SM: Milan’s hopes of offloading Caldara declining due to one major obstacle

By Oliver Fisher -

In these last few days of the transfer market, Milan are working hard to try and sell all the players considered outside of Stefano Pioli’s plans.

Before reading the update below, it is worth checking out our latest Substack piece on Divock Origi, Alexis Saelemaekers and Charles De Ketelaere, which has some exclusive info on their respective situations.

In addition to the aforementioned names of Saelemaekers and Origi, the Milan management is also working on the farewell of Mattia Caldara and Fode Ballo-Toure.

A complicated negotiation with Werder Bremen is still underway for the Senegalese full-back, but the chances of a departure in this summer mercato are fading every day for Caldara.

The Italian centre-back – who returned after a season-long loan spell with Spezia – has so far aroused the only interest of Verona but his high salary of €2m net per season will be difficult for them to match.

Milan will have to cede to the idea of ​​paying part of his salary in order to have even minimal chances of being able to offload him. The alternative is that it is Caldara – who has 10 months left on his deal at Milan – could reduce his salary to widen his options.

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    1. if milan release those players without the players consent ac milan will still have to pay their full contracts so it isnt as simple as just tearing up their contracts.

      1. Caldara has 1 yr left so either wait to expire or just release him it’s gonna be like 1 something M that he gets. But Origi has three so .. better use money to release origi 12 m just release him

        1. No it will not, if we release caldara we will have to pay the full contract and in the event of a loan we could maybe slim down our costs to half of it, so theres money to save.
          Releasing origi then we will have to pay his full salary as well and its not like we will save anything on that grounds, Either we sell him or we loan him out to minimize our costs or thirdly make an agreement with the player to simply terminate his contract which he clearly has no reason to agree upon,
          This is simple facts,

      2. Plus I think there is a penalty to pay as well for terminating the contract single-handedly. So they would end up paying more.

        1. Im not sure about that but clearly as we saw with leao players cant just terminate their contracts, I also remember adrian mutu from chelsea who had a fondness for white powder ended up paying a hefty price as his contract was torn up by the club because he didnt live up to his obligations so he was severly fined afterwards,

  1. o ffs loan him and pay half his salary.. Still better than paying the whole 2M imao. One more season and we are rid of him

  2. Apparently a player who was once considered a top CB is no longer good enough to be a 4th choice CB.

    We did some Argentinian defender though who has an Italian passport. I’m sure he has a bright future. Just look at Caldara!

    1. There are no guarantees in life except death and unfortunately in caldaras case his career has pretty much fizzeled out due to his bad string of injuries but at least with pellegrino theres still some hope and potential to work with.

      1. If Caldara was the only case and not the 500th……

        And with another 10 new signings next season I’m sure there’s money to made (or not made in the case of the actual club) so they’ll be lining up some more victims.

        1. Dont get me wrong as we dont disagree on things like for example the importance of coherency and i for one would like a more italian team down the road as well but caldara just isnt that player. Its a shame though but we propably never should have made that swap to begin with as he more fits a 3 man cb defense but always a shame to see players to completely fall through but overall the great majority of young players coming up the ranks are bound to fail regardless of which clubs they play for.

          No problem and glad you liked it that video is indeed a good one and always has me smiling from one ear to the other 😀 Hopefully he wil come back even stronger later on in his career.

    2. Well, Caldara is overweight. Watched him last couple of season and his playing was awful. Couldn’t even jump because of that massive butt. I liked the guy when he joined us. But he just became another reminder to never sign ex-zebras.

  3. The Only Solution is to Terminate the Contracts 9f Origi,Caldara,Toure,Florenzi befire the end of this Month

    1. why cant some of you around here not understand that clubs cant just terminate a contract as they please as they would have to pay the full salary of the entire contract duration to the player.
      If milan did what youy are saying in regard of that bunch of players we would have to fork up over 20 mil and getting nothing in return.

      1. Ppl here wont understand . They only know if lose just comment pioli out, if player flop just sell and buy new player, if cannot sell player just terminate their contract . Whoever player they hate or coach they hate , they will comment out and hiding behind : comment are free. Better stop reply them martin. They are not worth your time,let them with their stupidity

        1. Im starting to agree but if there is no room for enlightment and open minded discusion then i really dont know why i should waste my time here any longer as there are better things for me to do.

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