SM: Pellegrino medical set for Tuesday – Milan turn attention to another signing

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan will soon welcome their ninth signing of a hectic summer transfer window but their business will not be done there, we have learned.

According to what is being reported by our colleague Luca Maninetti of, Marco Pellegrino’s medical is scheduled for Tuesday meaning that he will arrive in Italy soon.

As mentioned, he will be Milan’s ninth summer recruit after Marco Sportiello, Luka Romero, Ruben Loftus-Cheek, Christian Pulisic, Tijjani Reijnders, Noah Okafor, Samuel Chukwueze and Yunus Musah.

Pellegrino is a 21-year-old Club Atletico Platense defender with an Italian passport who has played 17 times for his club this season and is among the most highly rated talents in his position in Argentina.

However, Maninetti reports that Milan are not done yet in terms of their summer business and now the attention will shift to signing a centre-forward.

Could the striker be Romelu Lukaku? A report earlier this afternoon claimed that negotiations are underway.

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    1. When a coach prefers a 37year old Giroud man over a young blooded talents in CDK, it tells you the pattern of thoughts of the man, all the All the good teams are recruiting fast, energetic and talented players(Lautaro @inter, Vlahovic @juve, Osimhen@Napoli, Haaland@city, G,jesus@Arsenal, Hjlound@manutd, Nunez, Diaz @liverpool, Jackson @chelsea, Yamal,@ Barcelona, vini, Bellingham @madrid even psg had gone to dembele and Gomez….only my own dear Milan with this idiot man will use a 37 year old man as his striker! Gosh …I can’t stand this man..

      1. Hey earth to idiot here, CDK was never at Milan’s level. Go cheer them on if you love Atalanta so much. I’m so done with the level of stupidity on here.

        1. You come on pretty strong, fratello. Keep in mind there are all levels of footballing IQ on these threads. 🙂 Many will learn a thing or two on here. Myself included.

          1. I just need to learn how to ignore abject stupidity because entertaining a stupid person is like arguing with a washing machine. An inherest waste of time

          2. I mostly only read the comments, for me a 50 years old guy who has been supporting Milan for 34 years some of you really think too highly your footballing IQ or knowledge. That footballing IQ standard has gotta be very low.

      2. The same coach u are under rating brought the team back to champions league, won scudetto and took the team to semi final last year with same old giroud, something that other coaches failed to do with their young strikers.

      3. With every comment you make, you show how little you understand about football…

        Do you comprehend the system Pioli uses and whether or not CDK fits that system? Or do you learn football from PlayStation?

        Compare our system to Atalanta’s and maybe you can figure why he will do better there. Or maybe not. I don’t know.

      4. “When a coach prefers a 37year old Giroud man over a young blooded talents in CDK”

        LOL. Only an idiot would play a 0-goal-“striker” over a guaranteed ~15 goals/season guy who has proven himself multiple times and is also the best goal scorer ever in the French national team. Age is an invalid argument here.

    2. Atalanta are a subpar team. SOMEONE has to score for them at some point. CDK belongs on a below average team where he can get some minutes. He got it.

      1. Atalanta are a subpar team?
        Milan finished 5th on the field last season, Atalanta finished 6th.
        6 points was the difference between Milan and the subpar Atalanta team. They had 1 less win than Milan

      2. Um subpar. Is Atalanta beating us 5-0 3 years ago make them subpar. Atalanta almost getting into champions league is subpar?

        1. “Is Atalanta beating us 5-0 3 years ago make them subpar. ”

          A LOT has changed since that 5-0 loss if you haven’t noticed. For example Milan got a scudetto. How many did Atalanta get after that loss? Oh right…

        2. Except Atalanta didn’t almost get into the CL. They are an EL/Conference League team. And they always get dumped out of the EL early. You cheerleaders ought to support them if you love them so much. The team that injures brand new signings in training where they need surgery.

          Ade you a 🤡?

    3. NOBODY cares about Atalanta and them injuring players before they even play. If you want to go cheer on that EL team, go ahead and leave this site. “Emmy”. New name out of nowhere.

  1. All the while I keep saying this coach is such a joke and a useless manager ! Pioli fan boy keep supporting him, a player be used all through a season without inspiring to score a goal had just scored under a genius! What is there in pioli that is enough to inspire a player, no achievement, no ingenuity, no invention all mouth and bears! Birds of the same feather flock together I hope Milan had not fallen into the wrong hands in the guise of pioli and cardinale….both failures

    1. The thing about common sense, Adel, is that it’s not so common 🙂 Now, you’re right. We did so much better under Giampaolo. We should go back to that.

    1. And people will CDK was the problem all along. He played a mediocre Brahim Diaz over him. Now he scored a goal in 30 minutes lmaooooo. Where you at Pioli Driders?

      1. Are you serious about CDK scoring a goal? He should consider himself lucky to have score that goal, it’s like he just stood straight and the ball smashed on his head.

    2. I’m hoping for at least 60mil. We get 10% and 4mil in bonuses which recoups the money we spent on him. I’m sure Gasp will get the best out of him.

      I’m rooting for this kid too. Hope he succeeds.

    1. Why would Redbird care? Every bad player has a good game now and then, especially when on a lower level team like Atalanta where he can get minutes. Redbird knows this. He isn’t near the level of Milan.

  2. CDK’s performance shows that pioli is a poor coach, with these kind of signings he is still yearning for more players, Adli and CDK were good players but when they came to Milan, they became bad.

    1. Sounds like CDK was brought on despite Pioli’s requests. CDK couldn’t cut it in our system. He needs a second striker to be effective. We didn’t play like that. Atalanta however does.

      If you understand basic football tactics, this is a no brainer. Has nothing to do with Pioli. And if I were the coach, I wouldn’t change formation just to suit one player.

      Move on.

  3. Funny how all the morons are coming out of the wood work. Like Muwo and Emmy. Pioli is a poor coach because CDK “performed” in one game. You’re clowns and you can’t even comment on the article at hand.

  4. Atlanta is the perfect spot for CDK. Gasperini is renowned for getting quality out if rough gems. He doesn’t fit Milan right now. Pioli is a fine coach with silverware to his name. His challenge will be in adapting to a 4-3-3 and finding the right balance of playing time for a young and hungry team. Giroud is a proven winner. A young team like Milan needs a few of those around. Lukaku is a head case and may bring more problems than solutions at a very high salary.

  5. Well we couldn’t very well have given Bozzolan a chance! No we need to go off and sign another player (and randomer from South America with an ITALIAN passport phew).

    I’m sure we’ll flip him again next summer.

    Dídac Vilà anyone?

    1. Wow. You’re quick to throw a young player under the bus and then name off some random we signed during a different era. You really are a blatant hypocrite.

      1. Have they changed the rules or can teams still only play 11 players one of whom is Theo?

        Sorry “modern football”, “long season”, “bigger squad than Man City”….

    2. “Dídac Vilà anyone?”

      LOL. From the time Galliani had already turned senile. So, what does that have to do with the current Milan?

      1. The current Milan have signed a large volume of players?

        It’s certainly been our most disruptive summer that I can remember even extending to non-playing staff.

        If a business had experienced this level of turnover there’d be serious concerns but hey “modern football”.

        1. Oh here we go with that disruptive garbage. If it was up to you, we would still be playing Locatelli (mediocre) and De Sciglio (even more mediocre) and Theo hernandez wouldn’t have even joined the team.

          Disruptive soooo disruptive omg so disruptive lmaoooooo you’re like a little child. We finally get reinforcements to our right side, where most of our signings are focused on, yet againnnnnnnnnnnn soooo disruptive…. the Messias and De Sciglio fan here is so brain dead.

          If it was up to you, we would be fighting for 10th place again.

          1. You realise that both De Sciglio and Locatelli play for a club that technically finished above us last season and are our direct rivals for the title?

            Apparently players who play for a team above us are not “Milan quality” but players who have never played for a team in the top 4 of a top 5 European league are amaze-balls…

            Anyway hope I’m wrong but there’s bound to be some flops – or are you expecting a success rate of 10/10?

            No pressure…..

          2. “You realise that both De Sciglio and Locatelli play for a club that technically finished above us last season and are our direct rivals for the title?”

            De Sciglio doesn’t PLAY for them. He’s more of a mascot really.

          3. “Anyway hope I’m wrong but there’s bound to be some flops – or are you expecting a success rate of 10/10?

            No pressure…..”

            Well… Let’s say only 3 will be a success. That would still be THREE TIMES AS MANY as last season. That’d be huge.

            We only had to make 2-3 well targeted reinforcements last summer and failed at it miserably which meant this summer demanded a bigger transformation. You cannot live in the past and pretend “everything’s fine” when thing clearly aren’t.

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