Spalletti explains why he enjoys watching Milan the most: “Always different”

By Isak Möller -

Italy manager Luciano Spalletti revealed in an interview that he enjoys watching AC Milan the most out of the top teams in Serie A. The reasons given, however, are ones that many fans would consider as cons. 

Milan will face Atalanta tomorrow evening (Sunday) and after two consecutive defeats, a win is needed to restore confidence. Gian Piero Gasperini’s men are also just seven points behind, with a game in hand as well. Make sure you read our preview of the game.

Speaking to Gazzetta dello Sport, as cited by MilanNews, Italy manager Luciano Spalletti was asked about Serie A in general and which team he enjoys watching the most. He picked Milan, stating that ‘their games are always different’.

“Which team I enjoy the most? Milan. They are probably the most chameleon-like among the big teams and their games are always different. They know how to do a bit of everything, Pioli always manages to put a competitive team on the field at a high level, enhancing the qualities of the entire squad,” he stated.

As alluded to earlier, it has been frustrating for the fans to see a different Milan week in and week out, never knowing which will take the field. For example, after beating Rennes comfortably by three goals to nil at San Siro, they lost 4-2 away at Monza.

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  1. I think you are a bit unfair in saying you never know what you are gonna get. It’s not like we are on a level of randomness like for example Man utd or Chelsea. If they win or lose is basically down to a roll the dice. I think Milan has quite a high level but sometimes I think circumstances are against us that lead to bad results. Like against Monza. Looking at the first 40 minutes you would never have guessed that we would concede four goal. But then Thiaw and Jovic happened and things changed unfavourably.

  2. Translation: it’s an entertaining sh*tshow! Never know what you’re gonna get! Pandora’s Box.

    I mean he isn’t entirely wrong 🙂

    1. So where is the identity Mr chameleon. In another post you took exception when I questioned Milan’s style of play. I expected you to take exception to Spalleti’s view.

  3. Or….things are as usual the opposite of what people say around here….

    People always accuse Pioli of being rigid but he’s in fact extremely flexible.

    It’s almost as if people around here haven’t got a clue what they’re talking about!

    1. I’ll admit that I am no expert for aure.

      I would offer a less black and white observation tho.

      I believe the chameleon like nature Spalletti called out is true only due to the ridgid use of specific players.

      For example, Theo at CB when we have Simic and Simic proved he can play. Then Flo comes on at LB instead.of Barts. So today Simic and Barts still are not viable rotation options and the system may dramatically change enough to keep the trusted players on the field.

      Another that someone pointed out yesterday was out lack of a DM and the tactical experiment inverting out FBs in the early season. It allows us to keep Krunic and have him start as “the guy who knew the system” until the new guys picked up the system.

      Since no DM (Musah was.bought to develop) we evolved back to a 4231 over time. This because we continue to play largely the same guys.

      I suspect that the injury crisis has something to do with this. Many senior and trusted players were out significant time. There is only so much trust one can extend to a group.of.25.people Check out Robin Dunbar’s research on this it’s cool – Dunbar’s Numbers)

      Compounding the injury crisis, Chuk has not earned the trust to spell Puli. Jovic joined hurt and also missed preseason he’s only just becoming trusted and then let’s Pioli down with a slap of all things. Okay isn’t setting the world a fire either unfortunately.

      So the system continues to adapt to keep the same players on the field until a breakpoint and then we get … Monza. (An negative event)

      Or we get Camarda debut , Simic debut (IMO positive events)

      So our so called tactical flexibility is, through my eyes, is more a function of rigidity in the willingness to expand the personnel usage and not some intentional genius.

      Right now today all I want to do is watch Milan win over Atalanta 3-1 and think little bit “Forza Milan!”

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