Sky: Signing date, salary and requests – the latest on Fonseca’s imminent Milan move

By Oliver Fisher -

Sky journalist Manuele Baiocchini has revealed when Paulo Fonseca should be officially named as the head coach of AC Milan and named the two priorities he has this summer.

It is no longer a secret that Fonseca is the man who should soon arrive to become the next head coach of Milan and the heir to Stefano Pioli, as we are only waiting for the official communication to arrive it seems.

Baiocchini spoke on Sky this afternoon and revealed the time frame in which the white smoke is expected as well as when the club should announce that the Portuguese coach will be taking charge from 2024-25 onwards.

“Fonseca’s official announcement should be at the beginning of next week between 3 and 4 June. We are waiting for everything to be put in black and white also at the level of communication to the press and fans,” he said.

“Fonseca will become head coach for the next three years, because it will be a three-year or two-year contract with an option for a third.

Baiocchini also spoke about Milan’s two priorities on the market in view of next season, something that the incoming manager will obviously have a say in given how important they will be to the way his team players.

“With regards to strategies there are two mercato priorities, that is, a starting striker. For Milan they are different, it is the most difficult choice of Milan’s summer, the most delicate one together with the choice of the coach.

“The contacts have been with the entourages of great attackers from Zirkzee, to Sesko, to David, to Gimenez, we will see which of these Milan will accelerate and push on.”

The journalist also stated that Fonseca’s first request to the club has been to change the type of right-back available, because in his tactical approach both full-backs must be capable going forward.

“The other priority is a right-back. Fonseca wants a player with different characteristics than the one who has been Milan’s right-back in recent years, namely captain Calabria.”

Finally, he reiterated the tactical and human reasons that led the club’s management to go for Fonseca over some of the more glamorous names available like Antonio Conte and Roberto De Zerbi.

“Milan chose Fonseca because he uses a module very system to the one used by Pioli: a 4-2-3-1 is his basic formation with changes along the way, from the classic 4-3-3 to other formations.

“Milan didn’t have to make a big revolution in terms of working methodology, because in any case Fonseca is a great worker during the week and is also humanly a figure close to Pioli in terms of tact and synergy with his group.”

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  1. Every Milan social media account is being bombarded by comments against hiring Fonseca which is already a bad start for him.

    The management is the one that failed the fans expectations, you can’t blame Fonseca for accepting such an opportunity, he agreed on a salary that is close to what Juric made with Torino last year to make this happen.

    I was expecting Zlatan to talk to his friend Xavi and a new rumors mill to start, but I guess Fonseca’s is indeed a done deal and Zlatan’s job is to post on social media only 🤡

  2. Every Milan social media account is being bombarded by comments against hiring Fonseca which is already a bad start for him.

    The management is the one that failed the fans expectations, you can’t blame Fonseca for accepting such an opportunity, he agreed on a salary that is close to what Juric made with Torino last year to make this happen.

    I was expecting Zlatan to talk to his friend Xavi and a new rumors mill to start, but I guess Fonseca’s is indeed a done deal and Zlatan’s job is to post on social media only 🤡

    1. Zlatan is too busy taking pictures with koalas at the moment.

      My friend from Napoli compared the signing of Paulo Fonseca to their hiring of Rudi Garcia last year…

      1. Wkwkwkwk . Many fan page ACM in my country also share video ibra play with koala. That fan page also make title from lion become coverboy kpop when working under redbird

    2. Pioli was also bombarded by protests when he joined and we won a scudetto soon after… These guys are professionals – they’re not quaking in their boots with fear over fans ranting online.. they just get on with the job.

      1. It is a huge difference between hiring a manager after less than two months into the season which was the case of Pioli and now. Also, don’t forget where Milan was before Pioli and where Milan is now just to update your comparison with the current fans expectations.

        Fonseca should be used to pressure, he has been a loser for a long time, I hope the fans insults at San Siro can motivate him to at least finish in top 4.

        1. Okay – not sure what the difference is here. I’m just saying both coaches were/are getting insulted by fans and both coaches knew/know how to ignore it and get on with the job.

          1. Well thats not happen when inter sign conte, or city when they sign pep. I know their profesional but winning fans trust of the fan is important too. Why? Coz they are club streaming income came.

    3. This management is so lazy and incompetent.
      You look at Bayern and Chelsea who have all the resources and yet went with options that typically Milan used to go after, a young exciting and promising manager.
      These clowns hired a 51 years old that has a nice history of being humiliated by managers like Pioli, Inzaghi and even Juric when he was Virona’s manager then they decided to give him 100 million spend.

      1. This comment is proof that whatever RedBird does they will be hated. Fonseca has so much more experience and success than Kompany and Maresca but they are called “young exciting and promising” and considered to be better signings. On the other hand a different complaint is Fonseca hasn’t won enough compared to Tuchel or Conte. Basically damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

        1. Exactly. I wonder how they’d feel if management had gone for some non entity who’d won jack sh*t like De Zerbi Kompany or Gilardino?

          1. Sorry mate, but Fonseca won a “jack sh*t” as well while being a coach for almost 20 years. Winning Ukrainian League with Shakhtar (low-level equivalent of PSG in France) is not realy an impressive achievement…

      2. This management is still new to the industry. Cant blame them if they have rocky start. Its about time until they got use to this, but until then, the fans must have patient.

        Anyway, i think juric is nice coach too. I see his track record and his last 2 team doing pretty well in serie a.

    4. And there’s a probability that xavi will want to come since he once mentioned that milan is his second favorite club after Barcelona

  3. “The other priority is a right-back. Fonseca wants a player with different characteristics than the one who has been Milan’s right-back in recent years, namely captain Calabria.”

    Appointing Fonseca when majority of fans are against him. Strike one. There’s a big chance one of our stars or two will be sold. Strike two. Removing captain as his first move. Strike three.

    Fonseca and the RedBirds are in for a ruff ride should all this happen.

    1. Jumping to conclusions too fast.

      And if he strips captaincy from Calabria he will have my vote. Calabria is a joke of a captain.

  4. I know Fonseca doesn’t seem like the most bold choice. But you’ve got to give it a chance before you all go into meltdown.

    1. This is not about Fonseca or Lopetegui. This is about the new club policy.

      Fonseca is the perfect coach for that policy. Developing young players, meaning buying low, selling high. Competing for top 4 and UCL appearance only, not for trophies.

      People are not mad at Fonseca. They’re mad at this ownership and this management that is lowering the expectations. We had a recent run showing that Milan was a sleeping giant, still able to seduce top players, still able to win the Scudetto, still able to go far in UCL. This is the DNA of Milan. Not this:

      “I have in mind that Milan must always be in the Champions League. That’s it, I have no other goals. You ask me: do you like winning the Scudetto? Yes, very much. But it is not our number one goal. We are a global club, we must be in the Champions League because we want our fans around the world to see us. That’s how I think.”
      Scaroni, 2023

        1. And that’s one quote from an idiot that he keeps posting – somehow extrapolating from it that it’s policy for the whole management.

          1. “One of the things that surprised me is that Milan has the second most number of Champions League trophies after Real Madrid. I hadn’t really kept up with that. But it’s an undermanaged asset. (…) In sport, you can’t buy championships. I would obviously like to win the Scudetto and the Champions League every year, but if we did it would be contrary to our job. Our job is to get a return on this investment and if every year the same people win it wouldn’t work, right? It would make the evaluation completely dilutive. (…) Of course, we all want to win, but if you look at it through the purely non-emotional lens of an investor, the goal is to consistently perform.”
            Cardinale, 2024

          2. @Bartholomeo…… I take it (…) means “something that doesn’t fit my narrative”?

            You somehow accidentally missed out:

            “But it’s an undermanaged asset. Serie A has a right to have a seat at the world table and Milan have a right at that table. It’s our job to do that.

            “We have to focus not only on being competitive in Serie A, but also on how to help Serie A be competitive with the Premier League and La Liga.

            “We have to think about how to help Serie A and get a better kind of agreement for the sale of TV rights both in the country and abroad to reduce the gap. And if we succeed then we do good for the whole FIFA ecosystem, with the continent managing to be more competitive compared to England.”

            No idea why guys think a businessman is going to buy something and then all of a sudden stop talking like businessman… How do you expect him to sound in an interview, like a poet?

          3. I shorted with (…) the comments that are not relative to A.C. Milan 1899 because Jerry loves to talk and it was too long.

            Now if you’re fine with all of that, rooting for shareholders, good for you but don’t patronise the fans who watch football and pour money into the club because they hope that the historic success of A.C. Milan 1899 can be replicated one day.

          4. Well I apologize then. But you have to admit that you’re more prone to defend the private interests of businessmen than the legitimate will to win trophies from the fans of a legendary football club.

    2. Bartholomeo’s right for once. This latest meltdown isn’t about the coach. They’re all in a heightened state of anxiety and emotion no matter what happens – until RedBird leaves…

  5. RedBird is minority investment in Liverpool. There’s a curiosity that they may have talked to Klopp upon his departure to get a feel whether or not he would be interested in Milan after his sabbatical.

    This scenario would make a lot of sense set against Fonseca’s short & cheap contract.

    I wonder if we are being sort sighted here and not seeing the long game. Because that would be a HUGE coup.

    1. Because then even talking to Conte initially, and then walking away from it would make sense.

      Chess VS checkers.

  6. Give Fonseca a chance. In fact we will give a chance to anyone as this is the team we love. Hope days last.
    P.S. Didn’t we used to be an Italian team?

  7. One thing I know too well is that Milan fans will not be comfortable with 2nd to 4th position given the fact that inter is on their 20th scudetho while we remain in 19th.
    Another thing is that this coach will be at ease with the type of players our management will bring instead of going for the players who can give extra desires when it comes to winning great matches like the derby against inter.
    Our management should remember we need players with extra strength and skills to compete against great opponents such as Juventus Napoli Roma Atlanta.
    Milan are known for getting the best players in the planet but that’s gone forever as it’s always the case nowadays that Milan will discover extra talents only for other clubs to buy.
    Honestly I believe will great and good Investment Milan Wil challenge any Club in Europe. Although for me I would opted for conte as he has the ability to push and get the extra results from his team and same time can say no to the management because any good coach will be against the management decision that can deprived him of getting the desired results
    Sacking pioli and bring this coach is same thing except if he knows how to change the system of his formation according to every match because that was one of pioli’s downfall as opponent coaches were always studying his same style of Play per march. Milan lost against inter because Leao was man marked by Dumfery if inter pace by pace
    Let hope our management will get go and experience players who are hungry for Laurels
    Forza Milan

    1. “Lets hope our management will go get experienced players who are hungry for Laurels“

      After they picked the worst possible coach of the long list we were linked with, I lost all faith in this management. No, we won’t get top players. Who would want to come play for Milan with this LOSER as the head coach??? Much the opposite: an exodus will start. I can’t blame Theo for wanting out. Brace for Rafa and Mike leaving too.

      1. They want 4 players and have a 100 million euro budget, including wages. That is like 20 million in transfer fees on average and 4 to 5 million in wages. That will hardly strengthen the team or bring in a player that will upgrade over who we previously had. For all the lack of speed in Giroud’s game, players who score as much as he did commange 5 to 6 million euros, younger than him, 45 to 60 million euros. No way they cover 3 other players after that without selling a big name player.

  8. Mark my words: with Fonseca, we won’t even make the 2025-26 UCL as we won’t finish top 4 next season. He is a PROVEN loser. He couldn’t even make the direct UCL qualification in the lowly League 1 – and in série A his two seasons, he made 5th and 7th. So with Juve, Inter, Atalanta and even Bologna improving, and we likely to regress (Theo will be gone) do you all really think that with a mediocre loser as the head coach we’ll do well? Give him the benefit of the doubt? Not me. He is not good, and it will soon become painfully evident.

    This is a disaster. Of all the available options, some of them rather good, management picked the very worst one. Fonseca is CLEARLY worse than Pioli. We’re downgrading instead of upgrading, and this will come back to bite us. I just hope he is sacked fast and management learns with this grave mistake and picks a better one next time.

    1. I agree with everything but not with the fact that Pioli is better. He is not. Pioli is a great example of coaching mediocreness. Seems like people already forget that he is a known person in the Serie A – has been a coach from 2003 (!!!!), so 21 years, and when you look at his honours section, there is NOTHING aside from that one year in Milan. And guess what happend that one year when he was at Milan – Zlatan was there.

      And I’m not saying Zlatan is some god of football (like he claims himself), but every single Milan player from that Scuddeto team mentioned in interviews that Zlatan had huge impact on sharing the winning mentality and improving morale. Something that Milan was clearly lacking when Zlatan departed. Here is your answer – Pioli is nothing special, never was. Forcing the same ideas over and over again and poor mentality, which got him sacked from Lazio, Inter and 12 (!) other teams that he worked in.

      I don’t like Fonseca at Milan. But have to admit, at least he tried in different places and won at least something (won 3x double in Ukraine, won Portugese Cup with underdog team – not impressive, but at least something, unlike Pioli). And at least he has some ideas for football (offensive style, mobile fullbacks, aggregation of offensive players in the “20” area to give wingers space etc).

      1. Pioli had more wins with Milan than Ancelotti, in fewer games and with a less prestigious roster than Ancelotti had. Regardless of his prior record, he overall did well at Milan except for the last season when all other coaches had figured him out and he got badly outcoached. He took Milan from the Banter Years to consistently make the UCL, won the league once and placed second twice, and made the UCL semifinals. Yes, he is mediocre and hadn’t won anything before but at Milan there is no doubt that despite this last season (which was also badly marred by injuries) he overall was pretty decent. Ukrainian league and Portuguese Cup wins are WAY less impressive than one first and two seconds in Serie A and one UCL semifinal. No, Pioli is not great but he is, let’s say, less bad than mediocre loser yes-man Fonseca. With him we’ll be the 2023-24 Napoli of this coming season. I doubt that Fonseca will survive more than one season at Milan, with the big failure that is coming. My hope is that we will get Klopp next. And I think you’re overestimating Ibra’s influence. He is back at Milan and the players still lack the winning mentality. The players actually love Pioli.

        Fonseca as the ultimate yes-man who doesn’t want to put any pressure on management to hire more good players, is the idiot who said Milan only needs another RB. Can’t he freaking see that we need strikers, need to beef up the defense which underperformed, badly need a DM, and likely will have to replace Theo and Mike???

        When Milan finishes 5th or 6th (or even lower) with Fonseca it will be clear that incredibly enough given Pioli’s mediocrity, he is a downgrade from Pioli.

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