Sports Digitale: Fenerbahce agree terms with Krunic who is pushing for Milan exit

By Oliver Fisher -

Fenerbahce are pressing hard to try and sign Rade Krunic and the player appears to be open to the move, according to reports.

There have been suggestions from Turkey over the past week suggesting that Krunic has ended up in the sights of Fenerbahce as they look for a new central midfielder, and now more developments have come.

According to Yağız Sabuncuoğlu of Sports Digitale, Fenerbahce have asked Milan for information on Krunic and they have now presented an official offer for the Bosnia international.

Meanwhile, Ertan Süzgün from the same outlet is reporting that the Istanbul club have reached an agreement with the player over everything regarding personal terms and Krunic wants to leave.

He also confirms that Fenerbahçe made an official offer to Milan and that there is negotiations ongoing between the two clubs over a potential transfer fee.

Given Krunic’s importants to Stefano Pioli and Milan due to his versatility, it remains to be seen if the news will be confirmed by other reliable sources.

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  1. I would be so happy it this happens.
    Krunic has become a decent player but not enough for Milan.
    If he goes, we’ll sign a proper regista and fill the last remaining hole in the team.
    If he doesn’t leave, Pioli will consider him an important player, which he isn’t.

    1. You’re right we’d never make it the semi-finals of the Champions League with a player like Krunic.

      But the imaginary player in your head……the sky is the limit!

      1. Krunic was also part of the midfield that was embarrassed by Inter in CL. Twice. Some players are better than others….if we get in a better player than him that’s a good thing surely?

        1. And let’s be honest here… Finding a better player than Krunic isn’t that hard. Decent and underrated BUT still not good enough.

          1. Krunic could be one of the most important players in the squad because he can play across multiple positions which means we can rotate the midfield with minimal disruption.

            He can be our new Ambrosini.

            I believe Pioli once described him in that way as well so hopefully he can veto this.

          2. Ambrosini was miles better than Krunic. Now I know for a fact you’re young and never saw Ambrosini playing.

            Take that from someone who has been watching since George Weah was playing.

        2. Inter – the team that had four of our ex-players?

          I don’t know how you define “better player”.

          For a start a new player will not have played for this team before (or for 4 years in fact).

          Apparently changing jobs is one of the most stressful things a person can do after breaking up with someone and moving house.

          A new player will have to do two of those things.

          And apparently it takes 6 months to settle into a new job (in an office).

          How will a new player be able to make the split second decision in a few weeks time with a group of people he’s never played with before?

          Are these elite athletes playing at the highest level imaginable or bar workers?

          1. Better means better – I’m not sure what you’re not understanding here. And are you suggesting that Krava Kim Anguissa etc weren’t able to play together because they’d never played together before? Oh that’s right they won the league………

          2. “And apparently it takes 6 months to settle into a new job (in an office). ”

            Yes, it’s 1:1 comparable to football. LOL!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀

          3. “Are these elite athletes playing at the highest level imaginable or bar workers?”

            You just answered to your own question. They are (or should be) world class players and not some random c-level bartenders. If they have made it to Serie A it means they belong to the very rare club of people have what it takes to make it in the top leagues. You can’t compare them to “normal workers”.

      2. Right, I still remember when Krunic dribbled past 3 Napoli players and passed to Giroud for the winning goal, or when he completely anihilated Kane with his tight marking. Or were those other players?
        What exactly did Knunic do that made him responsible for us getting to the semi final?

      3. Many “fans” on here just live in a football manager world and don’t understand the word “team”.
        Never have I seen an overhaul of 8 to 10 players go well, it’s a huge upheavel.
        Krunic has been a solid player for us and a great professional, he is also the only midfielder we have who knows the ropes at Milan.

        Aside from all that and most importantly! We need another DM desperately!
        So what are we going to sell Krunic and then buy 2 DM’s.
        We need back up in that position, not more sales!

        1. I note it’s the same “fans” who s*it on management for 4 weeks straight now complaining that they’re trying to upgrade the squad.

          1. Well right now we’re dealing with a lot of unknowns since nobody has any idea how any of these new signings will work out.

            Some of us are expressing concerns about the level of turnover based on the fact that for over a decade we had high level of turnover and we were in the wilderness.

            Some of us are expressing confidence that all these new signings will see us do better next season.

            The big test will be what happens when the actual football starts.

            If those same people who are getting terribly excited about all these new signings start turning on those new signings if they don’t live up to their expectations, then that will be a bigger issue.

            You back these guys 100% because they’re now our players.

        2. You can pretty much track Chelsea’s success and failures since Abramovich took over by the level of disruption each transfer window.

          The busier they were on the transfer market the less successful they were and visa versa.

          1. Better to have whole new squad that have chance to success rather than stick to whole mediocre squad we have last season

          2. “Better to have whole new squad that have chance to success rather than stick to whole mediocre squad we have last season”

            THIS!!! We already know what players such as Messias, Krunic and Saelemaekers are capable of. They don’t win us trophies. But the new guys? At least they have a chance.

      4. Oh God. Maldinis Heir is back to defend every single player. Anyone in a Milan jersey is just the best! There is no such thing as a player not being good enough, they just need more time, or it’s the coach’s fault. Again, you can keep bringing up the Champions League, which was mostly an easy group stage and luck of the draw in the knockout stages, but you fail to mention that we actually finished 5th in Serie A last season, mostly due to our weak midfield getting bossed every game. Krunic was part of the problem. Useful player but not someone you want playing a ton of minutes.

    2. Musah is the new Krunic
      He can play in the Midfield either as an attacking or defensive midfielder, he can play central defence and can also play right back

  2. Tbh, when people talked about this guy’s transfer possibilities, my feelings split in two. I like him as he never complain and ready to give everything on the pitch, whether he came from the bench or is as starting eleven. But I understand, as the reinforcement continues, his play time may be reduced a lot. So, I believe he’ll choose the best option both for his career and the team.

  3. I like Krunic as he’s been a loyal player ready to play wherever and whenever needed but if he’s happy to move on I wish him all the best. Messias catching the same plane hopefully 🤞.

    1. Are you turning off the ability to respond to your comments?

      How do you do that?

      Anyway, in response to your comment below, nothing “negates anything” because these are opinions expressed about complete unknowns.

      But I do not want to see you criticising these new players next season. In sickness and health now.

  4. You know it makes sense.

    Take a success story from the season before, sell them, replace them with a new player, and then next season (or even better in January) sign someone else to replace the player that you replaced that player with only to replace them with another player…..

    1. Success story?
      No, last season Milan on the pitch finished 5th in serie A. That’s a failure, not success.
      And the semi final of the UCL was a pure luck story by being drawn on the easy side of the bracket.
      On one side of the bracket were:
      Man City, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, PSG, Liverpool. Chelsea, Borussia Dortmund, Leipzig.
      On the other side:
      Milan. Inter, Napoli, Porto, Benfica, Tottenham, Brugge, Eintracht Frankfurt.
      Which one of the teams in the 1st group is Milan knocking out?
      The weakest Chelsea in over a decade smacked Milan around and probably had the easiest 2 wins of the season
      LUCK. Both Milan and Inter got that far purely on luck, not because they were quality.
      People act like Milan had Ajax kind of run from few years ago when they knocked out Juventus and Real Madrid to get to the semis.
      Milan beat teams as bad as them or worse than them.

      1. Luck defines about 99.99% of our existence if you go back to the Big Bang.

        But if you go back to the 2 years where we were one of the top 2 teams in Serie A and won a Scudetto in between, he also played a key role in that.

        But hey of course I should have to defend players who play for my team against their own fans.

        1. Most of us agree he’s a decent player. We just want more than that. You seem to forget all the disastrous games of last season. He played a big part in those as well, with his slow, backward passes and errors in positioning.

          1. Costacurta cost us the Intercontinental Cup final in 1994….

            Costacurta would be lucky to be a playing in Serie B these days. He was not some god like player who never made mistakes. No player is. Players have good days and bad days but if you give them enough days you have stability which is far more important.

            These are not demands for “better”. These are demands for constant, never ending change, to achieve some imagined goal whilst completely ignoring the actual achievements of the actual players who actually play for the club that we are actually supposed to support.

          2. Many of you are not Milan fans at all. The only player left in our midfield is now to be solved. We will be starting with almost a new 11 this season and you guys are cool with it. Be thankful if we qualify for UCL next season. Like it or not, this is another year zero. All the new signings will need time to click together. Pioli might lose his job if care is not taken except the players click on time and start producing results. Also, many of us could turn on the new signings we are celebrating now by next season and demand their sales and call them washed up players. Agree or not Maldini was on the right path and sacking him was a big big mistake. This Milan is up for business. Next season, expect Leao, Theo , Maignan etc to be sold and replaced also

          1. Football club has decent but average player.
            Football club tries to replace player with a “better” one.
            Fans complain 🤣.

          1. Good one!

            As to your comment about Krava Kim Anguissa etc I suspect we won’t see those players hit anywhere near the form they reached last season because Spalletti is no longer manager.

            Football (and life) is far more complicated than simply bringing together a group of 80 or whatever rated players.

            These are human beings. They interact and talk to each other. They have chemistry. They have players they click with and players they don’t. They have good days and bad days, and in between days.

          2. What difference does it make what they do next season? The point is they won it LAST season which completely negates your whole argument of “random players” not being able to play together.

  5. He’s very useful in rotation. I don’t think they should let him go. RLC, Pulisic and Bennacer are injury prone and Bennacer will be at the Afcon next year.

  6. Krunic has been reliable for the most part but he has a knack for giving the ball up in our own third way too often. He has been responsible for giving the ball away leading to corners that lead to goals. His awareness is terrible. Lets not pretend like we would be losing a top notch player here.

    1. They just like to attack the management for whatever they do… If Maldini sold him i dont think they would be mad like now…

  7. Ive always liked krunic even when the majority of people hated him but if he actually wants to leave then sure he should be sold and as ronin already put it his play time may be reduced.
    Anyways he has always been a great professional and never complained and always has given 100% and been a great servant of the club so all the best to him if he gets sold.
    Hopefully milan then will bring in dominguez.

  8. This is crazy, Krunic was very good in many games. If offer is 20 million – sell, but everything less than 20 mil is stop !

  9. Never in my wildest dreams, I thought I would read such good news. Make Calabria the next one and we can have an amazing season.

  10. Sell him right now and than there are many High Quality Defenssive Young Players available and Less cost than him with high future sale Price.
    And o would Advise to put him on the market as to get high income.

  11. As we focus on quality, we should also remember the spirit certain players bring into games which must be replaced. Sometimes, it goes beyond skill, rather grit and fighting spirits. That’s what the likes of Calabria, Tonali, and Krunic sometimes bring.

  12. doesn’t have enough quality to play in Milan and It doesn’t concern just Krunich we have Rebich Mesiass and many eals

  13. Come on guys , do you really believe that source ? I only believe pietro mazzara,di marzio,fabrizio romano & anto vitiello. He is vital player for pioli 4231 or 433 as anchor man / balance maker, Pioli will talk to him & block this sale ,fenerbahce offer cannot even buy dominques or other DMF

  14. Why are some fans attacking the club when it’s the player that has agreed on personal terms with another club, and it’s the player that wants to leave.
    They have probably offered him a higher salary than he makes at Milan, which is his right to accept, plus there are players on fenerbahche that he is close too. His NT teammate Dzeko is there, his ex Empoli teammate Zajc is there plus Dusan Tadic.
    Also, Rebic was his closest friend at Milan and he will play in the same city.
    If he wants to leave and Milan can get 10 + mil, let him go and buy a player more suited for the regista role.
    Everyone wins

  15. People here dont understand the importance of krunic
    he might be 4/10 on pitch
    but he is 10/10 outside of pitch
    the only player with that effect is ibrahimovic
    9/10 tonali,theo and calabria

    with krunic gone we gonna lose stability. Need stability with lots of signing this season. hope new signings can step up.

    on the bright side, this might push CDK to play deeper, if he is willing to run towards the opponent. just like ancelotti did with pirlo. he has vision and pass, but slow and do not put pressure on opponent.

  16. Krunic is not Milan quality kinda a player. He can’t do a simple normal pass and he is error-prone. he frustrates me whenever he is playing.

  17. If we manage to sell Krunic for more than €10 mio, I slash a bottle a champagne 👌. Getting rid of Krunic and cashing in €10 mio is what I would call ‘killing 2 birds with one stone’ 😁
    Let’s clone him and sell as many copies as possible 😁

  18. You folks where happy when tonali was forced out of the club, but now you people are begging a 30y average krunic to stay, when he clearly is forcing a move away, shame on you short sighted fan, go and play fm or fifa

  19. I swear for the last couple seasons, fans were begging for krunic to be sold.
    But now that he apparently wants to leave (idk if it’s true) or maybe should i say now that current management want to sell him, suddenly the usual suspects is saying that he shouldn’t be sold, krunic was a hero helping milan win scudetto and ucl semi, great player, blah blah blah.
    Sure he’s a professional who still give his best everytime he played, but sadly his best wasn’t good enough.
    He had decent shots here and there ONLY because Milan had no other option.
    Milan sign too many players?
    Well duh, since last season we almost missed the ucl if it wasn’t for juve’s penalty.
    And aside from thiaw, none of the last season signing were good enough to be a starter or even to be a back up.

  20. Now i understand, club owners and directors should do whatever they want without listening to the fans, esp the online fans, they dont know what they want, and they all know football better than coaches and managers, and how i wish the transfer window is opened once in 2years, some of us we enjoy football in the pitch than football gossips

  21. He’s a good squad player. Not a starter. But I won’t doubt his loyalty to this team. I wouldn’t take any less than 15 million for him.

    I’d rather he stay as a rotational player, and some like Mr Hair Lice will say he’s a CL class player that needs to start. Lmao

  22. FAREWELL!!!!!!Thanks to god that he’ll go!He is ok typ,nice guy…but,as a football player way too slow…..he reads game well(not extra well,but well)but he thinks too slow,make always half-half decisions,had teribly problems with playing ball forward,cannot notice field longer then 30 meters,without ball good enough for lower class Team as ACM,with ball…desaster!He is not a 6…nor 8….,and he is not anything else in particular.Reinders,Cheek,……those guys are complete midfielders(with their pluses and minuses)Puli is high class,those few who came,and about to come are all define players,complete for their positions.I didnt see ACM improve like this for more then 10 years.Definitely enough material for scudetto.Overall quality of team has improved.Krunić will go now…next one is Calabria.I expect high class Nr 9 in times to come….we’ll see.Rade…farewell,idi i ne okreći se sine!Go and dont look back!

  23. While I find this current mercato satisfying on paper, I think we shouldn’t be too quick to completely change the team. Players need time to adapt and learn to play together. A situation like Napoli last season won’t happen every time and right now we have like 8 new players in many key positions. Krunic is above average at best, but he was many time a key player, and even big teams have their average but important players.
    However if Krunic really wants to leave, we should listen to offers and IMO, bring a true destroyer which seem to be lacking in this team

  24. As I said before, this mercato looks exactly like the Li’s mercato when he arrives. And we already know what happened…

    1. Except qualitatively it isn’t. What we signed now is miles better than what Li did. And the base is still there and miles better. Anyone who is comparing this to Li’s market has their blinders on.

      Unless you’re seriously comparing Conti, Hakan and Kalinic to what we signed now. Cry me a river.

  25. Krunic is a player who has played his all for milan in good times and bad times,he can still play for another year,he can be very usefull,but if he had decided to leave milan he should be given the right to leave,we must thanks him for his time at milan a versatile player,so I took this opportunity to send him all the best in his next adventure if he is leaving,you play your heart for milan.all the blessings.

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