Official: TAR rejects San Siro appeal – what it means for Milan’s San Donato project

By Ben Dixon -

AC Milan have been between the idea of renovating San Siro and moving to San Donato for some time, and whilst the San Donato project is the favourite, a court has rejected a movement that may have altered the decision slightly.

Milan have consistently repeated that the plan is to move to San Donato, and the project is coming along nicely with the stadium and surrounding areas. Gerry Cardinale has persistently stated his desire to replicate what other sports heavyweights have done when the club moves.

However, the idea of renovating San Siro has remained prominent, especially with WeBuild – an Italian construction heavyweight – offering their services for the project at the start of the year. But, the renovation plans may have been given a major blow.

As reported by Gazzetta dello Sport, The Lombardy Regional Administrative Court has rejected the appeal by the City of Milan to demolish San Siro – declaring it unacceptable. Restrictions had been placed on the second ring, built in the 1950s, which meant that the stadium could not be knocked down.

It also will have implications for the renovation project and will likely push both Inter and the Rossoneri down different avenues to different homes away from San Siro.

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  1. Thank god those at Lombardy are as hard as ever. Now we got to push for San Donato with more certainty.

    Also, f**k Sala.

  2. San Siro is a special place, I doubt the atmosphere would be the same in the new place, but let’s hope. By the way, I have the feeling Inter will try to play smart and wait with their project, then negotiate better terms and remain at San Siro on their own. Is that a possibility or they are moving with their plans as well?

    1. Remaining at San Siro is worst possible outcome for either side. Milan nor Inter own that stadium and if they renovate it cost will be 300+ millions and it will take 2 years to finish it. Doing it jointly would be much more affordable that’s why Sala was pushing for it. But in any case if Sala proposal went through Milan and inter would still share city stadium which is bad.

      If and when Milan build it’s own stadium all revenue will be it’s own plus you can sell naming rights for stadium on 10-20 years period and get a lot of money for that.

    2. Sorry there is article in Italian from calciofinanza and this is summary.

      If Milan and Inter were to renovate the San Siro it would cost €510m and take 5-6 years to complete. In contrast the new stadium facility, excluding the other surrounding area, would cost just above €650m and only take 3 years.

      1. Yes, the huge blow is the ownership, I get that. What I think might happen (if at all possible) is that once the City has no choice, they will agree to sell the stadium, just so they don’t have huge maintenance costs. Otherwise, it is a no-brainer to go with own stadium, for sure.

        1. It’s not a city thing. It’s the fact that the stadium can be demolished by law. It was declared a protected site. The clubs don’t just want to build concession stands around the outside and slap a fresh coat of paint on the rest of it. They want to demolish the stadium and build a proper new stadium from the ground up.

          1. Got it, thanks for clearing up that for me. Now I remember the project several years ago was to build the new stadium next to this one, then demolish it.

          1. Of course you can. Obviously I am not aware of the details here, but you can own a protected building. Even Italy is a great example for many homeowners living in districts where they are obliged to keep the facade of the building in a certain way. Same with the stadium – maybe it’s not a feasible option for the clubs, but the mere fact it is protected doesn’t mean it can’t be sold. It just means whoever owns it is obliged to ‘protect’ it.

  3. Inter do not have the money to build a new stadium. Renovating San Siro with Milan, halves the cost but also ensures that Milan cannot become economically superior. Its not about only the stadium, its the revenue from all the other activities around the stadium and VIP corporate revenue that you cannot get at SanSiro. Milan getting their own stadium is the way to go.

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