SM Exclusive: Milan enquire about Stuttgart boss Hoeness in meeting – the details

By Oliver Fisher -

This morning a meeting was held at Casa Milan between the AC Milan directors and their Stuttgart counterparts that could lead to some rather surprising developments, we have learned.

Milan are heading for a crucial few weeks when it comes to planning for the future given that they must choose a new head coach, a starting striker, probably a midfielder and a centre-back as well as resolving the futures of those who might leave.

A discussion at the club headquarters between technical director Geoffrey Moncada and the Stuttgart management – led by Thomas Henning who is Head of Recruitment for the German club – took place today, with more information emerging.

The players involved

The highlight of the discussion was Serhou Guirassy, ​​a striker who scored 30 goals in 30 games this season, with a tempting release clause of €17.5m. The meeting between Geoffrey Moncada and the German leadership lasted about an hour and a half and ended around 12:15pm CEST.

Guirassy was courted by Milan also during the most recent January mercato. The main obstacle, however, is represented by the possible high salary requested by the Guinean striker who is reportedly demanding a net €5m per season from his future club.

It is natural that the Diavolo are looking to keep their options open in their pursuit of a new striker given that Joshua Zirkzee and Benjamin Sesko appear to be more concrete targets but they would cost at least three times as much and there is strong competition for each.

In addition to that, we can deduce that is unlikely that the Stuttgart delegation made the trip just to talk about a player with a known valuation, and thus it is obvious that other players were also spoken about.

Defensive duo on the radar

The Teutonic club also made two declarations of interest in Milan player. The duo appreciated by Stuttgart are defenders Pierre Kalulu and Jan-Carlo Simic, according to and as confirmed after our checks.

Stuttgart are working to strengthen their defence as they will play in the Champions League next season and thus they are likely to have a bit of budget available to be able to go out and bolster their starting line-up.

Simic and Kalulu are experiencing two opposite career moments. The Serbian was recently called up by his national team and is a very highly regarded talent, while the Frenchman is in period of struggle after having been a starter for Milan for a long time.

Precisely for this reason, Milan does not exclude the departure of the former Lyon man, who is considered sellable also in consideration of the total capital gain that it would generate, because he arrived for just €500k.

The main headline

What we have also learned through our colleagues at, there was also some talk about Sebastian Hoeness who was the head coach of Stuttgart for a very memorable 2023-24 season.

Hoeness can be compared to Thiago Motta in the sense that he led Stuttgart to second place in the Bundesliga when they were not really fancied for a Champions League place, and they played some excellent football in the process.

The 42-year-old is regarded a flexible coach with innovative ideas, and has successfully used both the 3-5-2 and the 4-2-3-1 throughout his career, the latter of which has been used by Milan for years now.

Hoeness has been named among the main suspects to replace Thomas Tuchel on the Bayern bench, and we can also reveal that he has a release clause which Milan requested information this morning.

It is not yet certain whether the Rossoneri management have the real intention of exercising it, but today’s meeting leaves the door open, also because the feeling is that the Paulo Fonseca news circulating could be a distraction tactic.

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  1. Speaking of Bayern and their search for a coach, the reports are that they are negotiating with Vincent Kompany.
    Most Milan fans are losing their mind over Fonseca, imagine hiring a coach who finished 19 in the EPL after accumulated only 24 points all season long.
    Why are Bayern so stupid and don’t hire these great coaches that are available that most of our fans are calling for, like Conte and De Zerbi? Matter fact why are all these other bigger clubs who need coaches don’t look at those 2?
    Juventus, Bayern, Napoli, Liverpool. Chelsea and now even ManUtd are all bypassing the great Conte and De Zerbi.
    Ajax, a hipster club passed on the hipster De Zerbi and hired Francesco Fariolli from Nice. The new 35 year old kid on the block.
    That young and up and coming shtick is waning away for De Zerbi. Younger and more balanced coaches are coming out and passing him by. Motta, Xabi Alonso, this Hoeness guy, Fariolli, Amorim, Enzo Maresca, McKenna are all up and coming and they can actually coach teams how to defend. De Zerbi needs to sit out a year or two and learn how to have a balanced playing style before he is ready to take on a big club job, something that he has never done or been offered.

    1. De Zerbie and Bayern decided not to proceed. Do your research ? If coach doesn’t want to join the club then you can’t hire him.

  2. This team looks worse and worse by the day. They can’t even come up with officall reports to tell the fans what is really going on. Not sure if this club is still Milan or just some american voucher fund that missuses the brand of Milan for sucking supporters money.

    1. The management hasn’t said ANYTHING. Everything you are reading and freaking out about is stuff that journalists seeking to sell newspapers and get clicks are putting out.

      Why would Milan issue any “official reports”? Out of respect for Pioli they said they will only talk about the new coach once the season is over, or at least once they reach an agreement with Pioli for the termination of his contract. And that’s the ethical thing to do.

      Don’t take as the club’s position, what journalists say.

      1. Exactly. Overreacting and believing rumors is a waste of energy. It boggles my mind how so many people fall for it.

      2. Yea thats the point, they need to come up and say what their plan is and where they want to go from here instead of leaving their fans in the dark with all this click bait articles. Why they should do it ? I don’t know cause maybe they should show some damn respect to their own fans who by the way are the core of any club.

        1. They can simply say to not believe anything unless they announce it and keep it there. It’s not their job to debunk every single rumor or hoax around the next coach, striker,… They owe the fans results and to meet expectations, they’re not gonna come out, meet the Curva Sud leader and show him “these are the players and coaches we’re in contact with”. No club in the world does that.
          I do believe they did contact Lopetegui and when it was found out the fans got really angry, but aside from the earlier contacts with Lopetegui anything else is a rumor.

          1. They can say what type of coach they want, care taker, top coach, world class, they can say what their goal is, 4th place, going for Scudeto, Champion leauge etc. Plenty of teams do this, i don’t see why they can’t do it. And what if they keep anything in secret, will fans not get angry if they see that later a small coach is hired ? Better explain your goal, explain why you can’t hire better coach etc. Cause the more they do this the more fans get suspicious in their leadership. And rightfully so.

          2. They already said what type of coach a while ago. They want an obedient coach who want to complain much about who they are going to sell or who they’re going to buy and probably who is also cheap. A “better” coach is going to be expensive and not necessarly agree with their targets, and when things go south, will probably complain about them not getting him the necessary meanings to achieve results. That’s why Pioli was so good to them, because he doesn’t complain and doesn’t put the blame on them. I would have hoped they go for Motta or even Conceicao at this point, but so far they don’t seem to be interested in them.
            Look I don’t say that the fans don’t have good reasons to not trust them, but we shouldn’t expect them to come forth and debunk the rumors around them, that’s not how clubs operate.

      3. When reports on one topic intensify in several media outlets then something is indeed cooking on the topic. At this point in the season and with all the reports pointing at the same you lot are just convincing yourselves and lying to yourselves it’s only media speculations.

        You know what was media speculation and bs? Reporting in January that we are after Motta or Conte. Right now at this time of season it’s high probability these reports on Fonseca are 80% true.

    2. Why should the team come up with official report? The only report they are going to make is when they appoint the new coach. All those you read on the Internet is media speculation.

      But if it’s your habit to speak ill of Milan at every chance you get then good luck

    3. You for real? Of course they won’t make official stetements. These are serious business decisions. Not something you can go around and spill to the fans. When it’s done we’ll know and that’s how it’s always been and will be.

      Take for example Mbappé. Everyone thinks/knows he’ll go to Real Madrid but have Madrid made any officail statements on the matter? No. Do you think they look worse and worse every day too? I hope your serious answer is no because nothing has been put on paper and therefore neither Mbappé or Real can comment.

      1. Thats a very bad example cause Perez has never hiden that he wants to sign Mbape. “His dream was to play at Real Madrid,” Florentino Perez said of Kylian Mbappe. “We wanted to do it last August and they didn’t let him leave..” So i don’t know where you people come up with this stories that teams do everything in secrecy. Most clubs in fact are very clear on what they want to do and what their goal each season is. Only in Milan you get bs like “we want to win” now you figure out what exactly Cardinale wants to win, while in the mean time we win nothing and thats still somehow good season lol.

    4. Yeh it’s called “the mainstream media” making up bs stories about who our next manager is, Trump, climate change and everything in-between.

      1. When reports on one topic intensify in several media outlets then something is indeed cooking on the topic. At this point in the season and with all the reports pointing at the same you lot are just convincing yourselves and lying to yourselves it’s only media speculations.

        You know what was media speculation and bs? Reporting in January that we are after Motta or Conte. Right now at this time of season it’s high probability these reports on Fonseca are 80% true. But keep telling yourself it’s only bs if that comforts you.

  3. A German coach would be a great fit for Milan. Always thought that was the way to go for us but every time it ended up not happening. This would at least leave more perspective than Fonseca…

  4. Interesting…Interesting indeed. Wouldn’t it be something being blindsided with this Fonseca story…a German coach would not be such a bad idea…atleast they have a certain DNA, an ethos that we badly need in Milan ( they work hard and are passionate about what they do).

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