Sport: Barcelona midfielder open to Milan return with asking price set

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan are interested in the idea of potentially re-signing Franck Kessie from Barcelona who is expected to leave in the summer, a report claims.

As reported by Sport, once the current LaLiga season is done and the title has been won by the Blaugrana, the Ivorian will also be notified that he can leave because the club desperately need to sell players.

It is not that Kessie has been dreadful, in fact the midfielder has given the club what they deem to be an ‘acceptable performance’ in his first campaign and they are ‘happy with him’, but Barca need a permanent sale to raise cash.

Inter are the club that have so far shown the biggest interest in signing him, and Kessie himself would definitely consider a move to the Nerazzurri or even a return to Milan, as per the Spanish source.

However, Barcelona believe that neither club will pay the asking price and any swap deal is no good to them, which is why Spurs – who were already keen in January – could make their move and Barca would sell for €25m+.

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      1. I agree and to be fair i doubt this story is nothing but media speculation as maldini previously said ahead of the january transfer window that kessie was a closed chapter and thereby hinting that he would not return to the club.
        The question isnt so much if he could be of value to the team but the fact that he pretty much already fooled us in the negotiations playing on two horses, I doubt that is easily forgotten and i personally would oppose the idea of him returning to ac milan.

  1. Hahahaha. Good one. Let him go for free because you do want to pay a few mil extra on his contract, then buy him for 25 mil.
    We won’t even take him for free. He just wants more money than we are willing to offer. There are plenty of clubs that can offer what he wants.

  2. I’d buy him. It’s better to know what you’re going to get then spending 25 million or more on a player that could be another flop. Milan were better with him. I don’t think it will happen though.

  3. Milan could have given him what he wanted to keep and instead someone at the club didn’t think he was worth what he asked for given his consistent outstanding performances since he arrived at Milan.

    It’s a real shame that Milan allowed him to leave knowing that they could done the same thing they are doing now with Leao.

    The situation was similar to Calhanoglu even though I think Calhanoglu wanted to leave more than Kessie because he couldn’t handle the pressure from Ibra.

    1. Milan could have given him 10 mil euros per season plus 4m in bonuses and 20 mil sign-on fee for his agent? I didn’t know this. If this is the money we operate on then Leao’s contract should be a breeze.

  4. It is just his agent play trick with media to find new club for his client that already become bench warmer. AC Milan better not signing kessie back even if barca give him free,he already fooling management with false hope just for 10m euro commission

  5. Barca is such a sorry @$$ club. Sign so many players on expensive contracts which they can’t afford and then sell their future rights to gain cash now to pay for said they’re looking to ask players to cut their wages so that they can “attempt” to balance their books. Smh 🤦‍♂️

  6. Milan won the scudetto without kessie, Milan is currently in semi final in champion league without him, so without him we can go higher, kessie is a past story

    1. You clearly have no idea what you are talking about. Milan won the Scudetto with and Because of Kessie, and this year they will be lucky to make the top 4 with basically the same team, minus Kessie.

      1. Sure kessie was part of the scudetto wining team but we didnt win it because of him as he actually somewhat dropped in his level compared to the 2020/21 season. He was nevertheless a usefull player but he was far more impressive in the previous season,

        1. Even if he dropped a little from the previous season, he was still far and away our best midfielder, and it took him not being there for many Milan fans to realize just how much work he did. Now Pioli is literally forced to use 3 DMFs (Tonali, Krunic and Bennacer) to do the work of 2 when Kessie was there. Enough said.

          1. Not even close, in fact both tonali and benaceer had a greater impact than he had that season but guess you just prefer bashing italian players looking at your comment below. He burnt the bridges and personally i wouldnt even want him back for free at this point.

        2. Just ignore this K comment. He said selling tonali to buy kessie, i dont know what kind drugs he use. Selling player that give income from jersey sale ( he is rank 1 in player jersey sale) can provide 9 asist,coverage in many area, true milanista also italian ? Yes AC Milan win scudetto with kessie but his performance already downgrade far from his 2020/2021 season performance

          1. I did ignore it at first 😀 Agree Tonali is an iimportant player on several fronts, both in sales of shirts and on field contributions as well.
            I would gladly have kept kessie but in my view there is question marks over both his loyalty and character now as i see it.

          2. clearly that wasnt all we said but it indicates he is a fan favourite and you want to replace him with a player that is propably detested by half of the the fan base, smart choice 😀
            Tonalis on field contribution this year is actually better in combined assists and goals than kessies last year and clearly you also forget that kessie cost us a very expenssive red card in cl last year but so be it.

      2. Milan won the scudetto because of magic Mike, Leao and Giroud scoring in big games, not because of Kessie. The league form this year is mostly because we missed the best goalkeeper in the world for 5 months and because CDK and Origi flopped, which meant we relied on Giroud. It has NOTHING to do with Kessie. Kessie playing would not have changed our league position.

        Kessie’s a greedy ****, he can watch us play in the UCL semi-final from the Barca bench. I can understand going to Real Madrid, but to think Barcelona are a bigger club than Milan, he’s a fool.

  7. Milan should just swallow their pride and make the move. It will be money well spent. They spent more than that on CDK… Kessie is a known commodity, he knows the system, and as we have seen this season, the system doesn’t work that well without him. Our midfield has been our weak link this season. If Milan were smart they would sell Tonali and bring Kessie back. But he
    s the Italian golden boy and he liked Milan as a kid so we all have to pretend that he is a great player when he clearly is not.

    1. People are saying it right that you are using drugs to make 20 useless comments
      Football is not just à sport, its like life you need trust,relationship, honesty within players and coach,management
      Kessie has already lost it, Milan will never remember what Kessie,Chalhanoglu, dollarumma has done in club, to some extent Chalhanoglu case is acceptable that he want to renew but mutually cut the relations for difference in salary. His comments just after joining inter is not good.
      Kessie, dollarumma are never accepted in Dressing room or in stadium

      Kessie has done many mistakes in his last season in important games,champions league games.

      As you are comparing Kessie with Tonali, they are not the same players. Kessie is more physical player but Tonali is faster,technique and attacking player. Most importantly Tonali is playing only the 3rd 1st division season and very young. It’s obvious he make small mistakes. He values the club more than money who took paycut when club is struggling to make his transfer permanent.

      Tonali is valued atleast 50% more than Kessie, which shows whom to keep and whom to not take

    1. What is the principle? That Milan handled the negotiations poorly and let one of their most valuable players leave for free? And they should see him go to their rivals Inter out of pride, or spite? I don’t know what kind of principle that is. Not very smart and they will be regretting it for years to come.
      Milan have admitted that they need to find someone of Kessie’s profile to replace him… Why not just get the real thing.

  8. Good player at a decent price, but i agree with some of the other comments here – there is a principle to consider.

  9. I do not doubt he would consider the other squad from Milan. It was never the fact he was looking to leave to make more $. Rather the fact he stated things leading everyone to believe that he was a ROSSONERO. We know who he is,so f*&k him. All the best,but not with AC Milan.

  10. I am reading some of the comments. Let’s just say they are proof that this sport isn’t for everyone. I am being gentle,so no feelings are hurt.

  11. Assuming you observed that one individual who is truly worth the penances, agony, and difficulties then your endeavors won’t go to squander.

  12. You NEVER raise the pay above the deserved amount of a player who is in decline. Doesnt matter who he is. Kessie thought Milan would pay him whatever he asked based on past but he failed to see he was in decline in present and didn’t deserve what he asked. Gazidis and Maldini made the right choice of letting him go.

    Did it bring a gap in the team? Yes most definitely. Instead of signing a new made player, we opted to build our own Kessie. CDMs cost a lot if they are good. And the good ones are hard to find. They make or break the game. Tonali is frustrating at times but he is a damn good CDM so is Bennacer.

    Milan’s dip in performance was no way, shape and form was because of Kessie. It was because of Maignan. We won the scudetto with the most contribution from leao and maignan. It’s clear that he is the one who holds the defense. When Maignan was gone, we lost game after game with pointless errors after errors. But somehow they all disappeared the day he returned. Cannot be a coincidence,

  13. Barca finally realized the colossal mistake they made by spending on Kessie. Xavi thought he was good because he only saw what we all saw.. his games on the pitch.. but clearly he isn’t impressed by what he sees in training/dressingroom because Kessie didn’t have enough gametime to be judged based on play. And now Barca can’t WAIT to offload him, dropping his pricetag to 25 mil.. much below than what Milan paid for him in 2019 (33M+).

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