Sky: Giroud’s reliability and Okafor’s position – why a striker is a ‘priority’ for Milan

By Oliver Fisher -

There are three major reasons behind AC Milan head coach Stefano Pioli’s conviction that a new centre-forward is of paramount importance.

The likes of Armando Broja and Huge Ekitike have been linked with a move to Milan over the past few days, with the Rossoneri aiming to secure one of them on an initial loan deal to complete the department.

According to what is being reported by Peppe Di Stefano of Sky (via MilanZone), there are three main reasons behind Pioli’s thinking that a new striker is a priority in the final fortnight of the window.

Firstly, in training it became clear to the head coach that new signing Noah Okafor performs better as a winger than as a striker, and thus he will be the deputy to Rafael Leao.

The second reason is that Olivier Giroud is 37 years old and is no longer as reliable as he used to be from a physical point of view, having worked overtime last season.

Thirdly, Pioli believes that Lorenzo Colombo needs to leave on loan in order to play more consistently and round off some of the rough edges he has.

As a result, the management seem to have agreed that the signing of a new striker is of the utmost importance.

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  1. Bring on loan

    But Pioli as always make mistake. Okafor must be used as central forward with Leao and Chukwueze/Pulisic on wings !!!!

  2. They had since july to get a ST and they danced around Morata and Taremi.. But now its a “priority”?
    so they basically thrown 80M on subs. its nice to have depth but there are issues in this team that have not been addressed in over 5 years. And its the ST

    1. Well said. Seems we have overloaded on the mid and overlooked a glaring weakness for a true #9. I have been saying this over and over – lack of a #9 could be our downfall if/when Giroud goes down. Huge gamble. If we don’t buy one we have no choice but to re-integrate Origi back into the team and pray he stays healthy and finally contributes. If not at the very least we need to go for a player like Zapata who’s avail for a smaller fee (10M) and although 32yrs of age is still capable of putting the ball in the net and is an improvement over Columbo who needs more time to develop

    2. Okafor isn’t a sub – he’s just not a Giroud type CF. Different characteristics. Lot’s of potential.

      Without Leao we looked crippled last season, so Okafor has plenty of use. And this way we don’t have to start Leao every game.

  3. “Firstly, in training it became clear to the head coach that new signing Noah Okafor performs better as a winger than as a striker”
    Oh, so we’re back to the same from Pioli. CDK is a trequartista, Adli is a trequartista, Okafor is a winger…
    Just ignore that they all gave their best performances in other roles and force them into your rigid ideas.

    1. Even I could see from two UCL-matches that Okafor wasn’t/isn’t the striker we need. And I’m not a super scouts like some people here.

  4. LMAO I thought Id wait until we started playing games to be correct on Okafor. Seems I don’t even have to wait 😂😂😂

    1. RLC is already playing as a second striker..why not try him out? A journalist finally wrote about this fake 433 that has been a 4231 the whole pre-season. not gunna bring my receipts, but still people calling for changing formations…i was starting to think im just going crazy

  5. Maybe get another LW. There has to be a cheap chance like Okafor, we have 4 already but why not. LB is not necessary, DM useless, Giroud is the best striker ever (according to a lot of people here). Just fill the team with wingers and pray…oh, and if possible sign some players Pioli already coached, that is the best chance he will get it right…

  6. Has anyone observed that Ancelotti is playing Vini Jnr as second striker with Rodrygo? Please tell me that Vini is a natural striker.

    Brahim Diaz is option for second striker with Ancelotti’s set-up.

    Basically Madrid presently have Joselu as the only outright striker. The 3 other players, namely: Vini, Rodrygo and Brahim Diaz are more or less wingers.

    Scaroni came out to say, “Paolo want exclusive decision making, or doesn’t want to work together.” Well, none of you guys understand the dynamics of football.

    Furolani has gone on a shopping jamboree, picking up every piece of shiny toy to pacify some fans; now the coach is just realising that he needs some other kinds of profile.

    A tactical mercato should have been 5 or six players. Now they have eight and are still looking for more addition – in a desperate bid to outdo the Fassone-Mirabelli fiasco.

    Congratulations Pioli. It’s either you are really a yesman who had no say in the signings. Or your requests were totally ignored. Or perhaps, you’re actually as clueless as many believe.

    Pioli will never trust Colombo. Where’s that @Dejan10 who was ranting about Colombo wanting to leave on loan?

  7. I think pioli will lose his job this season. He has always been protected by the mediocre players he had and has been “over achieving” with them. But this time, no excuse.

    Even a blind man can see that pulisic should be played at the AM10 role preferably. Okafor must be our starting top 9 if not for anything, he is younger, faster, and giroud is 37yrs. If chukwueze is not the first choice for the RW position then I’m short of words.

    Pioli stubbornness and loyalty to Lord Krunic is one that frustrates all milan fans.

  8. I swear to God I hate that man called Pioli,
    So we bought Musah, Chukwueze and Okafor to sit on the bench for 2 Chelsea rejects/flops and Lord AKA Slow Giroud,
    This coach is a Joke

  9. If Pioli doesn’t like Okafor as a striker it casts some doubt over the big happy family making transfer calls vs evil dictator Maldini, doesn’t it?

    Look at this 19yo centre back from Greece. I can’t see Pioli giving him much playing time.

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