SM: Milan expected to trim wage bill further – three players just the start

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan intends to further lower their wage bill in the summer transfer window as two players will leave and one will take a pay cut.

As our colleagues at report, the exits of Frank Kessie and Alessio Romagnoli on free transfers to Barcelona and Lazio respectively will bring a net saving of €8m, therefore gross of a figure that exceeds €10m.

Those two are not the only ones to bring significant savings to the balance sheet though, Zlatan Ibrahimovic – who received €7m net for the 2021-22 season – will sign a new contract until 2023 at around €100k per month and then the second part of the season (when he is back from injury) will be at significantly lower figures than in the previous season too.

Milan could therefore save around €10m in net salary according to the most optimistic forecasts, therefore in the €15-20m region in gross. The salaries of the new signings should be balanced by the cuts relating to the departure of Samu Castillejo, Tiemoue Bakayoko and any other disposals.

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  1. So this also means we will not give Leao what he wants.. let’s not be to positive about this, this is also our biggest weakness

    1. If you asked your boss for more than he can afford, enough to upset every other employee who would now feel underpaid, would he just gladly give it to you no questions asked?

      1. LOL. That is a horrible analogy @ WCSG. Every employee is paid different wages, especially at management or executive levels LOL. WTF are u talking about? Market value dictates salary in sports. We are not talking about your paper route kid lol. I guess every player at every club is pissed at one another because they all make different salaries eh? Ya, Van Dyke must hate Salah because he makes more than him and must feel underpaid and wants out of Liverpool hahahahahahaha.

        1. You should make the Sadio Mane comparison, he is out of Liverpool because he feels underpaid, as much as I like our players being more appreciated a balance in the team salary structure is needed

        2. What wcsg said is completely relevant, and main reason why milan just doesnt give super wage raise to a player.

          But then, i hope milan will cover part of leao’s debt. This will help smoothen the deal

          1. No that is NOT the reason Milan doesn’t give super wages lol. The reason is because Redbird run the club for profit and not necessarily for titles. And didn’t you just contradict yourself? So it’s NOT ok for Milan to pay Leao a higher salary cause that would piss off the other players – BUT it’s ok for Milan to give Leao millions on the side to cover his debt and that wouldn’t piss off the other players who may have their own debts and could use payment help? LOL. Make up your mind. Both are fine. Players like other people in life aren’t all treated equally. Star players get star treatment and all accept it – especially in sports. This is life unfortunately

  2. Milan have to Sell Leao if wages demands are too high to please the whole team. The team consists of 11 + 5-6 subs. This is not an individual game. Selling Leao at $70 + 20% of future deals will be a great deal.

    1. And who will play? Rebić, Krunić, Messias? And Giroud or Origi up front? CL would be a dream with a team like that.

  3. if everything went normal we have to sell theo tonali leao soon….no worries bro. But plz not yet, then we have no longer a team.
    Back to salary, 1 Ibra 2 Diaz 3 Romagnoli 4 Florenzi 5 Bakayoko – thats the real issue!! !! !! !! !! !!

    1. Which issue? Ibrahimović doesn’t have a contract anymore. Romagnoli isn’t at Milan, his contract expired. Diaz is on loan, Milan pays almost nothing in salary. Bakayoko seems to be leaving and what about Florenzi? He has 3M per year. 0 out of 5. Literally 0, how can you be so lost.

  4. Why in God’s name do you simpleton, morons continue to carry water for the billionaire’s that own Milan(whoever that may actually be, who knows at this point.) But this idea that Milan cannot afford players is literally the propaganda machine of Elliot still hard at work. Why would they want you to know the club is rolling in the dough? Of course they would want you to believe they cannot afford anything! This is a JOKE that anyone believes it but it’s even worse that there are alleged supporters on here trying to back the claim up and continue to disparage the PLAYERS who bust their asses for this club for simply asking what they’re worth. Who the hell cares if Elliot or DeadBird loses a little extra money out of their billions? Why do you “supporters” care about this? Ohhh I know it’s FFP right lol? Yeah FFP only matters when you don’t make the UCL, everyone knows this. If you continue to finish Top 3 than you can essentially sign whoever you want and no one will say a thing about it. Furthermore AC Milan is NOT Atalanta or Fiorentina, I mean yes they’ve been outspending us lately but that’s only because our owners are SUPER GREEDY. AC Milan absolutely RAKES in the cash from China, America, the Middle East, and Brazil. I mean I can understand arguing that Milan can’t financially compete with the larger EPL clubs do to TV deals but other than that Milan makes as much or more money than almost any other club in the world. Do you people just not know this, is this why you shill for ownership? Or is this actually ownership using bots to argue against the supporters who actually know what’s really going on? I can’t figure this out. Why would would ANYONE who supports a football club be against spending money to improve the club?! I mean not only are some of you against it but it’s almost like you’re just virtue signaling to people on here by arguing about financial responsibility or “asking your boss for so much money blah blah” lol you guys are CLOWNS. It’s not your money, what do you care? And this is idea that it’s actually a BETTER strategy not to spend money? Hahaha what? This is 2022, spending money is THE ONLY WAY TO WIN. European football is split into the HAVES and HAVE NOT’S, Milan are BLESSED to be part of the HAVES group. Unfortunately we have been owned by some of the most GREEDY, SCUMBAG, TRASH individuals on this planet(look it up, this isn’t me saying this). And as long as UNEDUCATED, UNINTELLIGENT, VIRTUE SIGNALING TROLLS are carrying the water for these scumbag owners to never spend money to improve while increasing the sale price of the club every year. Well then Milan is hopeless and will remain completely irrelevant in Europe like we’ve been for a decade. Thanks LOSERS.

    1. You had said it all , someone said you can’t eat you cake and still have it, Ac Milan greedy owners are trying to kill of the Club.

  5. Ibra should be given a real contract of 2 or 3 million a year. He’s so important off the field, it doesn’t even matter if he’s injured. Milan have been the best in Serie A since he arrived January 2020 and that’s not a coincidence.

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