Sportitalia journalist claims Furlani ‘has an ace up his sleeve’ in Milan managerial pursuit

By Euan Burns -

Sportitalia journalist Francesco Letizia has claimed that AC Milan CEO Giorgio Furlani has got ‘an ace up his sleeve’ when it comes to the pursuit of a new coach to replace Stefano Pioli. 

Whilst writing for Sportitalia (via Radio Rossonera), Letizia explained that there will not be any official statement made on Pioli’s future or that of a successor until the end of the season, out of respect for Pioli and the work that he has done.

Letizia thinks that the fact that details has already been leaked is suspicious in itself, and they go on to explain that it almost certainly means Furlani has got an ace up his sleeve, meaning he essentially already has an agreement with a coach but the information will not get out until the club is ready.

“The fact that it has been leaked that, out of respect for Stefano Pioli, there will be no official declarations in this sense until the end of the season is somewhat suspicious. There is not a journalist nor an insider who knows at this moment for whom or for what,” Letizia writes.

“It is highly probable, if not certain, that Giorgio Furlani has an ace up his sleeve. Or even already on the table. The coach of Milan 2024/25 will be Mister X.”

Milan are being linked with a whole host of coaches, with Portuguese duo Sergio Conceicao and Paulo Fonseca both looking very attractive

Fonseca is being pursued by French side Marseille, whilst Conceicao is waiting to see whether he still has a future at FC Porto after the change of president.

Bologna’s Thiago Motta still can’t be ruled out, whilst various other names like Roberto De Zerbi and Domenico Tedesco are also mentioned regularly.

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  1. Out of respect for Pioli!
    Management has been overly respectful of Pioli but you have 🤡s in the media and among fans who keeps saying Milan is being disrespectful towards Pioli, just because they read rumors every day from journalists that don’t know anything besides speculating.

  2. Fine by me. As long as they have a plan and are executing. If by July 1 we’re still casting about for a coach, we’ll know they had nothing, unless for some reason that coach is with a national team for the Euros and has agreed to take over after. But I find that to be a risky move as he won’t have a proper pre-season with the squad.

  3. Right. I’m expecting someone “new” known for 1 good season although trophyless performance and acclaimed as a genius no one will ever thought about…someone who will carry on the mediocre tradition of this management struggling to win a single cup in the next 5-6 years. It’s ok we know your game now, this club is a hot mess.

  4. I feel like before the last game Pioli should officially declare that he is stepping down at the end of season so that he can get the applause and appreciation he deserves for having delivered the Scudetto to Milan. No matter how big of a train wreck this season turned out to be.

    I do believe Milan had is all figured out as far as the coach and that nothing is leaking. I don’t know how much of the Lopetegui story is true. But seeing as to how many stories circulate, not one outlet knows what’s going on at Milan. And everyone just throws sh|t at the wall to see what sticks.

  5. I was hoping that mister X are vicenzo italiano ( 2 times reach conference league final with fio ) or Sarri ( experience coach with atacking style that already win scudetto with juve & UEL with chelsea ) . Both cost low salary for ACM and no club at the end of season ( italiano will leave fio at end of season even if they win conference league ) . The other name not interesting like concecau using defensive style and fonseca just below pioli quality

  6. Hasn’t the Mr X disappointed the fans every time since they started using this phrase? 🙂

    So therefore my bet is: Abate.

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