SM: Merci beaucoup Donnarumma – Maignan has completely transformed Milan

By Isak Möller -

When Gigio Donnarumma decided to leave AC Milan on a free transfer, many suggested that it would be very hard for the Rossoneri to replace him. Little did they know that Mike Maignan was up for the challenge. 

As highlighted by our colleagues at, the departure of Donnarumma has turned out to be an important point in the recent history of Milan. Not only because a big talent left, but also because it set a precedent for other free exits (Calhanoglu, Kessie, Romagnoli).

In spite of all this, Donnarumma’s decision didn’t prove to be so fundamental, seeing as Maignan has completely transformed Milan. The French goalkeeper, and mainly the skills with his feet, allowed Stefano Pioli to realise the Milan side of his dreams.

And not only that, but Maignan has also been able to make a bunch of spectacular saves during his time at the club. Yesterday’s derby was another example of that as he made several good stops and an incredible one on Calhanoglu (decisive for the result). In fact, it’s clear that Milan are better off with Maignan.

Therefore, the Rossoneri can only thank Donnarumma for deciding to leave the club. It should also be noted that signing Maignan was also better from a financial point of view, even with the transfer fee included.

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    1. Stop making stuff up, you literally make random things up every few articles. He was signed the moment they decided they are done waiting for his response and Donnarumma will leave. Public information.

      1. You just basically confirmed my comment.

        If I made up stuff, then you also made up stuff because what we talk is actually the same.

        Don’t you realize it???

        I said Milan sign Maignan before $umma decide. You said Milan sign Maignan without waiting $umma response. That’s just the same.

        1. Di Marzio:

          “Donnarumma was in tears on the pitch after the Atalanta game because he knew it was his last game. He was told few days earlier that Milan signed a new goalkeeper, it was Milan’s decision to not wait for Donnarumma, while he wanted to wait and see if Milan will participate in the Champions League. Milan could not wait because Roma joined the race for Maignan and they would have risked losing him.”

          1. Why don’t you look at it this way. You ask a girl out and she keeps saying she’s not ready, or she keeps mum despite your persistence. You decide that you are done with her acts and you decide to go for another girl who agrees instantly. If the first girl now comes crying that you didn’t wait for her, will you say you really didn’t wait for her?

            Milan told Donnarumma that, “hey, this is what we can pay”. Donna actually said no, I want this higher figure. The media is awash with the back and forth until Milan decided that his demands cannot be met. It’s a decision. Milan’s decision was a reaction to Donnarumma’s decision.
            If Milan didn’t want to renew his contract, they simply would not have made any offer. Did we have this drama over Castillejo or Conti? Of course No.

      2. Not true. Raiola was still pushing Milan to make a better offer and accept his 20 mil signing fee. Raiola was in a strong position as long as Milan were in the running, but Maldini said he had given up on Donnarumma when Gigio told him he would do whatever Raiola would tell him to do. Then Milan started the search for a replacement without telling Raiola and he was definitely surprised when Maignan was announced. He lost his leverage and it is unknown wether PSG have paid the 20 mil signing fee. The only information that can be found is that Donnarumma signed for 60 mil for 5 years. This implies that Donnarumma has paid the 20 mil to his agent (Raiola doens’t work for free for his client), which makes the rumour that Donnarumma barely makes more at PSG (8 mil/year)than what Milan offered very likely. Not proven true, but also never denied. The fact that Donnarumma’s contract details were never revealed, means Raiola didn’t manage to make it a really positive outcome for his client or otherwise it would be all over the media like with his other clients.

        1. Correct. It was Maldini who shut the door for $umma (by signing Maignan) and destroy Raiola’s scheme. Truly a masterclass from Maldini.

        2. Either way, Raiola doesn’t live long enough to enjoy the wealth he greedily acquired in the case of Milan vs Dollarunman. That’s the only moral lesson in this case.

    2. Raiola had decided that Dollarumma has decided to leave already when the negotiations started so there is no need to try to put this on Maldini. 🙂

      1. I will put it on Maldini. It is genius move from Maldini, he was brave, he took the risk briliantlly. Everyone though Maldini was insane back then to allow $umma to leave but he actually understand that shutting the door for $umma and signing Maignan is the best.

        1. Yelnats24, you are pushing your argument in a confusing manner. The point you are trying to make is that Maldini’s decision was a masterstroke but you are giving us all the impression that Maldini was the villain.

  1. Yes, Just in fewer season, Maignan can make better moments.

    And Maignan’s Kicking ability is so fantastic & so fit with ACM’s short passing to make unpredicted pass like he did to Leao.

  2. Well I am not surprised mike turned a hero for Milan, I watched that lille side that won Ligue1 and Mike was the reason they did, the dude is phenomenal and with him at our post, other teams get scared of shooting, Damians reaction after he save Hakan shot explains it all…..,

    Donarruma is just a kid looking to explore the world, without minding what his actions cost others, as he gets older he will understand the situation better and understand why it was too early to leave but who cares, with him in our team, mike would have ended else where and we might not win the scudetto because donarruma is not a champions keeper.

  3. Blessing Mike….
    Scudetto and best goalkeeper of Serie A. IN HIS JUST FIRST SEASON…
    Leaving of donnarumma, is trully blessing in disguise for Milan

  4. I don’t understand you guys trying to protect Dollaruma by crying against Atalanta and blaming Maldini and the club for signing a new keeper. Milan didn’t start new contract negotiations at the last moments and if Milan was his favorite club why would he have waited to see if they were playing in the champions league next season and also don’t for get how many errors dollarumma made starting from build up to saves and lack of confidence overall he did us great by opening the door for Magnian his confidence in the build up and his role as a sweeper keeper played a key role for scudetto

    1. You mistook the point. This is not protecting $umma. He was at fault for being money hungry (and being bad at footwork).

      The point is, Maldini made a masterclass move by prevented him from staying at Milan. Because of Maldini, we ended up with better GK who is not greedy like $umma.

      1. I was praising Maldini yet somehow I was accused of blaming Maldini? Seriously???

        Let $umma cry, it was his own fault for being too greedy without realizing his place.

        1. $umma is bad at footwork, made many errors, and prevent Milan from playing its football style. Yet he dare to ask ridiculous amount of money.

          No wonder Milan already identify Maignan as their next GK more than 6 months before $umma contract ran out.

    2. Milan improve its GK by replacing $umma with Maignan.

      $umma did not pave the way by refusing to stay. Stop giving him credit for Maignan arrival. The credit should be given to Maldini who slam the door on $umma by signing Maignan.

  5. we remove all the bad weeds in the team
    now all can focus on the game

    i like how pioli focus more on team cohesion rather than individual skill. its the reason we keep getting messias on RW rather than salad or adli. King Krunic also indispensable for him. i guess krunic attitude off the field affects everyone else

  6. Maignan transfer fee more cheaper than comission for donna , 13m euro vs 20m euro . Salary with discount tax for maignan also make AC Milan save much money. From financial point all club will choose maignan . From quality on field maignan are surpassed donna in term build up atack ,reflex,courage to defend from counter atack . Management doing the right thing by not waiting donna, imagine if AS Roma getting maignan first and we stuck with donna,it will be disaster

    1. Correct, from both technical and finacial point of view, signing Maignan and not renewing $umma is the correct decision.

      Anyone who think that I was blaming Maldini for this decision are still trapped in the incorrect mindset that letting $umma go was a mistake.

  7. The goal of Maldini and his colleagues was to free Milan of Raiola and his greedy clients. Donarumma, Romagnoli, Çhalanoglu. I’m not sure if Zlatan was still his client at the time. But Maldini has taught a lesson to many other clubs. It was much easier for Man United to let Pogba go. And others will follow. Super agents are a toxic to modern football. I hope Mendez doesn’t mislead Leăo.

  8. Donnarumma was awesome while he was at Milan. Wel all loved the kid. Let’s not act that just because he left he was a bad GK. He made his choice, and he has to live with it.
    Milan has absolutely upgraded with signing Maignan . Mike is top 2 GK at the moment. It’s him and Courtois.
    Mike is just as good of a shot stopper as Giggio was, but Mike is miles ahead with his footwork.
    I might be in the minority here but I have no issues with Giggio, Kessie and Romagnoli and their choices. They were free agents and they decided to go work somewhere else. While they were here they did their job to the best of their abilities and they never did or say anything to disrespect the club, teammates or fans even after they left. I Wish them all the best in their careers.

  9. All thanks to the legend maldini for that smart move and bringing back those glorious days to us, to all those bad weeds in our team like donnarumma, Hakan lemme not mention kessie cause he defended us till the last day hope they are happy where they are, they cause us alot.

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