SM: Milan could counter Fenerbahce attempt by offering pay rise to Krunic

By Isak Möller -

Rade Krunic has been heavily linked with a move to Fenerbahce over the last week or so and AC Milan could now respond with a contract renewal. The Bosnian, in fact, is not totally against staying at the club. 

Various sources have reported that Krunic has an agreement with Fenerbahce at around €3m per season. A significant pay rise for the midfielder, given that he earns €1.1m per season at Milan currently.

As reported by our colleagues at, Milan are aware of the rich contract offer presented by Fenerbahce. Therefore, they could soon initiate contacts with Krunic over a contract renewal, which would include a pay rise.

However, the Rossoneri will most likely not reach the figures that Fenerbahce have offered, but it could be enough to get Krunic to stay. The midfielder isn’t unhappy at Milan and a slight pay rise could thus be all it takes to close the Turkey hypothesis once and for all.

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  1. Two idiots who can’t live without each other !!!!!!!!!!! kick them both out. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. That’s a lot of hate for two people who you are supposed to be supporting in a few weeks time.

      If you dislike them so much maybe go and support someone else.

  2. If this is true, in the next 1 or 2 years, who’s gonna buy krunic especially with his higher salary?
    It’s the exact same problem milan face right now with origi and also rebic before.
    Now is the best chance to sell him and get a younger and better midfielder

      1. Yeah and Krunic is not a quality footballer. He is not good at all. He can be replaced with someone who is younger, better and in his prime. Your logic makes no sense.

        1. Don’t worry.
          He never makes any sense.
          He’s comparing krunic to ambrosini.
          I won’t even bother responding to his non sense.

      2. Once again I agree with you. It seems like these days football fans enjoy the mercato way more than the game in itself. This frenzy of incoming or leaving players has been celebrated, but rebuilding the roster in such proportions could have a negative effect on the chemistry. It’s not only algorithms, or overall ratings like FIFA, there is a lot of psychology, leadership, team building involved for a squad to perform well.

        I feel like Pioli doesn’t want to lose another veteran, especially in midfield. Krunic is a serviceable, versatile player and he went through the resurgence of the past years and Pioli probably wants to keep some guys like this in the roster.

        1. Parrot. Krunic isn’t a good footballer at all. Merely a mediocre one.

          It’s a good thing this is likely a ruse to get Fenerbahce to raise their bid to what Milan is now asking (10 million).

          Anyways, it’s interesting to me you lot like a player who really isn’t that good. Look at last season. If we can sign someone better than him, like Dominguez, why pass it up?

          And it’s incredible to me once we address all the deficiencies in the squad, you guys cry about it being too much.

          1. Missed you my love. Once again you only ram through open doors as we say in French. You don’t read what I wrote. I’m saying in every team sport there is also a matter of individual integration, building a chemistry, common goals and memories. You reply by asking for another substitution.

            How do you know Dominguez is better than Krunic? Krunic is a reliable player for the rotation, a true professional, good character, he knows the place, the coach, the players, the domestic competitions, the UCL, etc. Brocchi wasn’t Ballack but he was the same kind of player. You don’t want him to start but you know he will perform fine when called into action.

          2. I look at the results of last season. And remember seeing Krunic performing terribly too many times to count. He is an average footballer who is more inconsistent if anything.

            He needs to exit too because if we can get 10 million that can be reinvested. Also, Dominguez is an actual DM and is a quality player. Not really my first pick, but he’s definitely better than Krunic.

            Glad to see you’re still brain dead.

          3. Same ol Giancarlo, impossible to debate, you only deal in absolutes, insulting people that disagree with you. You really are a curious case and I still wonder if you act this way in real life or if you’re just enjoying the comfort of sitting behind your screen.

          4. You defend mediocrity. And it’s no surprise you liked Brocchi. Who was not good and not liked by fans. I bet you also liked Kevin Constant and Fabio Borini too. It’s no surprise to see you defending Krunic when he’s not even good at being a DM or anything really. Guy can’t string a few passes together.

          5. Your completely missing his point. He isn’t speaking to the players level of talent/skill – he was speaking about chemistry and role/fit. Sure from a purely talent level you go for Doninquez – younger more talented, bigger upside and resale value. BUT that was not his point. His point was not everything is about talent and resale value when constructing a team to win. Chemistry and continuity also count. Which is why Pioli is fighting to keep him. It’s the same reason you don’t sell Giroud for a younger better more talented player – because chemistry also counts just as talent and resale value does.

            Personally I’m fine with selling Krunic at this point for 10M. It is a big sum for a player of his age and caliber. We completely rebuilt the mid at this point save for Pobega (who should never really play, and When Benny returns we will sell him to SA guaranteed). I can see Musah taking over that DM role or there is now talk of playing Reinjders there now too? It’s a big gamble – All new mid – but it is what it is. We will see if it works.

            I understand from the coaches perspective – he wants to keep a few players that know his way of working, system etc…and he loves Krunic despite his limitations. So If that’s what he wants then you have to say ok. It’s funny cause in one breath you say yes to Chukuweze who Pioli wanted desperately then turn around and say he doesn’t know what he is talking about with wanting to keep Krunic? Which one is it? LOL. Pioli wanted the power and more decision making over transfers – so give it to him. If he fails then he gets fired and we miss UCL. If he succeeds maybe we win Scudetto and make a nice UCL run again and he gets a raise and extension. All on him now no excuses.

        2. For the first time, you say good thing . Im surprise. Yep selling krunic will make new midfield are all new player . Pioli also lost his senior midfielder that can deploy in many position and dont mind put as rotation squad if we sell krunic

          1. I guess that’s some compliment haha don’t be surprised I’m sure we agree over many things. I feel like Pioli is pleased with the recruitment so far, he finally has a RW and some depth, but he doesn’t want to get rid of everybody. Like getting an Argentinian teenager over Colombo, or some new guy over Krunic. You know what you lose but you don’t know what you get. And contrary to many people here, Pioli thinks Krunic is a good utility player.

          2. Lol Pioli doesn’t always know best. Krunic has to go. Krunic isn’t even a good footballer but you want him to stay because he’s been around a while lol. I’m done. Lmao lmao lolllll

          3. Problem with Krunic is he’s not particularly good at anything. He’s not a real DM either. Last season our midfield failed us many times. So yes, a change was required.

  3. No no no it is out our image and Policy to try this player whonis has not moral for acmilan
    And it is Opportunity to take this advantage of selling him tbis Old Player who will not cost this price year later.
    It is failing Steps to increase his Salary while we are to curb player salaries.
    If keep him he is going the Origi ways.
    The son of Redondo is the best to Replace him.
    Or N Dominguez of Bologna or DM from Sulzburg

  4. What at embarrassment, he’s not good plain and simple. Now a pay raise!?! He’s not getting any younger or better. What does he do well?

    “He knows the system well” Ahh yes I forgot Pioli has a Bielsa-like system that only the smartest can master and Krunic the donkey is a master.

    They’re lovers, there’s no other explanation.

  5. Sh!t like this plays into the hands of agents. If another club supposedly offering you more wages leads to your client getting a big pay rise, then agents will play this card all the time.

    This is when dodgy rumors get “leaked” to the press, about so and so club reportedly desperate to sign some random player. It’s a ploy to simply earn a higher contract. Yes I’m sure this one is true (ie fener offering to double Krunic salary) but we set a precedent if our response is to immediately offer Krunic more wages.

    Smart management wouldn’t react in this manner. Unlike say Leao or Maignan, Krunic is nowhere near being a key player or irreplaceable. We should sell rather than pay rise. Not just for this specific case but to save us hassle in future.

      1. Except we didn’t change 50% of the team. Look at the mentioned starting lineup for Monza.

        You’re still posting lies I see?

    1. Well I suppose it would only apply to players you want to keep. If they don’t plan on keeping him and someone else offered higher wages, that’s a no brainer. but Pioli seems to have use for him

    2. You do realize this could also be a ruse to get Fenerbahce to raise their bid to 10 million right? I highly doubt we are actually offering a 29 year old player in clear decline a pay raise.

      1. @Giancarlo yeah I hope that’s us playing the media game. It’s a bit risky since we likely need to sell Krunic more than Fenerbahce specifically need to sign him, if you get my drift. It would be a crying shame if they actually used that money to sign say, Dominguez … or any decent midfielder (there are plenty better than Lord Krunic).

        It’s a bold move if that’s our tactic, I hope the Turkish side don’t call our bluff and walk away! Then we’ll have an unhappy Krunic and no one crazy enough to buy him! Not for the reported €10mn at least….

        Forza Milan

  6. If anyone deserves a pay rise it krunic he should be receiving atleast 70k a week, why because he is pioli best player, pioli cannot work without krunic that how valuable he is to us, one might consider him our coach son, he deserves to be part of the highest paid in our team

    1. Please tell me you’re joking, mediocre krunic deserves nothing and he wants to leave at any cost because he knows sooner or later his ass is getting sold.

  7. There’s this principle in Chemistry,”like dissolves like”. “Like attracts like”.
    Mediocre attracts mediocre. Krunic is excellent for rotation no doubt. But with all the talk about finding a regista, and knowing Pioli, Krunic is going to be starter

  8. People say why offer a pay raise to someone you’re willing to sell?

    Put out a rumor to get Fenerbahce to raise their bid. You do realize this could all be part of getting them to raise their offer right?

    1. Ferner are broke, the only reason they came for krunic is because they thought he is a low cost option, but i guess they are finding out now they where wrong because krunic is pioli one and only driving force for Milan, no new signing can displace his importance to pioli

      1. They are raising their bid as reported because they actually want Krunic. So we get them to spend their budget on him.

      2. Yes Fener is broke.Fener also offered Dominguez higher than Milan. If u keep holding Krunic Fener will take Dominguez and next year Krunic for much less money.

  9. Even if you’re one of the fans who wants Krunic to be sold, no one is going to keep raising their bid for a player that you are telling them you don’t want. Regardless of whether he stays or goes, showing an interest in keeping him is the only logical move here. If you want to get mad about it, at least wait until it actually happens. There’s a good chance this is all posturing to make sure they get the highest fee for him they can possibly get.

    1. The only thing that can make fener increase their offer is if other clubs where after krunic, but no other club value krunic like ferner so why should they overspend when they are the only one bidding

          1. Fabrizio hasn’t said anything about Krunic you mong, fener really like the player and are slowing increasing and will meet the 8-10M mark players will is key

  10. Moron they have debt to pay, go check ffp in Turkey, also if fener doesn’t offer the 10m change your username to giampalo

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