Sky: Predicted XIs for Derby della Madonnina – no surprises for either team

By Isak Möller -

AC Milan will take on Inter in the Derby della Madonnina tomorrow and this edition of the big clash is extra special. The Nerazzurri only need a win to secure the Scudetto, while the Rossoneri will do everything to stop that from happening. 

Seeing as the game is so important, the managers will both opt for the ‘secure’ choices for the starting eleven, per Sky Italia. Stefano Pioli will bring Tijjani Reijnders back into play from start, having experimented against Roma, and the attacking trio will be the usual one.

Simone Inzaghi, meanwhile, will welcome back Lautaro Martinez from suspension and Benjamin Pavard will also take a spot in defence. In short, there are no surprises for either side and now everything will come down to the tactics.

Predicted Milan XI (4-2-3-1): Maignan; Calabria, Gabbia, Tomori, Theo; Bennacer, Reijnders; Pulisic, Loftus-Cheek, Leao; Giroud.

Predicted Inter XI (3-5-2): Sommer, Pavard, Acerbi, Bastoni; Darmian, Barella, Calhanoglu, Mkhitaryan, Dimarco; Thuram, Martinez.

Inter have won the last five derbies in all competitions and could make it six for the first time in their history. Of course, with it being the designated home derby as well, Milan will do everything to keep the Nerazzurri from celebrating the Scudetto after the final whistle.

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If you haven’t already, you can also check out our preview of the game for the latest news and stats about the clash.

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      1. Pioli is one the teams that are preparing Inter Scudetto Party.
        You see intetionally relectant to insist lining up the same fialed Playes and its system.
        Look Giroud he is minus one,
        Look Loftys Cheek he became Worst ones backing his origin of badness,look Calabria he never been good player and no price increased for his Consisitant play, Cheku,Puslic,Leao and Okafur must be lined up by Pioli if he is not inter agent.
        Musah and Rejemders are to be line up togather.
        TERACHIANO is to be lined up instead of Flop and scrapy Calabria who never brings Results and market price.
        Furlan is the main sourse of the debackle of milan by not firing Pioli nor correcting when deviating the from the right direction of the team by pioli by repratedly killing the best players such Cheku and cdk pkus not producing the young players.

      2. No, they’re players who have all (with the exception of Pulisic) disappointed and not met expectations with their performances this season. Getting 2nd in this league is nothing special when you look at how bad Juve have been and the fact that a team like Bologna are finishing 4th, and also how far we are behind Inter. This front 4 are clearly the wrong way to go. A much more effective front 4 would be Leao, Pulisic, Chukwueze; Okafor/Jovic.

        I swear, I’ve never seen a bigger fanboy of Pioli than you in my life.

  1. In short, there are no surprises for either side and now everything will come down to the tactics..

    Pioly doesn’t have any…

  2. I probably won’t watch it.

    I have no real desire to watch Inter win the league although it would be good if someone could point out they’ve only a max 19 on the pitch (06/07 also shouldn’t count because they literally relegated and handicapped their rivals and stole their players….).

    I feel bad for not watching what will probably be Pioli’s last game but it’s absolutely disgusting that it might be.

    How he has not earned the right to see this project through to the end of the season is beyond me.

    And that is also part of it. The sheer toxicity of some of the fans just makes the whole thing unbearable.

    1. Inter on the pitch has only 18 scudetti, that is a fact. Everyone knows it, even objective inter fans.
      Pioli and Maldini/Massara led Milan on the pitch finished 5th last season. That’s a fact. Everyone knows that, especially objective Milan fans. That led to Maldini/Massara being fired. Pioli should have been fired with them and now management is just correcting their mistake and completing the clean up.
      When it comes to Pioli being fired if/when they lose, and not finishing the season, it would be more than justifiable.
      This would be Pioli’s 15-game vs. Inter. IF they lose, he would have 10 losses , 3 wins, and 2 draws in 15 games vs Inter as a Milan coach.
      In the 14 games played Pioli led Milan has scored only 12 goals while conceding 29.
      Anyone who still wants Pioli to stay, is really an inter fan, not a Milan fan, since you wanna go around telling everyone who is and who isn’t a Milan fan.
      His record vs. Inter, combined with most likely 6th loss in a row, makes him the worst Milan derby coach in a 125 years of the club existence.

      1. No Milan fan who is not objective.

        Milan’s 5th is very different to Intet’s non-Scudetti not least because it was known and factored in prior to the end of the season.

        You’re not objective. You’re someone who has spent the entire season moaning.

        I wonder how long you last before you start moaning about the next guy.

    2. “How he has not earned the right to see this project through to the end of the season is beyond me.”
      Pioli has coached Milan for more than 4 seasons now.
      Historically, Milan had very few coaches who went 4 seasons let alone more.
      Compare his record after 4 seasons to the other coaches and let me know if you felt that he deserves a fifth or a sixth one.
      Don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful for what he did and his era is certainly better than the 2013-2019 era, but he didn’t earn to go beyond past this season. You may even make a case that he didn’t earn to go past january 2023.

        1. I don’t see an issue with him finishing the season, unless the management has good reasons to decide otherwise. But in any case the decision about who is gonna be the next coach should not be rushed.

    3. Why wouldn’t you watch it? As a fan you always should be supporting the club. Can’t be going around talking to other people about support for the club and then you don’t? It also shows zero faith in club to win a football game. Come on buddy!

  3. Want a reality check?

    This is our strongest line up after spending 110 millions. Meanwhile Inter fielding half of bosmans in their starting line up and are still much stronger.

    Just sad.

    1. Three (actually two) of our former players (Hakan doesn’t count as he’s a dirty filthy traitor but Darmian and Acerbi are on us).

  4. Pioli for me is very unfair coach for some players , how on earth he keep starting giroud and benched okafor . okafor and chuku can bring speed to the game . this coach is very stubborn and unfair especially how he treat caldara . not even a single minute he give this player in pitch . No emphaty at all .

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