SM Exclusive: Double swoop possible as Zirkzee’s brother is discussed in Milan negotiations

By Ben Dixon -

AC Milan are still trying to find an understanding with Joshua Zirkzee’s entourage. A complex negotiation in which Joshua’s younger brother, 18-year-old Jordan, was also discussed.

Family can play a large part in the mercato, and in the past, the Rossoneri have not been new to involving brothers and relatives to finalise difficult signings. For example, in the case of Kaka, he arrived from Brazil together with his younger brother Digao, but much more recently, a similar situation arose with the renewal of Donnarumma and the arrival of his brother Antonio.

It is, therefore, not so strange that within the negotiations between the Rossoneri management and Kia Joorabchian – Zirkzee’s agent – the name of Joshua’s little brother also came up.

AC Milan sign two Zirkzee’s in one go

As our colleagues at have learned, the parties also discussed the possible inclusion of Jordan Zirkzee in the deal. The 18-year-old, younger brother of the Bologna striker, has an expiring contract with Bayer Leverkusen.

It is unclear which of the two parties included Jordan’s name in the deal, but according to what we have learned, this could be the key move to define Joshua’s arrival at the Rossoneri.

Jordan Zirkzee, a Dutchman with a Nigerian passport, is a forward born in 2005 who scored six goals and bagged three assists in 21 appearances for Leverkusen’s U19 side last season.

Why get Jordan too?

It would obviously be a ‘facilitator purchase’ for  Milan, who would pick up Jordan on a free transfer and then turn him over to the Under-23 side.

A bit like what was done with Donnarumma and Kaka in the past, the double ‘family’ operation would allow the Diavolo to spread out the salary and commissions over two separate operations, making the purchase of the starting Zirkzee more sustainable.

This would benefit firstly the financial aspect linked to the budget, and secondly, the convincing work done to sign Joshua Zirkzee. The goal of the Rossoneri is in fact that the Bologna forward can put further pressure on his agent to sign for Milan.

The Diavolo have already reached an agreement with Bologna and the player, but have yet to reach a decisive handshake with Joorabchian. Having the entire Zirkzee family on one’s side in the negotiations could only do good.

At the moment, the only certainty is that it has been discussed, but it is not yet clear whether this will be an option Milan will consider. We remain with our ears pricked up trying to see how the negotiation will develop in the coming days.

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  1. Actually in this case, Jordan Zirkzee is actually an interesting prospect. Unlike the other two. Jordan has a fair number of goals and assists.

    1. Yea i noticed that too. He is a LW and a CF. He might turn out good and is free. I don’t see a problem with getting him.

  2. If it helps bringing Zirkzee in, bring his brother as well.
    Seedorf’s brother was also at Milan along with Clarence.
    Kaka’s brother, Gigio’s brother, Paolo’s son, Zlatan’s kids, what difference does it make. Get it done.
    Mbappe’s brother was at PSG with him. The Lakers are about to draft Lebron’s son just so they can keep him.

    1. Yeah I agree, nothing new here. Ethan Mbappé is leaving Paris this summer in the same way Antonio Donnarumma left Milan when his brother left.

      Daniel Maldini seems talented though, probably not enough to become a top player but he should be fine for an average Serie A team. As for Bronny, it’s hilarious, he would never get drafted if it wasn’t for his father haha

  3. Sure why not, he’s free and would come for u23. If he turns out good, they can either sell or use him in first team.

    1. To be fair I think more fondly of antonio donnarumma than of gigio. Sure he was paid a bit more than what he otherwise would get at any other club but think he earned a mil a year and if i remember correctly never let a goal in in the few matches he played for us.

        1. I went and checked it afterwards and he is actually the only AC Milan player in the history of the club that hasn’t been scored on in 300 minutes since his debut match and one of them was a Coppa Italia match against inter that went to 120 minutes extra time where we won 1-0 🙂 guess I’m not entirely senile yet 😀

          1. C’mon.
            Somehow you get that feeling, the stats just the icing to the cake.
            I always had that level of assurance when he was in goal, yeah I get it you aren’t entirely senile yet 😊 ☺

    2. You’re right. Antonio did well whenever he was in goal. Nothing wrong with having two siblings playing for the same club.

  4. For all we know, his agent is waiting for the release clause to expire, to get even a bigger deal in place and ship him off to England…

    1. The English clubs are also aware of the clause though…

      And can afford to make far bigger financial mistakes – that Man Utd, perennial failures to perform for that last decade, can afford to shell out 55m on a backup in case their 72m purchase from last year doesn’t work out is a travesty of modern football imbalance.

      1. Manure Utd would absolutely pay 15mil over ask if they believed in Zee enough.

        So the player wants Milan and everything is agreed on that front. But his agent will blow it up and convince that a move to Manchester is better…. Go figure.

        Meanwhile BvB circle Guirassy and Pavlidis is joining Benfica. And there aren’t a lot of strikers on the market this summer. So……….

        1. If Kia really want that 15M he should move Josh before the clause expired, i dont think ManU want to paid him 15M if bologna asking more than 40M later

          1. Look I just don’t want to jinx this deal but for me zee is adamant to join only milan and Kia already made this commission demand so to safeguard his face for any future deals regarding his other clients too he just wants to add zee’s brother so that it become a win win situation for all parties as zee will get his desired club plus a club with a great history for his younger brother to develop, agent will get his commission so he could ask the same from other clubs too for his other clients and milan will get a addition player at peanut and if he succeeds milan will be more than happy to keep him else milan can ship him out at a reasonable price tag.

        2. Not so good development honestly.
          Especially the Pavlidis traction, my only consolation right now is at least we still have Dovbyk on the market. I hope ain’t wrong, but I somehow feel a striker in his frame or Pavlidis would be more ideal.
          Zee is good but for us to get the best out of his linkup play, Leao and Puli gotta be stellar and ferocious like Mane and Salah.
          My only worry is that sometimes Leao can be a handful and not a team player.

          A striker who can finish off chances would be our best bet, and ain’t overly convinced Zee is wht our priority should be.

      2. They’re still one of the 5 biggest clubs in the world by every metric other than on-field performance… It’s crazy to me too but they’ve built an incredible brand and make tons of money. It’s impressive how much they and Chelsea can spend and still be so average… 8th in the league and dead last in a champs league group with Copenhagen and Galatasaray. Crazy.

    2. Dude the one that hope the release clause to expired is Bologna since they can get more than 40M, i dont think Kia will get more if Bologna rise their demands later

  5. Well just signing his little brother if thats can make easy on joshua deal , jordan still young and only get salary below 1m euro nett. ACM can send jordan to milan B under bonera in serie C

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