SM: Zirkzee deal reaches make-or-break point with Furlani approval needed – the details

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan have been left with a decision to make regarding Joshua Zirkzee after the latest developments regarding commissions.

As has been widely reported over the past few days, the Milan management have made Zirkzee the number one summer target and they have progressed to an advanced stage in the negotiations with his entourage.

The player is very much open to the move because he wants to stay in Italy, the Rossoneri have no problems paying his €40m release clause active from July 1 and the contractual details will not be an issue either.

According to what we have learned through Luca Maninetti of, the discussions have reached a make-or-break point. After suggestions that the gap on commissions was being reduced, Zirkzee’s agency have made it clear today that they will not budget on their €15m demands.

If Milan want to close the operation they will be able to do so quickly because as mentioned the figure of the clause is known as is the striker’s salary. Now, the final green light is awaited from Giorgio Furlani and the ownership to approve the overall €55m expense.

The general feeling is that blowing up the deal now would be counter-productive after two months of work, however there is of course the more difficult issue of setting a precedent when it comes to commissions ahead of such an important window.

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  1. It’s not only about setting precedent, there’s a huge difference between 55 million and 40 million. The latter price is also quite high, as release clauses tend to be. But now the big gamble becomes a huge gamble, and one which I doubt management will take

    1. Juve midfield next year will be:
      Fagioli-Douglas Luiz-Koopmeiners

      Inter became even better with free Zielinski and Taremi deals. now they are going for ST, GK and CB

      Napoli have Conte with only Serie A, and 150-200M warchest… (130M Osi, 15M Simeone and de Laurentis can give 50M to complete Conte’s vision)

      Atalanta always a threat

      1. I hear you, and Inter will definitely be a problem next season (although their from will also most likely drop like the two previous serie a champions).

        Juve are still far away from this midfield trio, and Fagioli isn’t that scary in my eyes. Also they will need to sell, and so will likely have issues in other areas.

    2. Je n’encourage même pas la direction à accepter cette somme c’est trop pour un attaquant à risque. Je préfère qu’on aille à Gerone c’est mieux.

  2. Just go for the middle groud and get Zirkzee… He just fits too well for us to waste this chance. We want 5M comission, they want 15M, so settle for 10M and 50M for Zirkzee is worth, this is the unfortunate fact of modern football you can’t get anyone cheaper even if you tried.

    1. Of course you can. Bologna signed him for 8.5m two seasons ago.

      Gyokeres was 24m last summer.

      There’s plenty of talent out there if the structure is in place to find and mature it.

      I think Zirkzee is a good bet, but I also believe we should be able to find an alternative if he’s unaffordable. If not, that’s a(nother) failure of our scouting.

  3. As much as I like Zirkzee I don’t think he is worth that much. I don’t think any Italian team will invest that much in him. So my question is doesn’t he have any say? Can’t he tell the agent to lower his demands?

      1. Artem Dovbyk from Girona. Cheaper, better and more experience. Then we should go for Khephren Thuram and Fofana.

        Offload Pobega, Bennacer and Jovic.

      2. Hello, I will and Wish milan Buy Girona striker,he’s good with his Head,Strong and has a goid Shot. If we cannot get him,then let go for GUIRASSY. Same power,good with his Head etc. Zirkzee is not good with his Head, only skillful that’s all. I wished the Deal fail sincerely.

    1. No, he will be contractually tied to them with a notice period. Their contract will allow them to set their own commissions and if he walked away from it he’ll personally owe them millions.

      Does seem crazy that they’re basically asking for more than two full years of his salary, but it’s because they know his market value is higher than his clause and there’s always desperate late transfer window money from England.

  4. OK, so now we know this is not happening. We are cheap and won’t open a precedent of paying an agent 37.5% of the sale price. Which, for the record, I do find to be outrageous.

    1. Not paying 15mil commission on a 40mil player is not cheap. It’s common sense.

      Thing thing about common sense though is that its not that common…

  5. Is this the Taremi saga again? At least it’s still early to find an alternative striker.

    55M for a one year wonder, including 15M for the agent? This is blackmail, fck off. Enjoy Bologna, kid. I agree that he looks like a good player but he only scored 12 goals, 2 the previous season, and that price tag is crazy. We absolutely need someone to at least replicate Giroud’s production.

    1. At this point I’m almost rooting for the deal to fail. The problem is, who will we get, then? It’s not like there are formidable alternatives that would cost less than 55 million. Yes, there are alternatives, but generally, less impressive players, or more expensive players.

      We may end up with Lukaku. Horrible.

      1. If We get Lukaku, still OK,cos,Teams will be afraid of US both in League and Champions league. Power,hard to collect ball from. He only cost 38 million. I WISH milan get one of this Lukaku, Dobky,GUIRASSY

  6. What I don’t understand is if zirkzee told his agent to beat it wouldn’t this deal be done? There’s a 40m release clause that once activated how does the agent have a say? If they didn’t want it to be like that then they shouldn’t have inserted a buy out clause.

    1. I’m pretty confused too. What does the agent have to do with anything ? If he says “well I created the 40mn release clause” no you didn’t, you created a 55mn release clause.

    2. The agent probably negotiated that release clause on the contrat so now he wants the reward of his “work” and Zirkee is probably grateful for that release clause allowing him to go almost wherever he wants, and he’s probably also grateful to his agent for the choice of Bologna to boost his career. Whatever, he’s still a kid, he’s not a businessman, I think he trusts his agent and let him do his business. Bad for us, maybe bad for him also in the end. Let’s see.

  7. and yesterday it was said that it will be resolved in the next couple of hours. it wasnt.. tired of this same bs day in day out

  8. Zirkzee can fire his agent, if he really wanted to. He’s playing a dangerous game. If no deal is struck then Bologna will demand more than €40 million. Let’s say they ask for €50 million, that takes any deal for Zirkzee up to €65 million. Who is paying that? No one in Italy. No one in Germany, even though Bayern can take him back for a pittance, Arsenal have the money, but also have other targets in mind. Newcastle, Chelsea, Aston Villa and Man United have to sell before they buy, that leaves mid-ranking teams.

  9. I disagree that this set some sort of president. Each deal, each player Is a different case. If 55 million overall initial investment proves to be within parameters for the club then they should spend it. Otherwise move on to different targets. But just because you’re willing to pay to get one deal done doesn’t imply that you’re willing to pay a high commission to get any and every deal done.

    1. Yeah it is a precedent. It means that every time we’ll get a player for a price tag that is considered a discount, his agent will ask for that kind of commission. And our policy is to look for these bargain players so it could be a problem. For once, I agree with the management and they stick to their policy. No critics here, just plain fact they said it, it’s “buy low sell high” so it’s smart to buy Zirkee for 40M considering the value of strikers on the market, he could be worth twice in a year with a good season.

      We need a starting striker to compete for top 4, we don’t need a world class player, many clubs find productive strikers for cheap. Football is a worldwide sport, there is a lot of talent. We can go for Guirassy, Dovbyk, David, Wahi, Gimenez, etc. There are a lot of options. So if the agent sticks to his demands, ciao and good luck at Bologna, it’s a major missed opportunity for his career.

      1. Totally disagree. We will pay the fee when it suits us, and won’t when it doesn’t. Very simple. The situation will dicta the whether or not the agent gets the exorbitant commission, not “precedent”.

      2. I’m not making a comment on whether or not it makes sense to pay 55m to secure Zirkzee. I am not informed enough to make the call.

      3. You’re not allowed to agree with this management, Bart. WHO are you and what have you done with the real Bart I know?!

        Madness! 🤯

        1. Haha man I wish Furlani and the agent could compete for Zirkee in a MMA fight, this is the kind of entertainment that I want!

  10. Of course it’s a precedent. According to Milan News Italy, these are the top commissions Milan has paid to agents since 2018:

    1° Paquetà, 2.9
    2° De Ketelaere, 2.8
    3° Leao, 1.8
    4° Piatek, 1.8
    5° Maignan, 1.5
    6° Rebic, 1.4
    7° Caldara, 1.2
    8° Tonali, 1.2
    9° Theo, 1.1
    10° Bennacer, 0.9

    And now Milan is asked to pay 15 Million? This is more than 5 times the highest commission Milan has paid since 2018. There is just no way. This deal is not going to happen. If Furlani endorses it, he is a fool.

    1. Lol. Furlani is a fool if he does, and a fool if he doesn’t. People ask the club to spend, and cry when the club doesn’t spend. Then when the club spends they cry the club spent too much. 🙄🔫

      1. It’s about where the money is allocated. We lost top players because they were too tight to give them contracts reflecting their value, Dollarumma (no regret), Calhanoglu (no regret) and Kessié, and they are apparently struggling to extend Théo and Mike. In the meantime, they waste money on Musah, Pellegrino, Romero, more to come, and we would give 15M€ to an agent?

  11. This Milan ownership operated on principle if we have learned anything. 15mil in commission is idiotic in principle on a40mil deal.

    Unless Milan really believe in this kid, 55mil on a40mil player is hard to see going through.

    I wonder if Milan go to Zee and tell him that his agent is the only thing standing in the way of him joining.

  12. I prayed milan try to talk to the agent for around 45 million euro in total,please milan should not lose him but if it provr abortive ,give GUIRASSY CHANCE WITH HIS BETTER STATISTICS THAN JOSHUA

  13. Remember when Raiola asked for 10M fee to renew Gigio?

    Please dont be a fool and let this one go, there are plenty of fish in the sea.

  14. 55 millions is a bit exaggerated and as much as I’d like to see him in red and black, if they don’t move from this demand, it’s better to try and look elsewhere.

    But they cannot expect to find a much cheaper alternative out there. They’re all in region of 40 to 50 millions, at least the decent ones.

    1. Overall season performance, achievement and goals our very own CDK is better than him… but Atalanta want discount on the 22m agreed

  15. 10-15 mil might be financially feasible as a one time payment but then what in 3 years time when we will have to renew the player that most likely will have improved will he then demand 20 mil ? This agent is a rat and has been it since around the time when Raiola made himself a name. Raiola drained AC Milans coffers when the money could have been invested into the club.
    I Hope the player joins us but the agents commission shouldn’t even reach the 5 mil mark.

  16. Zirkzee had quality and very technique with room from growth but 55m for a one season wonder kid. Milan can do better to the attack quality to match up Inter and Juventus without breaking the bank…

    Milan need a prolific striker that guarantee 15goals above if the wingers like Leoa Pusic and even RLC can score 8 10goals above. .

    How bout getting Lukaka for free with pay cut of 6m and buy a proven striker at lower cost 17m Guirassy qrelease clause from Stuggart with any of Okafor jovic colombo Nasti.. I think we can be well covered up front and produce goals without any huge amount of money

    And we can easily strengthen other positions without selling Theo or maignan. And if we have to sacrifice Pobega and Bennecer can leave for Fofana and Hojbjerb from Tottenham or even Rabiot with reduced salary from 7.5m reported earlier.

    With sales from CDK and other thru will enough to renew maignan and Theo just as Inter did with their pillars.

    1. Lukako wont come for free as he is currently owned by chelsea and his contract is lasting until 2026 but currently loaned to roma and the demands for a sale is around 35-40 mil according to media reports.

      1. Yes I am aware , I was meant to day dry loan without any fee attached or better with option to buy as a reduced price.

        CDK score more goals than Zirkzee last season. What millan need is a proven and prolific striker not a fancy attacker with skills and all… if the management would spend big they can get Sesko he has shown and prove himself with champions league and Europa experience. Tall with good physique, good in the air, hold up plat and can operate in and outside box or better Lukaku on loan and Guirassy 17m cheaper cost with great qualities and goals assured

        1. I think there was some news recently that chelsea wouldnt consider dry loans this season so i think its out of the question.

          Zirkzee might do better with us but i agree sesko would have been an ideal replacement but unfortunately it wont happen after he seemingly renewed his contract. I wouldnt oppose Guirasy either and as vero rossonero suggests Scamacca further down.

  17. Get both Jonathan David and the stugart striker for 50m and we are good in attack Jonathan to me is far better than zirkzee or whatever is called not worth the risk for me

  18. Zirkzee is more if an attacking midfielder than an out an out striker.. We need someone with Leaos speed and Girouds finishing.

  19. Zirkzee is a quality player but certainly not an out and out striker and not worth 55m.

    Scamacca would do very well or Dovbyk.
    Sesko seems to be staying put.

    Otherwise, forget about it all together. We have Okafor, Colombo and Jovic. Now that might not sound exciting but they are 3 different profiles, which is good.
    We could spend our striker money on someone like Chiesa. He is Italian and a really top player.
    Imagine Leao – Pulisic – Chiesa behind Okafor.
    With that kind of firepower a big name striker would not be missed. Besides Okafor is plenty capable

      1. I rather see Scamacca than someone like Gimenez or Dovbyk who’ll cost 50 millions and take like 80% of the season to blend in.

  20. Let’s get the deal done, if the agent could come to 10 million would be great if not get over it and sign the player it’s a win situation look at his age,then we need to get a second striker ,the Morocan player from Sevile for 20 million it’s a bargain he scored more than 20 goals he is a complete striker also good in the air like Giroud. In order to compete with Inter who have three World class strikers.Then we definately need a right back from Lile or Totenham and a defensive mid Fofana then lastly a central defender once we have completed the most important once.

  21. Utterly sick of milan management. If they are so unwilling to pay commissions then why the hell chase Zirgsee when we all know the way his agent acts!!!!!
    Furlani and friends are just a bunch of stupid incompetent fools who enjoy making fools of themselves

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