SM: Fenerbahce move or a pay rise – the ultimatum Krunic made to Milan

By Isak Möller -

Rade Krunic has been in the spotlight over the last few days amid a supposed agreement between him and Fenerbahce. AC Milan have refused to budge, though, after being given an ultimatum by the Bosnian. 

Krunic is currently the only defensive midfielder in the squad and he was used in all three games in the United States by Stefano Pioli. It’s clear, therefore, that he’s an important player for Milan and they are not willing to let him go for pennies.

As learned by our colleagues at, Krunic received a hefty contract offer from Fenerbahce and took the matter directly to Milan. He told the management that he wanted a pay rise, otherwise he would push for the move.

Milan said no to Krunic’s request, not willing to increase his salary at this time, and thus agreed to open talks with Fenerbahce. However, the latter’s first offer was just €4m and the Rossoneri have countered with €12-15m.

Giorgio Furlani will remain firm on the request and it’s unlikely that the Turkish side will match it. Therefore, Krunic might not be too happy with how the situation has been handled, although a pay rise could be possible down the line.

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  1. So they want make player unhappy that’s why they push for Krunic.

    Difficult position for management now, sell Rade to Saudi Arabia.

  2. “Krunic might not be too happy with how the situation has been handled.”

    The player has a binding contract he signed himself and no club in the world wants to sell a player for a ridiculously under-priced fee. How should they handle it? Let him go for free like Gigio, Cashie, Calga etc.? No way, Jose!

  3. Pioli is making Krunic feel like he is Mbappe now. How can Krunic have leverage against Milan? Krunic is not worth 10-15 million. We cannot rip other teams off while expecting discounts. Let him go to Fenerbache SMH

      1. I think we need to look at selling outside of Turkey. They have one of the worst economies in the world right now. With inflation approaching 50-70%.

        It just doesn’t surprise me most of their football teams can only offer small amounts of money.

  4. When I look into wildly different valuation presented such as this case, I refer back to transfermarkt. The web valued Krunic at 10M, which is a modest 2M increase since we purchased him from Empoli.

    I think 12-15M asking price is a little bit too much, especially considering Icardi went for 10M and Zaniolo for 15M (excluding addons). But at the same time, 4M is kinda insulting. Usually, if the teams want to make the deal happens, they would meet somewhere in the middle. But, considering Pioli valued him a lot and he’s kinda our only DM atm, I don’t see us budging too far from 8-10M mark, unless some extraordinary things happen.

    What’s going to be interesting is how Krunic would react. So far, he’s been a valued team player, always keep his head down and work hard without much protest. But this Fenerbahce bid is going to make things interesting. Usually, when you’re ‘valued’ highly – as Milan appeared to value him in 12-15M region, you would be right to ask for that valuation to be reflected in the contracts – at least matching the proposed offer by the Turkish team.

    Then again, would Krunic make a fuss for a possible move to Turkiye? It’s not Real Madrid who came calling after all. I just don’t see it tbh. Sure, a lot of midfielders would be coming this season, but bear in mind that most these new players (RLC, Reijnders and Musah) might need time to acclimatize, and Krunic might still get lots of minutes here and there.

  5. Pacta sunt servanda. Krunic has signed his contract, no one forced him.
    If we overpay a flop it is our loss, if we pay little for a useful player our gain. That’s the entrepreneurs risk, nothing that gives any right to Krunic.

    1. Yes and no. Players also ask for raises when they show their value has increased versus when they originally signed their contract. Existing contracts don’t preclude asking for a raise. Nor have they precluded players from requesting transfers if they’re unhappy.

  6. Lol. That ultimatum should be presented to Fenerbache, not Milan. They decide if they meet the asking price, so the move depends on them.
    Milan doesn’t have to do anything. They pay Krunic what they think is right and they request the price they think is right to sell him. Krunic’s agent is free to find the team that accomodates that price but also his desired wage. If he deserves it, I’m sure it would be just a matter of time. If not, get over it and respect your contract.

  7. whoa so this mediocre player has the guts to threaten us? lol..I’d say give fener ultimatum: 10 M euros at least or they should just F off

  8. Maybe we need to look elsewhere other than a Turkey? Turkey is experiencing a financial crisis right now. They aren’t flush with cash. They have one of the highest inflation rates in the world too. Again not flush with cash.

  9. Great News….so be it…MOVE TO FENER,OR ANYWHWERE ELSE,just go!This should be the best news in this transfer!Forza Milan!

  10. well if you look at the salary of the new signings ranging from $3-4mio no wonder that pioli’s dear boy wants a salary rise..

  11. Krunic don’t have the fucking ryt to give an ultimatum to Milan. Milan 1st, followed by others including the players.

  12. Krunic is a Swiss Army knife, but we used him a lot because we had to – injuries, kessie leaving, etc. He was never a starting level caliber I felt.

    I’m OK with him going but Milan are not in a position of having to sell. So unless a good offer comes in, there’s no reason to force anything.

  13. A pay raise for what? You’ve been over paid since you joined and because you had a decent season you think your the heart of the midfield now?

  14. He only get 1,2m euro nett . He deserve pay rise equal to fenerbahce offer salary 2m euro nett. Imagine florenzi that play few minute and injury prone get 3m euro nett or crap striker that score 2 goal get 4m euro nett like origi .just give this krunic pay rise to 2m euro nett , it is still cheap than you buy koopmeimer or amrabat for 40m euro for his replacement

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