, because they are looking to make money out of it. Why didn’t they buy Monza for example and invest, bring the sporting results and then make money? Because Milan will generate money even without wining anything, just being in the CL. All of you talk like you fell to Earth from space yesterday and you don’t know how it works. Elliot received the team because someone did not pay for their loan, they didn’t “take” it. Really important. They didn’t want to lose money, but make some so they obviously took care of it and didn’t let it go bankrupt, if it did it would be their loss.

        Our best guarantee would be if the club was a non-profit, why do you think Real Madrid has become the most succesful? They have a president that loves the club and the fans own it, not some American idiot that wants to make money from it, nothing else.

        If you think they are here to win things you are just delusional.

  3. From what I can see here and also in the comments sections of other similar sites, many people seem not to pay attention to a very obvious and simple truth: winning titles also generates money – and A LOT. Therefore, it is obviously of extreme interest for both RedBird and Elliott to invest in strengthening the team, in making it competitive in CL, as this generates income… and A LOT.

    Anyway… welcome, RedBird, here’s great news, hope it’s really true.

    1. There is no money in winning Serie A. Just look how little it did to for Inter on the bottom line…
      Champions League is where the money and sponsors lie, so I hope that is where RedBird intent to make Milan competitive

    2. No it doesn’t. You don’t get much more money for 1st place compared to 4th in Serie A. If you don’t compete with PSG, Man City, Real Madrid etc. in the CL and reach later stages you won’t get even 40% of the money they receive from it. So without investment it is impossible, and Maldini saying that sould be the best explanation for that as he knows much better than me or you.

  4. All doom & gloom, babbling & whinning. We will maintain our stars and also reinforce the side, and besides that we have our own Klopp in Stefano Pioli. Maldini and Massara will also stay and Milan will return to the place where it always belonged.

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