Sky: Zirkzee’s agent remains unwilling to lower commission request – the latest

By Isak Möller -

AC Milan are keen on securing the services of Joshua Zirkzee this summer and after agreeing to pay his release clause, they need to find an agreement with his agent. However, as a report highlights, this is proving very difficult. 

Zirkzee has a release clause of €40m and Milan have already notified Bologna that they are ready to trigger it. However, they have been unable to reach an agreement with Zirkzee’s agent, Kia Joorabchian, who initially asked for a whopping €15m in commission.

Speaking live on Sky Italia, as cited by MilanNews, the journalist Manuele Baiocchini shared an update on the Zirkzee negotiations. Milan are doing everything they can to lower the request but, as expected, we are now at a point where a decision soon must be made.

“Milan want Zirkzee as a starting striker, but there are Premier League clubs that can afford to pay 5-10 million more, while Milan want to be careful, rightly to make ends meet especially in an initial phase of the market, they must avoid draining the budget.

“The Rossoneri want to pay the right price for the Dutchman. And at this moment, Zirzkee’s agent hasn’t lowered his requests, so we will need to understand whether the parties will be able or willing to come together in the next few days,” he stated.

Comparing Zirkzee with other strikers on the mercato, €40m is a rather low price tag and it was never going to end there. The feeling is that Milan will have to fork out a bit more (perhaps €5-10m) to get their new striker this summer.

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  1. No way. Sign someone else then. Dovbyk fits the bill. We can’t deal with an agent like this. It’s almost extortion.

  2. Galliani cannot sign tevez because kia asked too much fee agent too. This deal probably fail . Inter pay 10m euro for free transfer player like marcus but this kia asked 15m euro for a player that cost club 40m euro , makes no sense

    1. Why kia seek huge commission is because most of this players are financed, feed,clothing when they have not noticed or come to Limelight. We should use the money to Buy GUIRASSY or DObky. MILAN NEED STRONG AGGRESSIVE STRIKER

      1. That’s very true, but zirkzee is under contract with his company not the man himself. Tho the rest would probably get the idea

        1. That is definitely a good point but with 15 mil in the hands we could wipe out the entire agency so they probably would be smart taking notice 😀

          Kidding aside negotiating with Furlani who pretty much has a boyish face compared to a younger Galliani who looked like a bigger gangster than Berlusconi should at least keep negotiations somewhat easier.

          1. I wonder if he is really as useless as he seems. I mean 12 years working for elliot and then gerry makes him ceo at Milan. There had to be some merit in his work or he is really good at a$$ kissing. And honestly these dudes don’t seem the kind to promote a$$ kissing.

          2. I’m sure he isn’t useless but I doubt he is even remotely on the level of Galliani but who knows and people shouldnt judge a dog on its collar but from how he and Galliani appears I surely would prefer negotiating with Furlani compared to the late 80ies and 90ies Galliani who looked like a guy straight of The Godfather trilogy 😀

  3. Go put in an official bid for Dobvyk then. Either he sees were trying to move on and lowers his demands, or we sign a more prolific striker anyway. 15mil for nothing is beyond brain dead. Let his agent ruin his career if he’s so desperate to ship him to a midtable epl team

  4. They are, AGAIN, making the same mistake as they did last summer with Thuram. Didnt they learned anything?? If you are unwilling to pay 55mil combined(probably they are but not 40+ 15 mil comissions and I agree thats absurd amount) then let him go already and go all in for Gimenez or someone. We will again have summer drama all along and in the end we will have to be satisfied with some 28yo no name ST. Just move on and lets find someone good before rivals snatch him up FFS

    1. Well to be fair even if Gyorkeres is available for 80 mil its the double of what Zirkzee cost and then there would still be an agent to deal with afterwards agreeing the fee and salary.

  5. Kia has nothing to lose. Now he’s just gonna wait for the Euro’s to go through and drum up more interest from PL who have no issue overpaying 15mil.

    Milan will have moved on and Kia would tell Zee that Milan lost interest. The real loser here will be Zee.

    1. With the fair play rules being applied harshly, no EPL teams seems willing to waste 15 mln. Indeed, Zirkzee is risking his own future. A team with history is offering him a starting position next to Leao and Pulisic, and he sticks to his agent’s crap.

  6. Gonna have this groundhog day news until the clause expires in mid July :yawn: I guess that’s modern football these days, agents try to extract what they can.

    It’s a risk for Zirkzee but he won’t put pressure on Kia, whose agency probably runs everything for him eg all his admin, taxes, living accommodation etc etc… and Zirkzee may genuinely be OK with staying at Bologna and playing in the UCL with them for one more season.

    So as much as I’d like this transfer done, it’s difficult when the agent seemingly has so much control over the player and situation

  7. Bye bye Zirkzee. Bye bye David. Bye bye Giurassy. Bye bye Sesko. Bye bye Gimenez. Bye bye Dovbyk. Bye bye Gyokeres.
    Hello Jovic. Make yourself at home. Please stay with Milan …. please don’t go.

  8. For 15, we can get a pretty decent youngster. I would say pass on him and get the Guirassy , he was very good all season in fact better then Zirkzee.

    Or find other alternatives, we cant be held hostage by these savage agents. Not sure why he diesnt fire him, if he wants to come to Milan

  9. Get Sesko, he was great today against Denmark.. they could have won, if it wasn’t their no 9 missing those opportunities..

  10. Think about this – Theo reportedly wanted €8m a year, Kia’s commission could buy us two full years of prime Theo Hernandez.

  11. Another Italian journalist that doesn’t understand the EPL. Only Chelsea or Man City would pay an agent €15 million in commission and neither of them want Zirkzee. No one is even linked with him. Arsenal paid €30 million in commissions and fees for contracts and renewals for EIGHT players. Kia has two high profile clients and a bunch of nobodies.

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