SportMediaset: Morata-Chukwueze idea fades for Milan but Taremi-Isaksen gains momentum

By Oliver Fisher -

The AC Milan management are continuing to plan how the attacking department might look next season with a striker and a right winger needed.

According to Claudio Raimondi who spoke live from Milanello on SportMediaset (via MilanNews), Samuel Chukwueze is moving further away from the idea of joining Milan because Villarreal do not intend to give any discounts.

They are asking for €35m to sell the winger and – given that his contract expires in one year – the Rossoneri deem that figure to be too high.

That is why the track leading to Gustav Isaksen is gaining momentum. He had 31 goal contributions last season and could arrive from FC Midtjylland for €10-12.

In addition to Chukwueze being a difficult pursuit, the journalist added that the Alvaro Morata hypothesis is fading due to the high costs of the operation when factoring in transfer fee and salary.

Should Isaksen arrive, the Rossoneri could then secure the signing of Mehdi Taremi from Porto, who is valued at €20m and could be an alternative to Olivier Giroud.

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  1. Taremi is the type of player Milan needs, the squad is too young, needs experience as well so they dont crumble under pressure like they did so many times last season

        1. he’s only have 1 year left in his contract, not wise spending 35 million, we are not epl club that paying overprice player

          1. So, he is the ideal target but the issue is what, 5M? And they think he will grow and become a top winger? He will be sold for 50, 60 or more million if that is the case. Anyway, he said himself he wants the club to receive a good fee for him so I don’t think he is leaving on a free next year. They know this and that is why the price is as is. If he is the ideal target they should get him. Or just give up and move on.

      1. Because I know Isaksen from Denmark, the Danish Superliga as we call it, and if he is the RW answer you asked the wrong question.

        35 million for a player is less than 100 missed on CL qualification.

  2. Taremi, haha. I wouldn’t sign him for free. Ridiculous player. He is over 30 and he never played in league stronger than Portugal. He is maybe for Frosinone or Cagliari, but not for Milan.

  3. Both would be downgrades (and im not a fan or Morata by any means but at least he knows the league) – but not surprising if we go the cheaper route with Redbird. Is Chuwzuke an overpay at 35M – probably a bit considering his contract expires in a year – BUT according to reports and Piolis OWN words in his interview today – he is the IDEAL RW for Pioli. So there is no reason we shouldn’t get him. We have the $$. Guess what sometimes in life you overpay for a few things you really want and underpay for other things – so it all balances out. Mr Pioli is the “center” of the Milan project – so he should get what he wants and that is Chuwezuke. It’s not like he’s 50M. He’s 35M which is reasonable for a 24yr old. If Pioli deems he’s worth it we should spend the extra 5-10M on this key position we have been desperately lacking for as long as I can remember and not skimp and take the cheaper route. Chukuwzue is more proven than Isaksen, older and played in a more difficult league. Sign him and recoup the extra 5-10M on a sale of one of our other players

    1. Maybe they can get Villareal to take Origi or Rebic for 5M difference. Pay the difference of their wage for another year or 2. Still makes sense, maybe they would go to an ok Spanish club. I understand they don’t want to go to Turkey or Saudi Arabia, why would they?

  4. Chukwueze é muito bom… iria resolver o problema na direita… agora eu não entendo ele valer 35 milhões com um 1 ano de contrato.

  5. I don’t see Chukeweze coming unless Villareal gets nervous in late August to sell him or if they need $$$ for a purchase on their side. I must admit I don’t know too much about Taremi but if we can’t get him is the door closed on Kamada, as he would be a free and perhaps we can re-visit Forward spot in January?
    I do like Isaksen and he would not be too expensive.

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