Sky journalist explains why Milan went for Fonseca over Conte: “Lowest common denominator”

By Oliver Fisher -

Sky journalist Peppe Di Stefano has shed some light on why AC Milan have gone for Paulo Fonseca as their new head coach over a more established name like Antonio Conte.

Milan are set to appoint Paulo Fonseca as their new coach as per reports from virtually every source and his main job will be to ensure that the Rossoneri close the 19-point gap that now exists between them and Inter.

La Gazzetta dello Sport reported this morning that there are three main weapons the Portuguese coach will use as Milan coach to ensure there is a title challenge next season: Prudence, possession and Rafael Leao.

Di Stefano was was a gust on Carlo Pellegatti’s YouTube channel to present the new book co-written on the Silvio Berlusconi era titled ‘C’è solo un Presidente’ which is available for pre-order at various places.

He was asked by Pellegatti for an explanation as to why Milan have decided to opt for Fonseca over some of the other more glamorous names that have been circulating in the media, and his comments were relayed by MilanNews.

“I think there were also the ‘we don’t want Pioli’ crowd when Pioli arrived. I think it is a delicate moment in the history of Milan and also for those who decide,” he began.

“This summer there were great coaches, like Conte and De Zerbi who were free. If the club never contacted them – because there was never even an approach with Conte – they evidently had a profile in their head along the lines of Stefano Pioli.

“In my personal opinion, if he hadn’t lost against Roma he would still have been the coach of Milan. They wanted a coach along his lines in terms of methods, tactics, morale, we know what happened and they ended up with Fonseca. They have the same lowest common denominator: balance.”

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      1. Not sure why you guys go on about management being “cheap” all the time. He’s signed a two-year deal with option to extend. It screams stop gap. Or at least, “let’s see how it goes but we can get out easily if we have to.”

    1. Pep, next year? He’s coached in La Liga, Bundesliga and now premier league. There’s rumours he could leave City after the next season.

      Of course, this won’t happen. Would have been fun though.

      1. Pep has said his next job will be at international level so I expect Spain or Brazil will be his next destination. He has alot of respect for Milan though and out of the top 3 surely returning Milan to the top table is the most appealing job rather then going to inter or Juve.

  1. “This summer there were great coaches, like Conte and De Zerbi who were free.”

    Even though I can’t stand Conte, I would agree that he is absolutely a great coach. That’s proven in several clubs.
    But what has De Zerbi done to deserve to be called a great coach 🤔?
    Said it before, that young, talented, up and coming coach shtick is getting stale and he is not improving. Younger and more talented coaches have surpassed him.

    1. De Zerbi is a great coach. Its hard to win titles with Sassoulo and Brighton but the Style was great and this teams have never been better in their history then when De Zerbi coached them.
      De Zerbi would be perfect for Milan. The fans would loved him and the players. I have never heard a player say something negative about him every single player have praised him and said he is special.

    2. maybe he is not great, but i think on field he’s better than Fonseca, lower quality squad, better league, better result. Fonseca is yesman that’s why?

  2. I don‘t think a coach earning 2m or 4m matters that much, however Conte‘s rumored 10m equals an absolute all out star player in Serie A.

    Still not the biggest criterium but surely not something to completely ignore.

  3. Xavi is currently without a job, AC Milan could have approached him for a deal. There’s no harm in trying one’s luck

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