SM: Cardinale-Maldini meeting not only important for the mercato – the background

By Oliver Fisher -

Now that the curtain has been drawn on the 2022-23 season, there is expected to be a meeting involving the AC Milan ownership and management to iron out a few things moving forward.

According to Corriere della Sera, a summit will take place between Gerry Cardinale – the founder and number one man of Milan’s owners RedBird Capital – and the director duo Paolo Maldini and Ricky Massara.

According to the Roman newspaper, both sides will take stock of the season that has just ended and will establish the plans for the 2023-24 campaign, starting with the summer transfer window and the budget that will be made available.

According to what our colleagues at have learned, however, it will also be an opportunity for Cardinale to speak with Maldini regarding some things that the ownership did not like, such as the interview after the second leg derby loss in the Champions League against Inter.

“We are not yet with the top clubs, even if we are in the semi-finals of the Champions League. We have to be good at understanding the moment and making investments now to reach that level,” he said.

These are investments that RedBird not only believes it has made but judges to have sometimes been wasted compared to the purchases that later turned out to be disappointing, such as Charles De Ketelaere above all.

The meeting scheduled in the next few hours could bring everyone closer together or it could also result in a rupture too if the visions are not aligned.

Nonetheless, the feeling is that the minimum objective being achieved last week (qualification for the next Champions League) has further calmed spirits.

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    1. As more and more details come out it’s apparent that RedBird is only interested in making
      Money and not titles.
      All the talk of last year’s Mercado being disappointing and CDK, Origi being flops and that was the cause of the firing is pure BS.
      Cardinale is only looking at the bottom line and wants only to make money.
      All the jorno’s coming out from under rocks to claim this and that are all paid to be the mouthpiece of the club. They’re all lies. The biggest clue is Billy Beane. He’s been advising Cardinale from the beginning and is set to take a more prominent role now.
      For those who don’t know Billy he was the main subject in the movie Moneyball staring Brad Pitt who played Billy. He created a system of analytic only way of scouting that was inspired by a computer nerd. They claimed it revolutionized baseball and every team adopted it which they did but it didnt last past one season and it didn’t revolutionize crap. It was resounding failure and Billy’s team (Oakland A’s) have been bottom dwellers since. Their attendance has slipped to historical lows and they’re talking about moving to another city lol.
      This the real reason folks and Cardinale knows that Maldini would not stand for it so he got rid of him.

  1. Hmmm… Imagine a low transfer budget and no Maldini. How would Milan create enough interest to “good enough, established” players? There would be no money and no Maldini-effect (which helped with e.g. Theo) either. Heck, one can even add the Zlatan-factor here. Many players have said Zlatan was their idol and he might have been one reason for some to join Milan. Now there’s not even that anymore.

    But we’ll see what happens. I doubt that Cardinale would be THAT stupid that he’d fire Maldini was telling the truth.

    1. “I doubt that Cardinale would be THAT stupid that he’d fire Maldini was telling the truth.”

      Well well well… I guess I was the naive one here…

  2. The whole season is 8/10, I agree. Now Maldini can point out that “moneyball” vision that Cardinale always brought upon don’t work out if we just buy talented but inexperienced young player. We also have to invest in champions, players that can be a point of reference to other young players such as Ibra.

  3. Sounds like Cardinale gets upset when he hears the truth lol. What Maldini said is 100% correct. And a 50M yearly transfer budget won’t get us their in todays football market. But as I have said many times before I do not believe Redbird are concerned about wining titles and instead care more about profit. Not surprising and so far have demonstrated that intent. This summer is pivotal. This is the summer we either become an elite club again or as Paolo said, fight every year just to make CL. So far it seems it will be the latter. We added an additional 85M in prize money from the CL semi final run and yet our budget reportedly remains the same?? LOL. Very Ambitious Gerry! But at least we are profitable! Is there a trophy for that? Atalanta should know.

    “These are investments that RedBird not only believes it has made but judges to have sometimes been wasted compared to the purchases that later turned out to be disappointing, such as Charles De Ketelaere above all.”

    This quote is comical. If Redbird truly believes investing 50M each year (on predominately Youth players because they don’t want to pay high wages) is sufficient to become a top club that is expected to beat top teams – they know nothing about football and are severely delusional.

    Further, An Ownership group that mandates a YOUTH POLICY and WAGE CAP policy cannot complain when we do exactly that – buy YOUTH – then complain because they have yet to develop. That TAKES TIME. Cardinale wants us to give him time to build a stadium and revenues – but is not so patient when it comes to player development??? LOL. Can’t have it both ways. BOTH take TIME. Thiaw developed and CDK did not. Pioli didn’t really play Aster or Adli so who knows. Just think Gerry if you would have given M&M a little $ in January to reinforce the squad – perhaps it could have been us in the CL finals not Inter – then who knows what could happen. But again this is the ambition of Redbird – fight for top 6 every season and if we win something along the way so be it and if we don’t we’ll we are profitable so who cares. TY Gerry!!!

  4. Maldini said exactly what this Cardinale needed to hear. This aint no Toulouse. In MIlan, you invest to win! PERIOD. A 50 mil investment.. with 9 holes left in the team.. the you complain why the 20y/o player didnt turn out to be Messi and CR7.. is pathetic.

  5. Only a few hours later, the news is: “After a huge fight with RedBird’s G. Cardinale, Maldini & his colleague. R. Massara are leaving AC Milan!?”
    Apparently, after exchanging diametrically opposite view and attitudes regarding the club’s transfer strategy and positioning, G. Cardinale told Paolo that he’s not irreplaceable and that the club can continue to go in the right direction even without him! And as a result of few more lines exchanged in that dialogue, Maldini decided to leave and Ricky Massara, without thinking too much about it, joined him!
    Now, if that’s the truth and final outcome of that meeting, this is disastrous opening to the summer mercato! As bad as it gets. The numerous signings that were expected to happen. and especially the free agents like Kamada from Eintraxht, possibly even the theoretical chances we have for Gundogan… and others… will potentially go down the drain.
    Jesus H. Christ! I’m. affraid that instead of great summer mercato, we’ll end up with disaster!
    I hope not! I hope they’ll sit on a table once again and find a common tongue, and stop acting, imitating Aurelio De Laurentiis and Napoli, creating havoc inside the team!

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