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By Oliver Fisher -

Pierre Kalulu will have to spend yet another lengthy period on the sidelines after suffering a ligament problem during yesterday’s win over Hellas Verona.

When Pierre Kalulu was replaced by Matteo Gabbia at half-time, the initial assumption was that it was due to the fact he had gone 140 days since his last start and thus perhaps didn’t have any more than 45 minutes in his legs.

Kalulu suffered a ruptured tendon in the game against Napoli four months ago and this was the first time he had been named in the starting line-up since that game. After the match, it emerged that he had suffered a knee problem.

As we have learned, the Rossoneri defender sustained a strain on his medial collateral ligament. The player will immediately begin conservative treatment of the problem and he is expected to miss four to six weeks.

It is a real shame for the former Lyon man who worked hard to get himself back into contention but has once again suffered an injury that forces him to miss an important phase of the season.

Thankfully for Stefano Pioli, Fikayo Tomori is back as well as Malick Thiaw, and Matteo Gabbia has been very solid since returning from his loan spell while Simon Kjaer remains an experienced head.


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      1. No. He is not reading this, and everything I said was true. I also said what everyone else was thinking.

        Players like these are a waste of money, all the talent and hard work can’t help them is they are constantly injured and not playing. We need players not someone to keep the beds warm in the infirmary.

        1. No, you don’t say what everyone’s thinking. Yes, he spent the season in the ‘bed’, because what a better way to describe going through the physical and mental cr*p of staying off the field and recovering.

          Hopefully he recovers without any further issues and he will have the whole summer to prepare at least physically for the next season. On the bright side for him, he now knows 100% where he will play next season.

        2. You type rubbish just like a fool, I didn’t say you’re a fool though.

          Ask yourself home many of them were prone to injuries before coming to Milan.

        3. As part of “everyone” I was not thinking this.

          I was thinking about how great it was to have Tomori and Kalulu back as a tandem and how Gabbia as first rotation with Thiaw and Simic for depth was a great CB solution.

          I was thinking about how he clearly took a bad knock and stayed on the field for over 30 min

          I was thinking about Leao tracking back to cover for him like a badass teammate.

          Mostly I hope this run of bad luck is over and he can fulfill his clear potential with us at AC Milan.

          Best wishes Mr. K

        4. Players like what? We are hardly in Jonathan Woodgate territory here are we? It’s not like he has a history of constantly being in the medical centre – he had a nasty injury and he’s picked up another – albeit nowhere near as bad one straight after coming back – it happens. It’s bad luck for us, and heart breaking no doubt, for him.

          And if this is the start of an ongoing problem you will get your wish and we will move him on. Sadly for you, we are nowhere near that scenario yet.

      1. No. They are there to do a job, if they are unable to do it they are useless. Even a bad player can do more than an injured one. So no, no sympathy, especially none for a player that missed an entire season with back to back injuries.

        1. I would agree with you if it is a matter of chronic injury, or like with Mike where everyone clinches when they see he is tackled in the knee. Having a young and promising player with a bad year in terms of 2 injuries does not necessitate sale. Pulisic was made of crystal when the crazy management bought him, Loftus-Cheek as well..

          Kalulu’s value is immediately down at the moment, so you are not using his potential price (and last season he went up to the 30m range). If next year he plays poorly but is well physically you will sell him for the same as if you try to sell him now. Why risk an integral 23 yr old DEF that can easily replace any of the CB and RB we play this season? His salary is ok, most probably his injuries are mostly covered by insurance. I really don’t see any reason to want to sell him now and I am sure they will not.

        2. If only fans were easy to trade if they are not providing anything.

          Kalulu is a long way short of having chronic injury and form issues like Caldara. Your reaction is a bit over the top.

  1. Bad news, I still consider Kalulu / Tomori to be our best defensive unit when both are in good shape and concentrated. Without Kalulu, our chances of winning the EL are smaller.

    For the rest, I hope he can get well and be in good shape for next year, I think this season is almost over for him.

    1. Agree completely. With Pioli, we need his speed and ability to play multiple roles in a single game. He looked great when he played this game. What a shame.

  2. Feel sad for him after he just worked hard to recovered. And four to six weeks means he will missed Roma match. Sigh…

  3. Poor guy can’t catch a break… I feel for him. Hopefully this doesn’t mess with him on a psychological level too.

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