Sole 24 Ore: Investcorp’s name re-emerges as Cardinale seeks investment in Milan

By Oliver Fisher -

Another report has emerged this morning suggesting that AC Milan owner Gerry Cardinale is looking for an investment of capital from the Middle East.

After the news reported by Repubblica on the trip to Bahrain by Cardinale and Giorgio Furlani, Il Sole 24 Ore have also suggested that the Milan ownership are actively looking for investors from overseas.

The journalist Carlo Festa published an update in the newspaper, claiming that Cardinale been very busy in the last month in the search for new potential investors in Milan, American investors and investors from the Persian Gulf area.

This is why Investcorp – a Bahrain-based fund that just over a year ago seemed to be the chosen ones to buy the club – have reappeared as a potential candidate amid the opportunity to invest in the Rossoneri.

“The objective would be to provide additional capital to be injected at the top of the AC Milan control chain alongside that already paid by other subscribers to the fund set up by RedBird,” Festa writes.

This explains the trip of Cardinale and Furlani to Dubai (where a club HQ was opened), Abu Dhabi, Qatar and Bahrain which took place between the end of October and the beginning of November.

With a vendor loan of €600m (with an interest rate of 7%) to be repaid in two years to Elliott Management, Cardinale’s search for capital for Milan has not stopped and will not stop in the near future.

Indeed, Festa adds: “It is continuing in a more active way than usual: the objective would be to be able to repay part of the debt to the Singer family fund before maturity, not to mention that some of the current shareholders of the RedBird fund may want to exit ahead of time and monetise the investment.”

Sources close to the club revealed to the newspaper that a practice of this type is normal administration for a fund like RedBird, always looking for potential investors especially in the Persian Gulf area.

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  1. That’s roughly half a million in interests Gerry has on vendor loan. Along with return on investment RedTurd shareholders probably expect. And since there are reports some shareholders want to monetise on their investment… Nice piece of business yankees👍

  2. No way, Gerry and his fund are not full of money from all those sporting successes they’ve had? I thought Investcorp is broke and fake…

      1. You don’t see those comments on this page (yet) but there’s tons of advises given by you and other experts on this site from the day RedBird bought the club.

  3. false news!
    redbird is very rich, they have unlimited source of money, with visionary owner, great CEO & of course a very beloved president.

  4. It is obvious why Americans invest in European soccer. In short period of time Elliott managed to earn maybe half of billion for selling Milan. They invested almost 800 mil, but gained 1,2 or 1,3 bn for selling to Red Bird.
    We were reading on this page that Red Bird is going to stay for a longer period of time, but Red Bird is collective of more investors. Some of them wants to monetise.
    If Milan get part of ownership from gulf area, than we can expect stronger Milan. Something like Newcastle United. They can reach bigger sponsorships deal and with better performance on pitch stronger revenues and even bigger results.
    In serie a this year we are stronger than last year. Unfortunately for Champions league very strong group and unluck in Giroud penalty, missed chances against Newcastle and Borussia away.

  5. Well well well….can’t say I’m surprised. When you “borrow” 600M @ 7% interest rate – you are NOT flush with cash. If we miss out on UCL next season we will be in the red again. Investcorp LOLOLOLO. Where are all the racist donkeys in this chat that said they didn’t want that “dirty Arab $$”????? lol. How ironic this would be if it proves true. We shall see. But This will get interesting. They are obviously looking for $$ to help pay Elliot. Hope Gerry just sells us to the Saudi PIF. That would be the ideal.

  6. I always hoped that Investcorp would buy Milan as Arabs are in it for Sportwashing and not to generate money. Only thing that matters for Investcorp is to use Milan to build themselves and their country’s brand in the west. And this is best done by winning trophies! I hope they come on as an investor or better yet, majority shareholder

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