SportsDigitale: Krunic submits transfer request to try force Fenerbahce move

By Oliver Fisher -

A source in Turkey have doubled down on their claims that Rade Krunic wants to join Fenerbahce by stating that he has asked to leave AC Milan.

Yağız Sabuncuoğlu of SportsDigitale reported earlier today that Fenerbahce have submitted a new offer of €7m to Milan for Krunic, showing that they have not yet given up on the idea of luring the Bosnian to Istanbul.

Now, the same source are claiming that Krunic has put in a transfer request to try and push through a move to join his friend and compatriot Edin Dzeko at Fenerbahce.

The source are adamant that the former Empoli man has submitted a formal transfer request asking the Rossoneri to sell him, but the final offer from Fenerbahce is only €7m which is below the club’s asking price.

That leaves the club in a tricky position as they must either stand firm on their asking price and try get more from his sale but risk keeping an unhappy player or sell for below what they believe Krunic is worth and have less funds to sign a replacement.

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  1. Bye. Once again, I don’t know why we’re holding onto him like he’s messi. Three seasons he couldn’t get a sniff of game time and now all of a sudden he’s going to start and LEAD this midfield?

    If he doesn’t want to stay as a backup let him leave and bring in someone like Dominguez who can actually complete our midfield before its too late!

    1. Probably there’s no additional budget or the remaining budget is allotted for other players/positions. Buying someone else that is at the same level as Krunic would cost us at least 10 million (e.g. 10 million is less than the buyout clause for Vranckz last year)

      Krunic can ask for a transfer but I don’t think he will force the hand to leave and I don’t think the club will give him a new contract (maybe they might increases the bonuses for games started or smth of that nature).
      IMO the club is doing the right thing to hang on to him until we get the price we asked. If we’re happy with his performances this year, next year we can negotiate another contract.

    2. Dominguez is not a DM you donut, you never watched a match of Dominguez in your life but you pretend to be an expert of him

      what you doing?????

  2. it costs us 7 mill more to replace him and have guarantees of a better player in our team. We put him at 1.5 more in wages over 3 years costs us 4.5 million more in wages for an ageing player. This is insane that we are player hardball. Sell and replace asap.

  3. Damn, he even put in a transfer request. His loyal fans and worshippers will be crying. Pioli is texting Gerry right now demanding he pay him more than Leao.

    1. It’s not in the slightest bit surprising given the level of turnover.

      The question will be what other instability will these transfers cause.

      And as has been pointed out continuously, it’s got nothing to do with some arbitrary computer game player rating, and is about having some in an organisation that knows.

      If a business changed its mail room person every few months I’m sure the mail would end up going missing!

    1. Lol, colombo doesn’t want to stay to fight you said??
      This boy is just 21 and needs to play more to develop.
      You can see from friendlies, Giroud is always Piolis first choice. How can u say that he doesn’t to fight, if his coach sees him only as backup with the “clasical” Piolis reason: He doesn’t have enough experience..
      I support young player who has willingness to develop as player and refuse to get rotten at bench.

    2. I know I said the same to my sales team when I hired 10 new sales people to do the exact same job as the existing sales people.

    3. Origi wants to fight for his place, so much so that he rejected money-laden contracts with the Saudis. has he earned your respect in that case?

  4. Just let the poor guy leave if he wants to go. Why are we playing hard ball, we let the guys walk who we were supposed to be doing this for, if he wants to leave that badly just sell the guy. He’s not a leader, he’s what he always has been, a fringe player with an elevated role due to injuries(Bennacer out till the summer). There are many low cost options that are better footballers than Krunic.

  5. Let’s hope this is true.
    Tell him to give up part of his new salary so that Fener can pay more and sell him. No reason to sell under 10 mil, he’s still a useful squad player. I’m sure he’ll understand that too, if he’s as intelligent as Pioli claims.

      1. Krunic is absolutely world class. I would put together a powerpoint for Fenerbahce and give them a million reasons to sign this absolute world class player. And he’s worth every penny.

        (In other words, please take him for the love of all things in this world).

  6. I’m just laughing because when we want a player we expect clubs to just hand them over, but when one of our bench players wants to go we’re demanding premium dosh. LOL.

    1. That’s because we’re specifically targeting out of favor players like Pulisic, RLC, or players in their last year of contract. Krunic is neither. He’s an important player in Pioli’s eyes so there’s no reason to settle for what they are offering. On the contrary, since we (the club, not the fans) think he’s important to the project, we can ask for an absurd amount.
      We could even wait for an offer from Saudi Arabia. Think about it. Due to the circumstances, the guy finally has the chance to be an undisputed starter for Milan, for a time long enough to prove himself. What does he do? He tries to leave to earn some more money instead. He’s exactly the profile that the saudis are looking for.

    2. I don’t know about that. We handed over two bench players (Messias and Rebic – to be fair Rebic had a major falling out with the coach) for chump change.

      1. Fair point, although we are far better covered in those positions. If we sell Krunic this week, we’ll play our first match with Reijnders, RLC and a Musah who has been here for 2 weeks, with only Pobega as backup (and poor old Adli, but I don’t rate him). Then even if we bring someone in next week, we’ll have a completely new midfield. I’ve been thinking about that a lot recently and it’s bugging me. Krunic knows Pioli’s “system”, the club, the league. I’m no huge fan, but to refute my own point made in jest, I can see why the club is reluctant to see him go.

        1. My problem is simply knowing the “system” and playing poorly is not really good enough. We do need a DM, and I think Dominguez fits the bill as he plays in the league at the very least.

          But Krunic wants out, and that’s just the option we have right now. It’s never a good thing to keep a player who wants to leave.

          RLC has played well so far and Reijnders looks like he’s a major upgrade to what we had before.

  7. Origi wants to stay and we want him to go. Krunic wants to leave and we want him to stay – but most fans can’t see the irony LOL

    1. Krunic only want pay rise. It is not fair he got only 1,2m euro nett doing dirty job help defense while other crap player like caldara get 2,5m euro nett ,florenzi 2m euro nett,cdk get 2,2m euro nett ( get loaned out to atalanta) . Give him pay rise to 2m euro nett + bonus 500k will stop this rumour itself

  8. A mediocre player with a crap mentality, if he had intentions to exit the club he should have informed the board that he wanted to leave at the beginning of the mercato but I guess ‘ hard working loyal krunic ‘ is not that loyal after all.

    1. Radovan Kruniçovic. He’s not so much the boogyman. He’s the one you send to mark the fu#*ing boogyman. He once burst three balls in a single match with a fu#*ing pencil .

  9. Every management makes its own mistakes, seems the new management’s mistake might end up being “not sorting out the CDM position” they risk ruining all the good work they did, and fans might not forget tonali if we end up with an ineffective CDM, hope they are taking time, studying market opportunities, and finish off the market well, lets see how this will end 🤞

  10. Consider the source folks! – Yağız Sabuncuoğlu of SportsDigitale WHO!!???

    Don’t be such gullible cry-babies ….” oh this management this and This management that!..blaa blaa… can you do anything but complain??

    Let this play out and ALWAYS consider the source, didnt that rat Hakan calhanoglu teach you anything about trusting Turks?

    1. Exactly. All of this coming from a Turkey source? How coincidence is that. Y’all arguing about a point that shouldn’t be a point to begin with.

  11. Ffs Turkish sources claim Krunic is trying to force a move? 🤣🤣🤣 Pay Up or F off. If they have money to sign Fred they have money to sign Krunic.

  12. He can take a long walk off a short bridge. Handing in a transfer request 5 days before our first game. What a rat and how many of you defended him?! Pioli’s heart is broken, love blinded him.

    Good riddance he’s terrible anyways, be gone donkey!

  13. Even Krunic knows he is not up to the task that Pioli is forcing upon him. Doesn’t want to deal with the pressure. Better off going to a lesser league. The irony is that he probably wouldn’t even start for Fenerbahce. This would be a blessing for Milan. Saving us from Pioli’s insanity.

  14. Honestly this may be the thing that turns this current crazy transfer window into an excellent one. Bye krunic and hello true DMid. Thank you for wanting to leave Rade, always a good servant of the club

    1. Or he never handed the request but just this turkish media make that rumour to press ACM lower that 10m euro demand to 7m euro . Even if ACM accept that low offer 7m euro from fenerbahce, it would take time for them hunting new DMF ,and yunus get red card from his last match with valencia so we using reijnders ,pobega ,rlc in first match serie A , wow thats dangerous thing without DMF that can do dirty job

  15. OH no. Maldini’s Heir boyfriend is leaving the club. It’s so shocking. My deepest condolences. It’s always difficult to take rejection and being dumped.

        1. oh stfu gianbego,do you have somekind of a crush with maldini’s heir? coz it seems like he’s living rent free in your head,get a job you dumbass

          1. LOLLLLLLLLL you seem to have a few chips on your shoulder. What’s wrong? Your favorite player is leaving? you’re the dumbass.

  16. What no one is talking about but is obvious, is that pioli is aware the fan base criticizes him over his insistence on playing krunic. Recall his last comments about krunic, and think about them. Yet he continues to play him and will continue to do so if he stays, at the base of midfield, when we have better options (not good options keep in mind, but obviously better). I suspect that even pioli knows this. then we must ask, are these the moves of a top level coach? Pioli used to make the right decisions and I loved him for it. After the scudetto, he believes he is sth more than what he was before and this is ironically making him worse than before. Revert to your clear thinking of previous pioli, and u will have our support.

  17. There’s simply no way a team could make it the semi-finals of the Champions League and keep 3/4 clean sheets on the way with Krunic playing an integral role.

    No, the player I have in my imagination, he’ll get us to the semi-finals and beyond.

    I can’t be wrong about something that hasn’t happened yet but I can be wrong about something that did happen…

    1. Krunic got steamrolled by lower Serie A teams and Inter made him look like a Serie C player. What was that you’re saying? Saelasmaekers had more to do with us going far in the CL than Krunic did. You high?

  18. How to increase comment in this site? Just put krunic & pioli article . Serie A almost start and this super expert here want to use midfield that completed new 4231 RLC & reijnders double pivot ? 433 reijnders,rlc,pobega? Really sell krunic at this time ? Yunus get red card with valencia , he cannot play vs bologna . You can sell krunic at january after bennacer recovered from injury ( thats if club still want sell him ) . 7m euro are low amount , you cannot get someone young player with 7m euro that are willing play many position doing tackling,dirty job recover the ball

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