SM: Krunic renewal and another regista – Milan’s work on the midfield continues

By Oliver Fisher -

The presumption was that another midfielder would not arrive at AC Milan unless Rade Krunic was sold, but it seems that might not be the case.

According to the information from our colleagues at, Milan are working on the renewal of Krunic. The Bosnian midfielder was never really close to a transfer to Fenerbahce, and will use interest of the Turks to obtain a pay rise.

Milan CEO Giorgio Furlani is seemingly working to offer the former Empoli man which would see him double his current salary of €1.2m net per season.

With the renewal of Krunic, Milan would thus ensure the permanence of the only player really capable of playing in front of the defence aside from Ismael Bennacer who, given his injury and the African Cup of Nations, will only be fully available to Pioli in 2024.

It is therefore not excluded that the Rossoneri could secure the signing of a more natural No.6. Nicolas Dominguez of Bologna, Marko Grujic of Porto and Morten Hjulmand of Lecce are the most accredited names.

There have been recent contacts with Lecce over the latter, we have learned, so it is a track worth monitoring.

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  1. Hjulmand is going to Sporting CP barring any issues. So we’re stuck with a clown that isn’t actually a DM playing as one.

    Gruljic would be prohibitively expensive. Well pass 20 million knowing Porto.

    So that just leaves Dominguez.

    Management really needs to decide if we are going to complete the Mercato or not. Renewing Krunic to 2.5 million is sheer insanity when he’s done nothing to justify it. That would almost make it next to impossible to sell someone of such limited ability next summer.

  2. I think Hjulmand didn’t agree terms with Sporting yet. I think he’s the profile that we need, primarily good at defensive work. He would add more balance tonthe team.
    We need to spend 20 mil though. Krunic leaving and Hjulmand arriving would be a big upgrade.

  3. While English teams are offering out 100m like 10m, serie a team struggles to raise 10m to buy players, the gap is large milan will never compete with Europe big boys in ucl we were lucky to have a less challenging route to the semis last season, i wanted to see us caŕry the ucl again, but with the financial might of English teams it impossible

  4. Krunic, Pobega, Bennacer, RLC, Mussah, Reijnders.

    With what we have in midfield and attack, 4231 will be the best formation this season because not seeing Chukwueze, Pulisic and Leao play at the same time is a waste of resources.


    Calabria Thiaw Tomori Theo

    RLC/Bennacer Reijnders/Mussah

    Chukwueze Pulisic Leao


    Pioli now has what it takes for a 4231.
    433 is not the best formation for what we have now period.

    1. Tend to agree with you. Playing Krunic as regista and benching Chuckwueze or Pulsic seems like a waste. Unless a proper regista arrives I much rather see 4-2-3-1 with Reijnders and Musah as double pivot players and Pulisic or RLC as attacking midfielder.

      If Musah can learn to be a great solo defensiv midfielder, great. But cant start the season with that (Or Krunic) seeing who we play the first 10 games.

      1. I see “Tiji” more regista than Musah, if we are gonna have an AM that will pull the strings in attack he can concentrate on getting out the ball from defense and start the plays, in the other side Musah can be the demolishing guy but also with good sense of attack, like Kessie but with a good foot’s

    2. Even though playing the 4231 puts more pressure on our D, damn we would be an offensive force l. We really need to use that formation as we do not have a regista for a 433.

      1. Yea but according to your rationale, we’d score a lot and concede a lot too. And that’s not what wins championships. 9/10 teams that concede least goals, lift the scudetto…

  5. More bad news. Krunic staying and with a pay rise is so crazy that I cannot think of a reason to justify that. If the guy is not to be sold, fine, let his contract run out and let the guy free when he is 32. It is not a terrible idea. But nope, Milan management knows better and will offer him 1 or 2 more years to suck even more haha. Some people state passes and statistics but fail to remember how bad he was against Inter and how we were outplayed in the midfield. Of course, not only him to blame, but he was one of the worst performers there

    1. Let’s double the salary of a donkey whose going into his 30s and has zero quality. I think Billy’s algorithm is broken. I wonder when Pioli and Krunic’s wedding is?

    2. In defence of Krunic, people also seem to forget when we got completely walked over by Porto in the Champions League Krunic was the only one not going down with the rest but actually playing a strong match. Just to name one match, there have been others. He can be useful in many different ways. On the other hand having him in the starting 11 every game is not a good sign either. He’s decent, but not good enough to be a starter every game. Mainly because he doesn’t have the presence to be playing as a DM so he has to make up with his work effort. You can’t make up for everything with that.

    3. If Pioli thinks he has something to offer, let’s wait and see. Otherwise, they both will make a fool of themselves. For me, I would have loved to see him go, so that we can get a better player. Football is run differently in Italy. A lot of clubs keep players that are not productive, then, with time, cannot get anything of value for them. Milan is really guilty of this.

  6. Krunic is world class player ,his versatility is very important for milan . The way he plays like valverde of Madrid , or Frankie de jong . Milan has to keep him , maybe next mercato top teams like Man City , Liverpool or PSG want to sign him

  7. Hjulmand would compliment the Reindeer very well but I think he’s going to Lisbon. It would take a Lufthansa heist to hijack that deal.

    I read Juve is open to selling Rovella for $20. He’s a real player.

    I wonder what Ricci’s valuation is too, we are never linked with him.

  8. Funny, some here were saying a month ago “gone are the days when midfield needed a pivot player” and “you are still stuck in 2005 with a pivot player in midfield”. Now they are most vocal about our need for DM.

    We are to imitate Liverpool’s gegenpressen football well, they just signed Moises Caicedo for 128 millions. Of course we are nowhere their spending power but a player like Dominguez, Redondo, Hjulmand or Wieffer are all within spending reach. Currently we only have midfield runarounds (excluding Reijnders) and one average imitation of regista. That’s far from enough.

  9. I stated we needed a defensive midfielder for ages as I didn’t trust Krunic and Bennacer is out long term.

    When people were calling for a Pirlo like player, that’s the idea I said wasn’t applicable.

    If someone can’t read it isn’t my issue. The idiocy from some on here.

  10. They can literally fill their quota of comments for a day by putting out one Krunic article lol 🤭

    Anyways, why do we need another regista and what’s Musah’s role supposed to be if anything that?

    1. If Krunic leaves (and hopefully he does and the talk of renewal is just a ruse, but Fenerbahce already signed someone), and if Musah is adapted as DM that’s still just one player in the role until Bennacer returns. Not enough depth.

      And Krunic isn’t even a real DM. And during the preseason was pretty poor playing as one.

    2. I’m convinced this is Stefano Pioli commenting, he’s in love with Krunic and comes to his defense to white knight for him at any sign of criticism.

    3. Yeah , just putting krunic or pioli article this site already get many comment with sell krunic or sack pioli . It is the best thing to lure article. They will still comment pioli out or sell krunic without knowing that wont happen unless AC Milan loss 10 time in row in serie A. I dont understand what the effect of their comment to owner , everyday just repeat comment krunic out / pioli out like routine daily everyday

  11. Looking at the pre-season friendlies, Milan desperately need to enhance their defence lines as well as defending middle field (i.e. NO 6 position).

  12. Problem with Krunic is that, yea, he can slot in anywhere, but he isn’t stellar at any one position… That’s why I don’t get pioli’s hard-on for this guy…

  13. We give Krunic a pay raise to 2.5-3M?? LOL. Horrible decision by management. That salary for a backup mid is too high. If You complain about Origi and his 4M salary AS A STRIKER – then 2.5-3M for a backup up DM at 30-31 years of age is even worse. Don’t get me wrong I like Krunic as a versatile BACK-UP utility player but not at that price. Should have sold him to Fener and signed Dominguez or another player instead. We are def stuck with him now.

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