Taremi’s agent claims Milan ‘were talking to the wrong agent’ during negotiations

By Oliver Fisher -

More confusion continues to filter about the Mehdi Taremi deal and exactly what went wrong, with his agent Pedro Pinho now claiming AC Milan never spoke to him.

It seemed 48 hours ago that Taremi would be a Milan player by the end of the window, as reports filtered suggesting personal terms had been agreed and that the Rossoneri had finally managed to crack Porto’s resistance.

However, in the end no agreement was reached between the parties involved and consequently everything fell through, with Milan now scrambling to get a striker over the line with less than two hours of the window left.

Multiple reports have come out since speculating about what went wrong and how everything being agreed could evaporate, with MilanNews reporting that ‘everyone wanted to dip their spoon into the cookie jar’ with commissions and salary increase demands.

Taremi’s agent Pedro Pinho spoke to Record about the deal and why it did not get done, with his comments relayed by Mehdi Taremi.

“The club never had contact with me. The player had warned them that they were talking to the wrong agent but it went on like this for two months,” he said.

“The salary that had been proposed to Taremi was not in line with the boy’s value. There was never any talk of commissions, Milan showed proof.

“After the agreement between the clubs, the Rossoneri contacted the player who explained who represents him. I don’t know why they continued to speak with the wrong agents, I can’t explain it.

“There is no club in the world that chooses who represents the players. Now they are looking for a caprio expirato to justify the non-signing of the player.”

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  1. This is why they need to hire a competent, qualified, experienced, well connected person who will overlook the sporting department.
    Not an unqualified ex player turned wannabe director or a banker CEO.
    From tomorrow they need to start searching for someone who can oversight the sporting department.
    The last good mercato Milan had was in 2019 when Boban was the Chief Football Officer

    1. We don’t even know if these statement is true. sounds more like he wants to restore the player’s reputation…
      Talking to the wrong Agent for Two month, funny guy.
      Guys read the vita from Furlani, he is insanely educated and experienced in high Business. Dont think, that he is Talking two month with the wrong dude

    2. Even with this setback, we’ve had a great mercato. We got a new backup gk, future talent (Romero, Jimenez, Pellegrino), RWs (Pulisic Chuk) and mezzala depth (Reindeer RLC Musah). Okafor is a versatile forward signing too. I strongly agree that we did need a striker and regista, but let’s look at Bennacer as a new addition for the second half of the season. Hopefully we beat Roma today and the positive start continues. It’s not all doom and gloom

      1. This is not a knock on Furlani qualifications or educations. He comes from a different world, he is new to the football world.
        He can negotiate, he can budget, he can close deals but he isn’t connected in the football world.
        Moncada is a great talent evaluator.
        They did outstanding job this summer, but they need someone in there that is part of the football world, who is a mover and shaker.
        Right now Milan management hierarchy is chief scout/technical director- CEO- Owner.
        They need to hire a football person in between Moncada and Furlani

    3. It’s very rare these days to find something to unify the fans, I am sure you are as close as it can get.
      Going after Maldini AND Furlani at the same time… you are one of a kind.
      Are you even in favor of anything in this life or just against everything by default?

  2. So what? the dude knew there were talks and he is his agent and not once did he contact Ac Milan to find out what the f is happening?
    Sounds like a shittty agent

  3. I call bullcrap. Its that asswipe trying to save face for ruining a deal what was already agreed on.

    Never trust a word that comes out of the mouth of any agent. They are subhuman twats that only exist to leech off players and clubs.

  4. I’m sorry but seems to me you milanos were trying to take advantage! Seems to me you wanted diamond for free! With salary one fifth of other players. Not fair at all. I support taremi act. And now.. Wrong agent! Shame.

    1. You’re truly stupid if you think a professional football club can have discussions with the “wrong agent” for two months. Even if that was the case, why did the “diamond” Taremi not speak up? Was he happy to let Milan keep talking to a guy that didn’t represent him? 🙄

      Anyone who understands how Porto works knows THIS is their modus operandi. Agree to a low fee at first, then insert agents who are actually related to the club management to bump up agent fees. Which they keep for themselves – the money doesn’t even go back to the club.

      Many Porto fans and followers have mentioned this on other social media sites, and are rightly incensed at the parasites leeching their club off.

  5. F8CK Taremi, his known agents, and his unknown agents. This clown doesn’t even know what his entourage is…

    Good News: Origi left on loan.

    Bad News: Jovic is here on a free loan.

    1. @ACM1899

      Nah man Jovic ain’t a superstar but I’m convinced he’ll be better use as a super sub than Origi ever was.

      Plus he’s on like half the wages.

      I’m not saying its incredibly good business but I’m confident Luka will contribute more than Origi, who honestly was usually a negative when he played for us.


      Agreed f*ck taremi’s nonsense agent, this entire saga was such a waste of time.

  6. What a mess!
    Pretty embarrassing for the Milan directors.
    At 1.5m salary anyone with sense could smell a rat
    Pity too, hes a good striker

    Why the f have we let Colombo leave?
    Jovic seems like a very difficult character and we don’t need that upsetting a happy squad

  7. Also Amrabat finally going to UTD, surely we could have hijacked that deal.

    We diid some good business in summer but at the end of the day we signed 11 players and still are without a striker, DM and back up left back (even let Bozzolan go on loan who was the inhouse solution)

  8. I don’t believe this so called agent. He thought maybe, Milan will come crawling and begging for the deal to go through. It just dawned on him that his client has missed an opportunity of a lifetime.

  9. Some people are convinced this man is lying like they know who is Taremis’ actual agent and like they were part of the negotiations.
    What if he is actually telling the truth?
    Why do you right away assume he is lying?

  10. LOLOLOLOLOLO….I find this extremely extremely hard to believe that we would be that stupid and incompetent to be speaking with the wrong agent for 2 months???? That’s insane. IF TRUE we look like a bunch of idiots – BUT I cannot imagine this to be the case. That would be fraud on the so called “fake” agents part and I would assume Moncada has at least one conversation with Taremi to see if he wanted to join and would have known who his agent was so as to be able to contact Taremi? Crazy crazy crazy lol

  11. Most of ppl here use this article bashing and mocking management . Furlani & moncada maybe not great like galliani & braida but they are not stupid talking with wrong agent for 2 month. This pinto or what ever his name want to wash his hand and restore his player and his reputation, if you all believe this agent talking then maybe you all believe hakan & kessie agent talking too, never trust player agent , they only want money money money and money

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