SM: Milan could keep young duo in first team for upcoming season

By Isak Möller -

AC Milan are currently making their final evaluations ahead of the upcoming season, having made eight signings thus far, and there could be some surprises. In fact, a young duo could remain with the first team. 

Both Lorenzo Colombo and Jan-Carlo Simic have done very well during the pre-season thus far and Stefano Pioli hasn’t missed this. In fact, Milan management is currently evaluating the best path for both of these.

As learned by our colleagues at, Simic impressed a lot especially against Real Madrid and Pioli could keep him as a fifth choice. Of course, he would continue to play some games for the Primavera but could also cover for the first team if needed.

Another option for the Rossoneri is to sign a new centre-back, but there might not be a cheap option available. In addition to Simic, as our colleagues continue, Colombo has a very good chance of remaining with the first team for the upcoming season as the third-choice striker.

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  1. I’m ok with this. Particularly if Simic also plays some games for the primavera to keep match fitness and continue to play in competitive situations. I’m a little more concerned about Colombo’s minutes. Given that Okafor will also cover for Leao I think he could see minutes at striker, but they might no be enough to continue his development.

      1. yes he will need to play regularly and we cant reproduce what we did with Gabbia. He is at a crucial stage in his development. Give him 10 full games total in minutes is not enough. He is netter off being loaned to another team with a condition of him needing to play a minum amount of games/minutes.

      2. The reason Italy’s national team is having difficulties at generational turn overs is because we dont play our players before they turn 24 or 25 on high level squads. We need to improve in that aspect and give them consistent experience at top tier competition.

        1. It is no clubs responsibility to grow players for any national team. They are trying to win as many games as possible and will always go with the best available players. If a young player was better than the one in place only a fool won’t play him, and only a fool would play him if he wasn’t a better option.

          1. Germany has rules where players formed in their country need a minimum amount of games played for teams to maintain their registration licenses. So everyone needs to give younger players from Germany a chance. The teams are on equal footing, it becomes a question of scouting and developing the best local players. Germany consistently churns out new professionals every year at a higher rate than Italy for this reason. They also have their second teams playing in professional divisions as well so young players can get experience if they are not up to taks for the Bundesliga yet. So the Italian football federation needs to reform this and fix the problem.

            There is no way for a young player to ever get better when they never play. You wouldn’t be able to know how good they can be without them getting experience.

        2. I know I sound like a broken record but It’s because there is a turnover of literally thousands of players every few months.

          The transfer market is far too disruptive and short termist to deal with the very serious job of developing elite athletes.

          It’s like take prize winning race horses and changing trainers and training bases every 4-6 months and expecting the race horse to perform.

          No other sport, profession, place has this level of turnover and it is killing the game.

      3. Indeed, we have many options in attack now. There could be a situation where both Leao and Chukwueze are un available due to a combination of rest/suspension/injury. I don’t think Colombo will see that much time, but some time. Is it enough for his development to continue? This I don’t know.

  2. Management should save some money for winter transfer.

    someone gonna bound to flop, at winter transfer will patch that up. so playing with young players is good for now

    1. Most top teams don’t buy in the January window because:

      a) few top quality players are willing to move
      mid-season; and

      b) the new players don’t get a preseason.

      January signings should only be for dealing with injuries and maybe that goalscorer (if you can find one) to give you the final push for the title.

  3. Keep both and focus on a left back and possibly defensive midfielder. If Kjaer leaves we need to sign another CB as well as we only got 4 then. Also both Kalulu and Kjaer seems to have injury problems already.

  4. AC Milan don’t need transfer operations during the winter window till the next summer window if Pioli knows his onions cause the transfer cup of AC Milan is already overflowing with talented group of players.

  5. We need good defenders too cause last season we conceived a lot of goals our defence is porous if we lose our Central defender to injury no good backup replacement for Tomori so we need at least two defenders let the management focus on this before the league start please

  6. He did save Lecce from relegation, with his heroics, in a squad starved from creating goalscoring opportunities he still managed 6 goals and 3 assists, making him their 3rd top scorer. He should do a lot better with the service we can provide. Give him a run, even if it’s for majority cup games.

      1. You simply can’t tell what his ability is.

        Top strikers have seasons where they barely get into double figures.

        Form, tactics and what day of the week it is make all the difference.

        Look at how big a difference playing home and away makes. And sometimes, as was the case with Milan for a while, away form is better (possibly because there’s less pressure).

        What we do know is this guy is one of the top players on the planet for his age by virtue of the fact that he has made it this far at a top club.

        If we cannot take that raw material and turn into something then there’s something seriously going wrong.

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