Sky journalist reveals what has put top clubs off Leao and adds that ‘he wants to stay’

By Oliver Fisher -

Sky reported Peppe Di Stefano did a daily update from Milanello and today’s topic centred around AC Milan’s Rafael Leao paradox as we approach the summer window.

It has been a strange 2023-24 campaign for Leao, a rollercoaster of sorts. Last season he was firmly at his best, scoring 15 goals in Serie A and assisting eight. However, in 2023-24, his level has dropped below that expected of a player on his pay package.

Whilst he has assisted eight times, he has only scored seven times in the league, and whilst numbers outside of Serie A can be taken into account, his top-level performances have been in bunches rather than consistently.

During Sunday’s draw against Genoa the Portuguese winger was met with whistles when he was taken off by Stefano Pioli after a difficult outing, and it was noticed that he went straight down the tunnel.

Di Stefano did a segment for Sky live from outside the training complex about the Portuguese winger and his comments were relayed by Radio Rossonera.

“In my opinion, and maybe I’ll be wrong, he is the most talented player in the team and at the same time the one on whom Milan depend. For better or for worse he is the cross and delight of this team,” he said.

“When they play well, Milan are almost dependent on his strength, his efforts, his goals and his assists. When they play badly, Rafa Leao’s negative performances are often behind it. In the last month he and Milan have left us.

“He renewed his contract a year ago, he earns many millions: he is the one who earns the most at Milan. He has a release clause with aggressive, very high figures.

“And this probably, including a not very positive end to the season, alienates some clubs that until a few weeks ago had shown up to watch Leao’s performances.

“To play in great teams in that specific sector of the pitch you need to have an amazing consistency that Rafa doesn’t seem to have at the moment. Absurdly, it could prove to be an advantage for the Milan world: adequate offers may not arrive and consequently Leao could be a pillar of next season.

“I believe that no one at Milan wants to do without him and I believe that he wants to stay in these parts. But next year we need a further step of growth, perhaps the last one.”

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    1. What if JPH was kept to alternate with this guy. At least we know the team won’t depend that much on JPH hence multidimensional. Oh but JPH is back at bodo so he must be trash. Yeah imagine Leao playing for bodo. Sometimes I try to Imagine what’d have been if we had a really flexible coach that knew how to tweak his tactics to get the best out of our players. I’m thinking Paqueta playing the 10 instead of RLC. Or Noah playing CF instead of Giroud.

      1. Peter Hauge was a very promising player. Unfortunately, Milan sold him because of RL.
        Sometimes, I imaging RL playing like a supporting striker just the way Kaka played behind Fillipo.

        The major issue we had was the lack of a strong DM, and that exposed our defence that is also unfortunately inconsistent this season.

  1. Pioli is not a good coach to bring out the best out of any players trust. JPH is very talented and good player and we can all see when he played against Milan. Like Paqueta is also good for No10 role, but the coach does not see any good in him.
    Two seasons before, the team is getting balance on very side with the help of Frank with Kessie along Tonali and Bennecer.
    So, that gives Leao freedom to roam the pitch freely. Everything changed a little when Kessie left and Tonali left expose the whole midfield. Both Kessie and Tonali are the engine room in our midfield, but he only wants Krunic who can’t place a good pass out of nowhere.
    Pioli knows how to kill a talented players. He changed the whole formation that helps out to bring best of the players last season.
    He only see RLC has the best No10, but he’s not a No10 in Chelsea, just a Central Midfield. The only player that can play has No10 in these current Milan team is Pulisic, Reijnders and possible Adli because these guys can create pass out of nowhere which RLC can’t do whenever he had the ball.
    If these management want to improve the whole team, they should keep there best players, buy a proper DM like Monaco player Fofana (Musa is next proper DM too but Pioli will play him out of position).
    They can raise some fund by selling Bennecer and even RLC should sent back to English league.
    Every good coach knows, if Leao is out of form, the whole team is in jeopardy. Pioli plays with one player which is Leao.
    A good coach should play with 11players and they can all play together.

  2. The other issue with Leão is he doesn’t play defense. That hurts the team when teams counterattack. Does anyone think this will be OK with Conte? One of his falling outs at Chelsea was with Hazard not playing defense.

  3. I said months ago sell him and take the Money and buy some players who want to play from the heart for ac milan. I am sorry this kid is just lazy one minute he s in the game then the new xt minute he’s until super coach pioli takes him of.


  4. What’s with the Leao articles all of a sudden these days ? Trying to figure out the angle 🤷‍♂️

    1. Coz they ‘journalists’ got paid by a group who wants to make money from his sale.

      Leao never even showed any interest in going elsewhere. His agent never talked to another club. No club made inquiry about him.

      I won’t be surprised if this ‘group’ will beg for PSG or Chelsea to buy him

  5. Leao and Theo had their own clique. Pioli just wants to be everyone’s friend. A number of things kept this team from playing together. Leao’s need for special treatment is part of it.

  6. OBviously, the key for this team is wearing their mother’s maiden name on their back. No one on the planet wants to let their mother down.

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