SM: Milan reach agreement with Chukwueze on five-year deal – the figures

By Isak Möller -

AC Milan are keen on securing the services of Samuel Chukwueze and talks are ongoing with Villarreal, though the operation is very difficult. In the meantime, they have reached an agreement with the player. 

Milan are looking for a new right-winger as Junior Messias is expected to leave the club this summer. Alexis Saelemaekers has also been linked with an exit but it has been quiet on that front lately, suggesting that he could remain after all.

The primary target for the right flank is Samuel Chukwueze and negotiations are ongoing with Villarreal. As learned by our colleagues at, Milan have an agreement with the player on a five-year contract worth €4m (including bonuses) per season.

Villarreal have asked for over €30m in the negotiations but Milan could make an attempt at €20-25m. The go-ahead of the player could help the Rossoneri in lowering the Spanish side’s demands.

Should the deal materialise, then Chukwueze would take the last non-EU spot in the squad. This means Milan wouldn’t be able to sign Mehdi Taremi.

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  1. He makes a lot more sense than Taremi. We can find a Striker with an EU passport later. Try finding a great RW. There aren’t many out there.

    Glad to hear this is progressing. Chukwueze+Musah will be the next pair to join us I think.

    1. pretty sure there is around a dozen great rws out there.. ofc they cost a pretty penny. And Chuky isnt amnong them btw.
      The trick is getting them young and develop them. That Bakayoko kid from PSV that has been mentioned with Milan is a good example

      1. Pretty sure NOT. Chukwueze is one of the better RWs out there. Thanks for complaining again. Yet another person who will never be happy with anything.

        And lmao… we need someone more developed as a player as we have the CL to worry about. Not wishful thinking.

        1. Based on what? 6 goals in 2022/2023 season.. Much wow, such skill.. One goal more than an old Messias, except Chuky played 1000 minutes more…

          1. He has plenty of assists. Go cry in a corner or something. Nobody cares what you think. You want some nobody from PSV who isn’t even worth our time. Flying complainer whines about everything. Also, he had 13 goals in all competitions. Not far off from Leao.

          2. Also he is a clear upgrade to whatever we have at RW. If you’re going to cry about it, go ahead. You gave one name of some prospect that isn’t even close to starting for his own team.

            Also the movement and build up play Chukwueze offers is second to none. But this is what I expect. Complaining about everything!

          3. i gave an example. And btw bakayoko is gonna surpass Chuky in about 2 years and be worth 50M easy. But whatever, waste of my time as we already determined you are clueless about football

          4. Lmao that is such wishful thinking I’m laughing so hard at you. You are the one who knows absolutely nothing about football. You literally cry in every article.

            50 million lol… You’re blowing smoke.

            Clueless fool you are.

  2. Now is time to make upgrade of this team. This season is must win one of 4 first spot. From 2024 2025 season more revenue will be from champions league .

          1. chuwueze would make us able to play far more aggresively on both wings which would create a lot more space and it seems from the additions of reijnders and loftus strength we will play even more progressive than before then it doesnt matter as much who is upfront.
            Had tahremi been an eu player and cost less then i wouldnt have opposed the deal though but there is more promise in getting the nigerian instead from my standpoint.

          1. We also has colombo who could be nr 2 in the attack and with great wings on both sides there would be a hell of lot more of opportunities created. It would create a lot of space for other players as well.

  3. If this signing happens it would be a STATEMENT in Serie A that we are here to win. It would also be huge for Cardinale and managment to get us fans to bealive in club but also to have our opponents feared from both sides, not only from left. If somehow we can get singo for RB and Dominguez for CM then i would confidently say that we are the favorites for scuddeto, dispite Inters good transfer window. And if Colombo get it going in preseason we can leave ST role for next summer to address, and rotate him with Giroud.

  4. Wait, didn’t they reach personal agreement month ago?
    I thought they reached agreement with Villareal. What is the point of this PR post? Just to show like ‘Look, our management is working’

    1. Lol. Other articles were about negotiations. Not agreeing personal terms. There is a difference between talking to the ownership of another team and agreeing personal terms with a player. Some here will never be happy with anything.

      1. He is right, Milan agreed terms with the player a long ago.. Sempre Milan is reporting again and making it a news.

          1. June 15 and July 6, both times indicated personal terms were agreed with Chuk and was only a the transfer fee to negotiate

  5. As much as im still a bit bitter about losing both maldini and tonali in the summer, this is the one transfer ive wanted the most of those recently mentioned in the media. It would be a big upgrade and give us a whole new dimension to play with,
    Even though i havent opposed those players we have bought yet, chukwueze would be a statement of intention from the ownership and certainly sweeten up this mercato and lessen my worries in my view.
    Make it happen.

    1. AC Milan must waiting villarreal reducing asking price to buy samuel chukwu. The other path if AC Milan get cash money from selling CDK , that can make ACM pay villarreal demand in no time . Selling rebic + origi + caldara + junior messias only generate little fund 10-15m euro so that cannot help

      1. We’ll see what happens but milan should move quickly on chukwueze in my book but it all depends on how much the ownership is willing to fork up. Maybe they could also strike a deal with villareal renewing chukwueze for another year then pay up 20 this year and 15 the next one but yeah we might have to do some sales before getting this deal over the line but that would worry me quite a bit.

  6. I watched his match against Real, he played amazingly. Surely he can’t play like that every day, but that shows his capabilities when he’s motivated. If they had him on the right side, he would drag the opponent’s defense towards him and with that, Leao would immediately get more space on the left. I believe that he would then also show his full potential. I sincerely hope that they will be able to come to an agreement.

    1. No , striker will be Giroud , Colombo , Origi . Not sure about origi future due to he is not including to squad pre season

  7. So if milan sign him, it will be 4-2-3-1 no?
    Chuku on rw, and pulisic behind the striker?
    And if one of them not available milan can switch to 4-3-3 and move either one of them to right side?

    1. Im pretty sure that if we can land him that pulisic will be his substitute cause Pioli said Milan will play 433 and signing Reindeers and Loftus kinda confirms that

  8. Seeing a SiempreMilan article being the source of the news while on SiempreMilan is kinda like the Spiderman meme isn’t it 😅

        1. why do you get so butt hurt? Cant you leave someone in peace? Must you comment under everything after they tell you to fok off? imature as hell..

          1. You commented under my reply and are telling to fok off? Why don’t you go away for once and stop crying under every article. You no brains at all.

  9. Maybe the answer at striker will be pushed back another year…which is fine by me. There were too many holes in the lineup
    heading into the offseason to fill them all. I’m hoping they can find someone on loan or a cheap buy like Giroud.

  10. I said it, we will still sign a RW and DM.

    Pulisic will be Pioli’s joker in the attack as he can be backup to Leao, Giroud and Chuck, just like Krunic in midfield.

      1. Yeah, in a 4-2-3-1 it will be that way.

        However, my comments were in relation to 4-3-3, I’m very with our current players and the ones we’re after.
        It appears we can alternate between 4-2-3-1 and 4-3-3.

    1. Brother Giroud is 37. The only backup he needs is the paramedics on standby to take him to a nursing home.

      We STILL don’t have a CF 🙂

      1. Savage.

        I agree we need a CF as Giroud is old.

        But he’s still decent, and if we have other goalscorers in the team, it could lessen the burden on him, I will rather sacrifice the CF position for a capable RW at this point.

        With a mobile midfield and a capable RW, we can go big on CF next season.

  11. Lol so I’m clueless about football because I don’t agree with someone’s opinion. I’m done dealing with morons.

  12. Chukwueze is going to be world class, watch his highlights against real madrid, he absolutely destroyed real madrid!

  13. Where exactly is Pulisic going to play then if they are going 4-3-3? I bet this means Pioli is going to stick with his 4-2-3-1 with Pulisic at AM.

  14. In my opinion, all these recruits are there to allow Pioli to alternate between a 4-3-3 and a 4-2-3-1 in case some of them are injured. But I have a feeling that Pioli will get the sack because he won’t be able to adapt to a 4-3-3 game. He’s limited. And I also think that these players have not been recruited for Pioli’s game, but certainly for a future coach hidden in the shadows, already contacted by the new owners and patiently waiting for Pioli to be fired on one false step.

      1. Actually expected his sack but our legend stood by him and I feel like it contributed to his own sack.
        I’m very sure Pioli is been watched critically.

  15. Get us Chukwueze (30) Singo (10) Wahi (35) and Musah (20) and I will be happy and give praise to Georgie boy! That is a about a 100M spend. The players we already purchased were covered by Tonali sale. Our transfer budget (35) and hope we can unload some additional players to balance that out – but as I said before a 100M net spend is what was needed. Looks like we are getting close to it.

    It’s simple: When you SPEND $$$ good things happen and it can change everything for the better.

    Keep spending $$$$$$ Georgie boy!!

  16. Everyone talks about Tonali as if he’d been one hell of a player. Tonali is one of Milan’s biggest scams of recent years. Give us Tonali’s stats for the last two seasons and let’s have a laugh! Tonali could have been a world-class player had he been willing to adapt to a Pirlo-style game. Instead, he preferred to look like Gatuso’s bully. I would have preferred a thousand times over to have a Barella or a Chiesa at Milan instead of Tonali. In any case, I was very happy when I heard about his transfer and even happier when I found out that Newcastle had been conned out of 80 million. I bet he’ll be a flop in England because he still hasn’t understood that football nowadays is different from the Gatuso years. Football is now played first with the head, then with the feet and then with the strength of the body.

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