GdS: Stalemate continues between Milan and Kessie – the figures in play

By Isak Möller -

Despite his promise in the summer after Olympics, Franck Kessie is yet to put pen to paper and sign a new deal with AC Milan. In fact, the situation remains extremely complicated and there has been no progress. 

The contract that currently is in place will expire in the summer and with January approaching fast, a free transfer seems increasingly likely. According to Gazzetta Dello Sport (via MilanNews), the statement continues between the parties.

Milan initially put €6.5m per year on the table but in order for a deal to go through, Kessie would have to convince on the pitch after what has been a tough period. And besides, the request of the midfielder and his agent is still at €8m.

That is the amount that Paris Saint-Germain have supposedly offered, per the report, and it remains to be seen if Kessie will proceed with this option. In short, the negotiation is far from unlocked.

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    1. How is losing key player make us happy?

      Barca can snatch both Sanches and Kamara as even in their worst decline now they have three times more revenue.

      I would either go to 7,5 for Kessie and try to get a top team in 3 years, or go for Kamara to rebuild and be good in 5 years.

      We cannot lose best players and pretend we are rebuilding. Bennacer is not enough, he didnt do shit in Porto games – cannot be a leader against stronger teams.

      1. If you were Maignan earning around €2.-something million and kessie who earned €7.5m caused a penalty against you which was converted, how’d you feel? Bro don’t forget that giving him that amount could potentially divide the dressing room and cause others to demand exorbitant salaries for their renewals too. I don’t see the point trying to convince him to stay. Clearly the demand is just a way to buy time cuz he clearly doesn’t want to be here anymore. Just imagine the proliferation if the management caved in to his demands. What’s worse is that his performance doesn’t even justify his demands and also let’s be honest, it was just one glorious season. We’ve seen him against top teams and I think it’s fair to say that he doesn’t deserve €5m performance-wise. Just my sentimental opinion though.

      2. 7.5 for what exactly? Milan is not a charity club; feel free to pay him from your own pocket.

        There is 5m salary cap for everybody else in the club.

      3. Like Kessie is a leader. He was on his way to be sold to Monaco before last season. Then Ibrahimovic came, the true leader at the club and Kessie started playing much better. Kessie is a follower and it seems obvious he gives himself too much credit. We can afford to lose him as he played bad this season. He can’t really create goals and started costing us a few goals this season due to stupid mistakes. And anyone telling me you can’t find a good defensive midfieldier that can run 180 minutes for under 8M a year is an idiot.

  1. If the commenters here do not believe key players on Inter, Borussia, Tottenham or atletico make even more than 7,5 – and those are strong but not top teams – I hope you also accept we can only challenge Sevilla for Europe League.

    Fine by me, but some here belive in fairytales that you can compete in CL while not offering competitive salaries…

    Players DO make too much, but thats unsolvable unless all top 4 leagues agree to salary caps.

    1. What are you talking about? Check what Lautaro Martinez asked for at Inter. He signed for 5M, he could get 12-15M at Premier League, Kessie can’t get close to what he is worth in the market. Still acting like he is god given. The difference is that Lautaro seems to have some basic human value and Cashie smelled the money and that is it.

      1. Is he worth 8-9 m he’s asking for? no. I would give him 3.5-4m plus up to 2m in bonuses max, if he can get more somewhere else then good luck to him, he is a good player but his performances don’t warrant 8-9m for a GREAT player, want to point out he was on £10 per week in 2014 so I don’t hate him for asking what he wants, I just don’t think we should pay it

  2. The market dictates what a player is worth not us fans. We made an offer of 6,5. If he gets more he will leave if not he stays. It’s obvious he just wants to go to the biggest bidder – and that is his right I guess. Some players play for $ others play for the love of the game and club. It’s different nowadays. We must face reality – not every player is like Tonali. And that’s fine, it Doesn’t matter. We should never have allowed ourselves to be on this situation the first place (let a players contract wind down without extending or selling him w less than a year left) – but we have already talked about how management screwed that up with Kessie, Hakan, Donnaruma…At least we seems to have learned our lesson and are now being proactive with Theo, Leao and Bennacer…as much as I do not want to lose any player for free, I don’t think we should offer Kessie any more $. His performances this season not up to par and I don’t think he’s a 8-9M player. English teams can afford that, we cannot. Even if he resigns for the 6.5M I think we need to sell him down the line. I would Sign KAMARA and/or Sanches instead. KAMARA on a free is a no-brainer. Give him 4M a season and be done with it – he will make us forget about Kessie. A Tonali/Kamara pairing would be devastating and set us up for the next 10 years. Time to move on and focus on other areas of need – striker (VLAHOVIC), RW (FAIVRE) and now with Kajer’s injury a CB

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