Telelombardia: Conte accepts offer from Milan after talks with Ibrahimovic

By Oliver Fisher -

A journalist has made the bold claim that Antonio Conte and AC Milan have agreed terms and that he will become the next head coach of the club.

TeleLombardia (via FootballItalia) are reporting that Conte has accepted the terms offered by Milan and that he will take over when Stefano Pioli leaves the club, which is likely to be at the end of the season.

It was more specifically the journalist Luca Momblano who made the claim that Conte has agreed to the proposal from RedBird Capital, and while he has mixed reliability he is known for breaking news such as Cristiano Ronaldo joining Juventus.

Conte turned down an offer from Napoli in October because he wanted to take time off following his departure from Spurs in March 2023, not long after Milan beat them in the Champions League.

The Italian has of course coached Milan’s two main rivals Juventus and Inter already, but if Momblano is to be believed then he will complete the trio by taking over the Rossoneri.

At this point, we must state that the information we have is that Conte is not a candidate that the Milan management are considering due to various factors, including his demanding nature and his salary.

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  1. Bombshell! Cardinale is on the way to hire his boss- Daniel Levy, Roman Abrahamovic and Andrea Agnelli all have their stories to share!

  2. The main problem we have is more about mentality, how to keep that winning spirit, how to keep that hunger, how to keep the consistency. And as much as I hate Conte thru his time at Juve (and Inter), I think he’s one of the best to deal with that kind of situation.

  3. I think the season is still long and it’s early at this stage to give up the coach in advance! If we qualify for the C.L. (which of course we should) and go far in the European Cup, I don’t think Pioli’s position will be in doubt! Conte is undoubtedly an excellent coach and motivator, but he also has a high price tag.

  4. The best possible choice!
    Right now, our main problem compared to parasite Inter and Juve is weak mentality.

    We got used to think like ‘we are going to strong future with a system blahblah’ but nobody is thinking about NOW.

    Conte will bring some hunger and bad blood to our too sweet dressing room.

  5. If true, this might explain the management stocking up on ever more CBs. You need a lot for Contes tactics, he’s been known play a 4th CB (eg Eric Dier) as a holding midfielder in front of the 3 already at the back.

    I hear all you guys saying we need a certain mentality change at Milan but there are a lot of downsides to Conte. I’d rather someone like Motta who seems to have the grinta, the fight, in him, and plays a modern attractive style, without as much of the other downsides. We’ll see I could be wrong.

  6. Worst possible candidate!!!

    Remember his Spurs team against us in CL? How awful were they!

    Not to mention he plays a different system, so it will require another complete over haul of players.
    Only for him to get frustrated with lack of transfer funds and leave after a year

    All the while we will play the most negative ugly football Milan has ever seen.

    Mid table finish and the complete destruction of a once competitive team.

      1. Good thing then that you have ZERO to do with hiring our next coach. Apparently you had learned zero when Inzaghi, Seedorf and Gattuso were coaches.

    1. Yep, I agree. Oh well. The changes in his favor have already started. Have you noticed all ofthe Leao departure rumors ramping up recently? Also notice how we’re still being linked with CBs despite our CB situation beginning to stabilize? It’s no coincidence. Conte has no use for wingers and Leao (and probably Chukwueze) will be sold to fund “Conte players”. Pulisic and Okafor can find space playing as second strikers in Conte’s 2-man attack.

      With Leao and Chuk sold for a combined 120-140m, expect a 50-60m striker (or maybe even Lukaku for less), a central midfielder, a right wingback, and a new CB.

  7. If this is true then Ibra again showed lack of knowledge and awareness and is not able to drop his ego. Foundations of this team are laid on 4231 system. Players are more or less suited to this formation.

    With Conte all this will be thrown away. Certain players, most notably Leao, are not players suited for Conte’s style and it’s not due to his 352 or 343 systems but he likes gritty and intensive players, not lazy primadonnas.

    If Conte really is hired, I see Milan selling Leao and some other prized assets to fund his overhaul and another year zero. And hope Gerry won’t be too shocked when Conte won’t bow down as a stubborn little pr*ck he is.

    Positive thing for me would be more Italians on our rooster.

    1. When PSG come calling Leao is gone anyway. Milan are probably planning for this eventuality already. And if by some miracle Leao stays for next season, he could learn some grit under Conte.

      The flexibility, lack of defensive contribution or any accountability for that matter that he enjoyed under Pioli he won’t find in any other relevant club.

      So yea, I’d sell him to PSG, bring in a coach with the right attitude and mentality and reshape the team with key additions. We need to be next level.

      1. and you should learn more about football. As things stand now beside Conte who else could a better Job? Pioli?? sit this one out my guy

  8. I sincerely hope this rumour is unfounded since his arrival does not align with a sustainability model based on youth. Bringing him onboard would indicate a complete shift in strategy which likely won’t end well.

      1. Not sure what that has to do with what I wrote but I’m just saying he got the better of Motta and Palladino overall this season and last season he got the better of Conte tactically in the UCL. 3 coaches we’ve been linked to.

        In many ways he’s done well. He achieved a Scudetto without players of the level of the past like Maldini, Kaka, prime Ibra, Gullit, Van Basten etc. also got to a UCL semi knocking out said Conte. Always within top 4/5 securing UCL. Points per game one of the highest for a Milan coach 🤷‍♂️
        Not saying a new coach can never be better. Just saying imo he’s doing well and has done well. As BB said, work with what you have lol 😂

  9. I’m really hoping this is just more bogus propaganda put out by Conte’s people in the media. This would be an absolutely terrible move for Milan and will set the club back years. I was hoping Cardinale would be smarter than this. This is backwards thinking. Let’s just keep recycling the same old coaches again. Who’s next when Conte rage quits or is sacked in a year and a half, Mourinho? These guys are the past not the future.
    This is a guy who got outcoached by Pioli in the Champions League last year. Who couldn’t score a single goal in 2 games with the like of Kane and Son. No.. Please no.

  10. I’ve never even heard of TeleLombardia…. Sounds like when you have nothing concrete to report, just report something sensational and generate interest…

  11. “History always repeats.”
    Spurs (without the trophies)

    Always complaining, always whining, leaving under a cloud. In short, always CHAOTIC!

    Do we trade all we’ve slowly built in the past 5 years for “strong mentality” & maybe 1 or 2 trophies?

  12. the only thing i like about Conte he isn’t a “yes man”.
    if it’s true, jery will get demanding person much more than Maldini

  13. when for player development, Conte is not the right coach that will seat to babysitting young players that not ready to have impact right away. Give Motta day and night.

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