The stats of Camarda per season in Milan’s academy – over 500 goals scored

By Isak Möller -

Francesco Camarda has been making waves once again as mainstream media got a hold of his stats with Milan’s academy teams. And while the numbers actually aren’t fake, there are some things to consider. 

The 14-year-old striker has been scoring goals ever since he started playing football and this is certainly reflected in his stats in the Milan academy. On his Twitter, Di Marzio team member Luca Bendoni published a summary of Camarda’s stats.

2018-19: 247 goals
2019-20: 172 goals
2020-21: 64 goals
2021-22: 21 goals
2022-23: 11 goals so far, in 9 games [playing with 07s].

The total? A whopping 515 goals. One can only applaud Camarda but must also consider that many of these goals were scored in 5v5 and 7v7 games. Of course, it’s much easier to find the back of the net in such a setting.

Nevertheless, Camarda has shown that he means business by scoring a brace in his first game for the Primavera (U19). Ignazio Abate was inevitably left very impressed and we will surely hear a lot more of Camarda in the future.

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  1. Exactly. Let him grow. 3years with consistency, he’ll be moulded well, needing good guidance,
    then we can say we have a real & polished gem

  2. Please pretty please don’t hype up this boy and put unnecessary pressure on his shoulder!

    Let him grow naturally. We shouldn’t repeat another Mastour case!

  3. What a stupid way of counting goals scored by this boy!!!!! ….. and by the way – looking at how his scoring habits seem to have run out of steam in the last two years offers no great joy at all!!!!!

    1. so scoring 11 goals in 9 matches isnt good enough for you or what ? sure he isnt scoring as much as in some of his previous seasons but that is expected and his scoring tally is still really impressive.

      At the age of 14 he is 184cm (6 ft) tall and has a Weight of 62kg. Obviously he will need to gain some extra weight but at the same time it might indicate that he will become a fairly athletic tall player in my view,
      He also scored two goals for the primavera (u19) in his debut in a friendly and the fact that he managed that with players well above his own age bracket shows that he propably can adjust to playing with older players as well in a few years if he keeps developing.

    2. See, this is one of the reason why i don’t want the media to hype up Camarda because it attracts clueless fans like Carlo Spadafora here :/

      1. If you are so happy with a boy who scores lots of goals (ha ha ha) in 5-a-side and 7-a-side matches, why should i be the one to spoil the fun of a master scout for talent as you pretend to be!!!! Meantime keep counting his goals (if that makes you happy) and keep on dreaming …. no harm at all in that ….

        1. No offense but its rather paradoxical that you use an argument about ForzaMilan who in your eyes pretends to be a master scout for talent when you clearly oppose the judgement of camadras coaches and the general consensus that we have a gem at our hands and thereby seem to think you know better than those working professionally in the sport.

  4. Cutrone also scored hundreds and hundreds of goals in Milan’s youth teams. And where is he now? Ignore the boy and let him grow in peace. Maybe we’ll hear about him in a few years but it’s idiotic to put too much pressure on him (already). That’s how you ruin talents.

    1. cutrone never scored half the goals that camarda has done in his youth, not even close to those numbers as he has scored 89 goals since 13/14 season but he did well with us in his first serie a season nevertheless. When that is said camarda clearly needs to be protected as much as we can but the pressure is also down to himself scoring as many goals as he has done but anyone expecting him to replicate his most impressive youth stats are freaking bonkers and will set themselves up to disapointment.

  5. Let’s see. Colombo was also very prolific, and he’s progressing well, but sometimes these stats mean nothing and the player won’t mature.

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