Sports Digitale: New offer ready as Fenerbahce coach claims they ‘need’ Krunic

By Oliver Fisher -

Rade Krunic was a starter for AC Milan during their win over Bologna last night to begin the new Serie A season, but the rumours of a potential move to Fenerbahce just will not go away.

MilanNews have provided a round-up of the latest news on Krunic, starting with a report from Yagiz Sabuncuoglu of Sports Digitale, who reports that Fenerbahçe’s pressing for the midfielder not over yet.

In the next few hours, the Turkish club will return to the negotiating table with a new offer to Milan. The management will evaluate whether this bid is satisfactory or not to sanction the sale of Krunic.

Meanwhile, the coach of the Istanbul club – Ismail Kartal – has come out and expressed his thoughts on the reported pursuit of the former Empoli man.

“Many times you can’t see the work Krunic does in the middle of the pitch. What our team needs is Krunic or a profile similar to him,” he said.

The issue is that Stefano Pioli also sees the work that Krunic does, as shown by the fact he started all throughout preseason and in the first game of the Serie A campaign last night at the base of the midfield.

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  1. Unlike many of the commenters here, the Fenerbache coach knows games are won or lost from the work done by a player like Krunic. At this late stage, with so many new faces in midfield, I wouldn’t see him unless the offer was absolutely outrageous.

    1. Amen! Krunic had another very good game yesterday with 95% accurate passes, 2 interceptions and 2/3 succesful tackles. He’s instrumental in our build-up, pressing and defence.

  2. Too late to sell now. Season already started and there are only 10 days in the window left to find a replacement, with no one in the squad currently ready to play that role until the new player gets acclimated to the new team.
    Give him a raise and stop this speculation. Krunic has all the leverage

  3. Agreed. Stop sulking, you crybabies. He’s pretty good. Unless you can find a Makelele or Gattuso, it’s just dumb to keep on saying he’s playing out of position because he IS doing well.

  4. Fenerbahce ”needs” Lord Krunic, and we don’t need him – so its a win win situation.
    Sell him asap, he’s slow, cant make 2 decent passes, and his defensive abilities are so so…

    1. >cant make 2 decent passes
      well, he made 55 accurate passes last game (95% accuracy), so maybe it’s time for you to shut your trap?

      1. Don’t Bother. I have come to realise over the years that the amount of people that make up their mind about a player based on EA FIFA is quite impressive.

        1. Lol 2chainz literally countered your statement that he couldn’t string two passes together by giving you actual stats from the game on his passing ability and all of a sudden you run cry foul, playing victim hahaha 😂 😂 😂 wtf

          1. Yea but this ain’t Nigel De Jong. We’re talking about yesterday’s game. And Reinjders too had a 95%+, he’s trash too right? 🤦‍♂️ the logic is trash

      2. Again, a completely meaningless stat. WHen the majority of your passes are back to the keeper or to the defenders, you are going to have a high completion rate. It means nothing.

        1. Meaningless because it doesn’t agree with your narrative?. But when it’s good like Tijji, it’s ALL good right? Smh. Dude had more progressive carried than Tiji but hey he passes back right?

  5. Krunic. im open to sell him last season, but with tonali gone we need someone smart until we get a replacement.
    adli, if he can adapt to regista will be a huge improvement, but the guy doesnt put pressure. at least last season.
    not sure how musah plays. but for now im happy krunic stays. high value player for what he is worth. he dont need a dumb agressive player or we will have another bakayoko in the team

  6. If we re still in later July or early August im all for selling Krunic but not now. It’s too late, we risk destroy the balance of the midfield (which just barel there) If we sign another starting mid now.

    Not everyone can get going from start no matter how expensive he is. Just look at Caicedo. Or our own CDK.

    1. Lol I saw that Chelsea game vs West Ham. If Caicedo is 100m Tonali is 200m lol. It goes to show you never know how good a player is in your team until they actually play. Not to say he was terrible but he looked lost like CDK on the field

      1. Bologna out played Milan in keeping possession mean they won the midfield,Milan won the game by experience and having better front line…

        1. This is true. Milan looked very vulnerable, and could have conceded multiple goals if Bologna had any finishers on their team. A better team would have punished us badly.

  7. I say again: I really don’t understand what some here have against this guy. The man is not a genius, but he’s a reliable, solid squad player, tactically resourceful. Why sell him for peanuts?! Are we broken? This doesn’t make any sense.

  8. This fenerbahce better buy that dominques. It is not easy find krunic replacement in just 1 week. Even you manage doing panic buying for krunic replacement , that new player wont perform good . Example : CDK he is coming late and flop for one season

    1. CDK flopped because Pioli hated him
      Now he is killing it at Atalanta

      The sooner fodders like Pioli, Krunic, Calabria, Tomori leave Milan the better

  9. “Many times you can’t see the work Krunic does in the middle of the pitch. ” sums up Krunic.
    Let’s hope he hope he goes lol 😂😂😂😂

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