Sport: Theo Hernandez offered to Real Madrid amid return dream – the response

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan defender Theo Hernandez has been offered to his former club Real Madrid ahead of the summer mercato, according to reports in Spain.

SPORT recall how Theo signed for Real Madrid for €24m after playing for the academy of their city rivals Atletico Madrid, but was sold to Milan in the summer of 2019 for €23m after a season on loan at Real Sociedad.

The report states that the Frenchman wants a change of scenery and his goal is to return to Real Madrid five years after departing or to sign for Bayern Munich, which naturally means Alphonso Davies is implemented.

The full-back is closely following Real’s attempt to sign Davies, a priority objective to reinforce the left side of the defence. If the Canadian leaves, Bayern could then turn to Theo as a replacement for him.

Theo Hernandez was offered to Real Madrid – as per the journalist Álvarez de Mon – who informed him that he is not part of their plans to occupy a position that they have covered with or without Davies’ arrival.

Los Blancos’ only objective is the Bayern man, especially because he would be available for less than Theo who is valued at €60m by Milan, while Davies has just a year left on his contract so they may be forced to sell.

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      1. Yea he scored lots of goals but our defense was absolutely horrendous. A defense of which Théo played more than anyone, he doesn’t escape accountability for that. He needs to focus more on defending and not getting a dozen cards a season.

          1. Theo was also a discipline issue who was laying on the ground faking an injury while we were scored on.

            He’s exciting and talented and still needs to mature by a long way if he wants to play for RM.

            FC Hollywood on the other hand? Well I am sure there will be add-ons in his contract for the extra drama.

  1. After firing maldini,these menagement of clowns doesnt even trying to renew best players as they knows nobody will renew negotiating with juddah furlani ,they will just sell one by one every year as their contracts comming to the end , every year we will watch new team ,completely oposite to what maldini and we all wanted- to have base of top class players and just improving it step by step

      1. no redbird can do what they like but absolutely they are to blame because with every action there is a reaction and there are fans you have to deal with but never the less yes redbird are to blame.

  2. Milan need to work on a retention strategy and clearly defined project. Otherwise they are gonna keep frustrating their top players, become prey for unscrupulous agents and unattractive for top talent. The silence, lack of direction and poor communication is unsettling, hence you have agents pimping our top talents and some of the better talents out there not even considering us. What are chances that a Rabiot will take us serious…and this trajectory we are on is at best haphazard and at worst undefined. Clearly tell us if buying young and promising is the definitive route we are taking so that we can stop wishing for decent targets to make it to our shores. Show your hand Milan…

    1. whats to say the management dont care because they want them to leave to make a profit for themselves. this is redbird we are talking about. its well within there character to behave like that. the same people that waited for maldini to renew leao before sacking maldini… snakes

  3. Truth is , where there is smoke there is fire and we probably have to come to terms with Theo wanting to leave Milan.
    Maldini’s dismissal,a poor season and the opportunity to join the best clubs in Europe have changed his mind and Deschamps words were also a hint.
    Obviously no one will be happy with this scenario but the club probably already have started seeking an alternative.
    For us fans it would a punch to the gut but if he wants to leave you can’t keep him at the club.

  4. Consider that the value of the club from a purchase of €1.1bn is now €1.4bn.

    That is €300m net profit in a couple of years of ownership. Why such fast growth?

    * Annual revenue.
    * Growth of annual revenue
    * A clear biz model for sustained profit over time

    What happens next?

    If revenues increase the the value of the club continues to rise in €100m chunks rapidly. Redbird makes an insane amount of money on the sale of the club. This is a typical objective for any private equity firm. In tech there is typically a 7 year horizon for invest, stabilize, cost cutting and then sale of the company.

    _WHY_ then will revenue increase?

    The sporting answer, and it is a powerful one, is a team that wins and a brand that grows through its success and the marketability of its players. In other words, the most profit on capital sale of the asset (the club) is in the best possible sporting results. Fans and ownership are aligned at this time.

    Quick side bar: making a few million € in profit per year to “line their pockets” is chump change to the €100m’s increase in the value of the club. The profit is only important in that it _increases_ the value of the club by a large multiple.

    The biz reason for the vale of the club increasing so fast has to do with the fact that Cardinale cracked the code on making money in sports ownership. And, he did it sooner than others. Owning clubs is now fashionable for PE firms. This increases the demand to buy a very few such assets. So the value increases dramatically with this demand.

    * More winning means more revenue
    * When carefully managed more revenue is more profit.
    * When profit grows the vale of the club grows much faster
    * A profitable business has a larger pool of buyers that further drive up the price
    * When many people want to buy the same rate things the value increase much faster
    * Milan winning maximizes the value of the investment.

    Ergo – for now, Redbird goals are closely aligned to supporters goals.

    1. Be careful with conclusions like this…. You may be on RedBird’s payroll. Folks here have a hard time processing opinions contradictory to their own…

      1. Not Redbird but I do consult on rare occasions for such firms and have been key leadership in a couple companies bought by such.

        As for people flaming me …. I grab the asbestos undies. Thanks for the warning.

    2. No Milan supporter goals are aligned with redbird goals.(probably inter supporters goals for Milan are matching with redbird)

      If Theo, Leao, Mike leave Milan, value of the club drop down drastically as there will be less interest in fans to go to stadium and follow them in away matches.

      Value of club increases when their performance was going at top and having worldclass players.

      With this ownership the current value of team/club will go down in coming years if they keep-on selling best players.

      Last season is evident of the problems faced in the midfield even though the current management brought 3midfielders who don’t suit us.

      They are doing same this summer too

  5. “who informed him that he is not part of their plans to occupy a position that they have covered with or without Davies’ arrival.”


  6. The key problem with this proposed strawman is that it stops at selling Mike, Leao, Theo and doesn’t follow up with what is done with the money. The Tonali sale financed new players joining, improved squad depth and a jump from 5th to 2nd despite critical injuries on the defense for a large portion of the year.

    There is also an implied equivalence of Tonalis quality to that of Mike, Theo and Leao. This is a false equivalence

    I loved Tonali’s story and followed New Castle until his suspension. He was clearly not fast enough and not technical enough to make up for the lack of pace. That can certainly change with a year to adapt but current data says he was not all that and a bag of chips.

    The value of any business increases when someone is willing to pay more for it.

    Winning has no direct value. It is a leading indicator but not the only one. Case on point is the clown show that is Man United. The most valuable club on earth at this time.

    Leading indicators of value to people with money are annual revenue, revenue growth, EBIDA and the way their approach can grow those towards a sale of the business.

    The other option is that the business is profitable and a buyer wants to hold for that annual income. This is not how PE works.

    There is then the exceptionally rare lifestyle buyer who simply wants the prestige or sorts washing that comes with an asset like AC Milan.

    I’m open to alternatives but my brushes with high finance tell me I’m aligned with leadership and hope this can last for 5 years or so before their strategy changes. The opening of the new stadium is likely thebevent signalling a change.

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